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Europa League: Your Running Commentary


The first leg of the Europa League Round of 16 kicks off today with Liverpool and Fulham looking to keep the Premier League's recent strong run of European form going.

Fulham takes on Juventus today in Italy (3pm, GolTV), while Liverpool faces Lille in France (1pm, DirecTV-462). U.S. national team midfielder Clint Dempsey has made an impressive recovery from a sprained PCL and is on the bench for Fulham today.

Here are today's other Round of 16 match-ups (all matches can be seen on DirecTV):

Atletico Madrid vs. Sporting Lisbon

FK Rubin Kazan vs. VfL Wolfsburg

Hamburg vs. Anderlecht (1pm, GolTV)

Benfica vs. Marseille

Panathanaikos vs. Standard Liege

Valencia vs. Werder Bremen

If you will be watching today's action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.


  1. Wow you were WAY OFF (see caps make me right) not only was he on the bench but got a good 30 min of time on the pitch. Must feel really silly now thinking none of us were paying attention and yet it was you who must not have paid much attention.

  2. Wow, you must be feeling like an IDIOT TODAY!!!!
    ( I went with the truth in all caps thing)

    I’m curious, have you been paying attention?

  3. seems that way doesn’t it… but I think Juve made the most of those opportunities and then stuffed Fulham on defense. Cannavaro is just amazing. Hopefully Fulham can use that away goal to their advantage back at Craven Cottage.

  4. dempsey return is huge for USA — one down, four to go. now if only Gooch, Davies, Feilhaber and Holden can get fit, we will be at full strength.

  5. Ahhh come on!!! You’re kidding, right!?! That goal was WAY past the given stoppage time. I know, I know, I know. MINIMUM extra time, but UGH that hurts to get scored on like that again. Juve 3 – Fulham 1

  6. I remember there being some real simple directions on the main page when you’re first DLing it. Just try hitting Refresh or something to reset it, if you’ve done everything else correctly. There also used to be a troubleshooting forum

  7. I’ve had a few different versions of Veetle, since they have to keep upgrading the player. Hasn’t been upgraded for a while now, though, which is nice. (Think the Silverlight player, or the Netflix download player — which may be the same thing.)

    Like jonk said above, it will spoil you. Unlike atdhe . net, it doesn’t have every single thing in the world, but it has most all big games on major cable channels, and is usually HD quality with very very few “drop outs” in the stream. Happy watching.

  8. I’ve been using veetle for a few months now on both a mac and a pc and I’ve had absolutely no problems. Once you start using it you’ll be spoiled though. If i can’t find a veetle feed I can barely bring myself to sit through the constant buffering and dropped streams of other feeds.

  9. Well I’m not so sure that’s the way Fulham would have wanted to start this game. But the prefect scenario for substitute Dempsey to be a real hero? (Even one goal can make a huge difference in these home and aways).

  10. can anyone here attest to the validity of veetle? if i download the player will i get viruses or anything along those lines?


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