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MLS Match Week 1: A Look Ahead


Season 15 of Major League Soccer is ready to get into full swing this weekend with seven matches on the schedule, including a couple of top rivalries.

Texas rivals Houston and FC Dallas square off, while Eastern Conference foes New York and Chicago meet in Red Bull Arena's MLS debut. Toronto FC travels to Crew Stadium for their annual visit, while defending champion Real Salt Lake begins defense of its title at San Jose.

Here is this weekend's MLS schedule:


10:30pm- Colorado Rapids at Chivas USA (Direct Kick)


4pm- Toronto FC at Columbus Crew (Direct Kick)

4pm- Houston Dynamo at FC Dallas (Telefutura)

7pm- Chicago Fire at New York Red Bulls (ESPN)

8:30pm- D.C. United at Kansas City Wizards (Direct Kick)

9pm- Real Salt Lake at San Jose Earthquakes (Fox Soccer Channel/FSE)

11pm- New England Revolution at Los Angeles Galaxy (Fox Soccer Channel/FSE)


Here is a closer look at this weekend's matches, along with predictions:

Colorado Rapids at Chivas USA– The Rapids boast one of the league's best forward tandems in Conor Casey and Omar Cummings, which should test a questionable Chivas USA defense. We see a close match, with the Rapids taking the road point. Chivas USA 1, Rapids 1.

Toronto FC at Columbus Crew– Toronto's roster is still a work in progress, which spells bad news for an opener against the strongest team in MLS. Guillermo Barros Schelotto and Steven Lenhart should beat up on a suspect TFC defense. Crew 3, Toronto 1.

Houston Dynamo at FC Dallas. I know Dallas finished the year very strongly in 2009, but there are still questions about the defense that keep me from rating them too highly. Houston lost Holden and Clark, but Brian Ching, Brad Davis and Geoff Cameron will find the cracks in Dallas' defense. Dynamo 2, FC Dallas 1.

Chicago Fire at New York Red Bulls. The Fire come into the season as the stronger team than New York, but with a young goalkeeper in net on the road in what should be a hostile environment at Red Bull Arena, I can see New York stepping up and starting the year in style. Red Bulls 1, Fire 0.

D.C. United at Kansas City Wizards. Two teams that saw plenty of roster movement in the off-season collide. D.C. bolstered its defense and features a red-hot Jaime Moreno. The Wizards should be tough at home, but not tough enough to hold off D.C. from taking the road point. D.C. United 2, Wizards 2.

Real Salt Lake at San Jose Earthquakes. RSL is the defending champion, but its road woes are notorious. A road win to start the season would be key, and we see it happening as Alvaro Saborio and Robbie Findley prove too tough to handle. Real Salt Lake 2, Earthquakes 1.

New England Revolution at Los Angeles Galaxy. The Galaxy are extremely tough at Home Depot Center, but things are made even more difficult by New England with Shalrie Joseph set to miss the match. Without their leader, the Revs have no chance to take road points. Galaxy 2, Revolution 0.


What do you think of this weekend's MLS matches? Which match are you most looking forward to?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. matchtracker, highlights — those were the two features that made me love has neither so far…

  2. I was just going to comment about this. It’s kind of annoying, but I imagine it’s just mislabeled. I’m Tivoing the WSOP stuff assuming it’s actually the game.

  3. Hey all

    Does anyone know where to watch the Red Bulls vs Chicago tonight? Ives says ESPN but my TV guide shows World Poker on ESPN ( I am in NJ)

    The ESPN web site shows the game on Soccer/MLS at 4PM??

    Help please?

  4. I agree that it has its problems, and they probably should have waited to make it live. That being said, I watched part of the game last night on the Match Day Live feed and it was amazing. I am used to the old 400k feed where you weren’t sure if you were seeing an errant pixel or the ball while in full screen. I got a crystal clear picture that I would expect from my tv!

  5. Joseph didn’t make the trip to LA with the Revs so he will definitely miss the game. He was left off of the roster for the last preseason game against the Carolina Railhawks because of a hip flexor strain. I assume it is the same injury. The Revs had him listed as questionable which makes me think it is not too bad, but I am not sure about a time table.

  6. I am very excited to see him play as well. Apparently he impressed during his trial with the Revs in North Carolina in the preseason. Unfortunately, the Revs also announced the signing of Khano Smith… again. We just got rid of a horrible winger and now we are bringing one back. *sigh*

  7. It’s a freak show that never should have gone live at a point when it was so full of bugs and erroneous or missing content.

  8. This is a little off topic, but what do you guys think of the MLSSOCCER.COM website that is supposed to replace

    It seems pretty bad right now.

  9. the website seems to be promoting a free trial, but the only option you have is to register with your credit card. anyone know how to access the free trial?

  10. Wilyboy. I agree with all your saying. Also, I am excited for this season. I think we have some young talent. In fact, I am really pumped for Yates as I played against him many times in Maryland. I just think Ives is correct that this weekend our defense might not be the strongest due to missing players. I do think that DC win though :). But there will be goals.

    Also, Ives it remains to be seen about Wallace. I saw some potential in his D. I think he may need to just improve on the physical aspect/defending crosses. I am optimistic though.

  11. Hi, grubbs. I’m not just talking about Wallace, who I think right now is as good as Burch, and will improve with experience. I’m talking about the solid back four with options on the bench, instead of just Jakovic and an adjusting James. We also are far more young and vibrant, and will not be beaten by speed nearly as easily.

    As for the Wizards, barring a Arnaud strike, they really don’t have anything, not even an inconsistent Lopez. For this game, we’re safe without Namoff and Pena. Don’t know where these supposed goals are coming from, especially ones that will beat Perkins; he’s clearly improved since we last saw him.

  12. I think I’m just going to get the direct kick ($70?). It’s not too much more. If it were $20 again, then I would get it. I’d rather watch it on the big screen on dvr for a few dollars more …

  13. is Shalrie Joseph truly out of the Revs’ game with the Galaxy? What’s his injury? For how long is he anticipated to be out?

    Anyway, just curious.

  14. In the short time since I last posted they have changed the Seattle/Union game to at least looking like there’s something there (not that it will play), but I’m still getting the same message for tonight’s game.

    I have a feeling it will be working tonight at the last minute. That’s the way the league is doing things this year.

  15. Just to repeat, Direct Kick is free this weekend, so those of you who don’t want to pay the $79 can still see the games.

  16. Ives… As a DC United fan I may be able to shed light onto peoples thought that the D will be better. I think DC acquiring Talley helps but I lot of people I think Wallace at left back is an upgrade. Even though he is untested in this position most DC United fans are not fans of Burch. I kind of agree with you, Ives, without Pena our defense is not much stronger than last season. With a healthy Namoff and Pena I can see a strong D.

    (SBI-I agree with that Grubbs, but since Pena won’t play this weekend, and Talley just got there, I can see some goals scored in game one against them.

    I’m also not convinced Wallace is a defensively strong left back option. He’s great getting forward, but can he deal with good wingers?

    If and when they get Pena, Namoff and Talley together, D.C. will have a strong defense and should make the playoffs.)

  17. Ives, check the defense again. We are much stronger than we have been in previous years, even without Pena in the fold just yet. The question is, how many goals is DC going to put in. Worst case scenario, 0-0 draw.

    (SBI-2-2 may have been pushing it. I see a draw, and as good as a visiting defense can be, the narrow field makes set pieces and corners an adventure for both sides. So maybe 1-1 is a more fair prediction. We will see.

    I do have to ask though, why is the defense stronger even without Pena in the fold yet? Troy Perkins is an upgrade, but the back four as it stands is weaker than last year since Namoff isn’t ready yet.)

  18. Revolution just signed Marko Perovic on a free transfer….He played a major role for Red Star Belgrade and FC Basel….Good european sides…This guy should help alot and I exited to see him play!

  19. Has anyone noticed that other than Columbus, no team is a clear favorite? No team really has a nice squad this year IMO.

  20. I happily paid my $40!
    My player says “Waiting for Video Feed”
    The match will be on MatchDay Live tonight. You might not have clicked the match at the top of the player. The Archived Seattle/Philly match is up according to the player but I can’t get it to start.

  21. So is our rookie goalkeeper going to sure up the NYRB backline? I could see you guys stealing this one behind the momentum / excitment of the new building but me thinks you’ll need to score more than 1 to do it.

    GO FIRE!!!!!!!!

  22. How much do you pay for cable or satellite?

    $40 is still a steal to be able to watch almost every game on demand.

    I’ll be shelling it out gladly (since NC fans have no MLS team to buy tickets for).

    However, I did think that they were offering a two week trial for free. It may just take a minute to work out the kinks for this first weekend.

  23. Thanks for the help. I see it on the site now. Not paying 40 bucks for the service this season though. $20 was a great price for the last few years, but I don’t think I’m paying that much. Guess I’ll be watching highlights and recap on SBI

  24. It looks like you cannot watch tonight’s game on MatchDay Live (the new thingy for 39.99). I ordered it last night and it’s not quite ready for prime time.

    I have the player open right now, and it says, for tonight’s game, Watch this game live on TV, check your listings etc. This despite the game being on DirectKick, per Ives.

    I also can’t find anything on about the player today, though I’m at work and sometimes flash stuff doesn’t come through well.

    This is the direct link to sign-up for the player.

  25. Fire 0 RBNY 1?

    Ives I know your frequenters are predominately Red Bull supporters but come on. You’ve obviously seen the Fire offensive attack. I doubt they’ll get blanked 5 matches all season.

  26. Is there any way to watch tonights game on like the last few years? I see MLS has a new website, but I can’t find the way to watch the games that most convenient for me. Any thoughts? C’mon FC Dallas


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