MLS and players union address latest strike talk

MLS and players union address latest strike talk

Major League Soccer

MLS and players union address latest strike talk


As you would expect, Major League Soccer responded to recent comments from players about the state of MLS labor negotiations, as well as a report of a vote in favor of a strike. And as you would expect, the players union responded to that response.

Here is MLS president Mark Abbott, speaking to SBI:

"The meetings this week were productive and we have scheduled a number of additional meetings.

"The players comments do not accurately reflect the proposals that we have made to address the players concerns or the productive nature of the discussions beteween MLS and the union."

Here is the response from Players Union chief Bob Foose via a written release:

“Recent comments from players simply reflect the fact that the players are unified and, per the results of our strike vote, will not begin the new season if a new agreement with the league is not reached.  This is not a change in position by the Union and should not be read to reflect in any way upon what has, or has not, occurred this week in the meetings with the mediator and the league.”


What does it mean? It would seem as though there has been some benefit drawn from the mediated negotiations this week, but that didn't stop the players union from conveniently leaking word of the union's willingness to strike. Clearly a calculated move, just not sure whether it needed to come now.

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