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Monday Kickoff: With CBA done, 2010 MLS season set to begin


The new MLS Collective Bargaining Agreement signed on Saturday helped avert disaster for Major League Soccer, and now it is time to start looking ahead to the 2010 MLS season rather than praying that a strike wouldn't ruin the season.

Instead of work stoppages, we can now look forward to goals and saves and on-field action in what should be a season to remember in Major League Soccer. Whether it's teams such as reigning champs Real Salt Lake and title favorite Columbus, stars such as Landon Donovan, Juan Pablo Angel and Freddie Ljungberg, and venues such as Red Bull Arena and soon-to-be completed PPL Park, there is plenty to be excited about as the season approaches on Thurday.

We normally start our Morning Kickoffs with news items, but this morning we're starting with a simple question: What are most looking forward to about the 2010 MLS season?

Share your answers below.


  1. Looking forward to season tickets at Red Bull Arena

    Looking forward to road trips to DC, Philly and Toronto

    Looking forward to the 2 week MLS break this summer because I will be in South Africa for some boring tournament 🙂

  2. MLS needed a significant cap increase and another DP for each team. The only way to compete is to bring in better quality foreign footballers and keep good Americans in the states. They should have parlayed the the revenue success of Beckham and Blanco.

  3. With 2009 being a complete nightmare, things for RB can only go up. Win or lose, I want a competitive team.

    I hope Toronto, DC and Philly lose and lose badly, just for laughs. I hope Becks doesn’t play one minute for the Galaxy, I’m interested in seeing what attendance will be like w/o him. I’m interested to see if RSL can do well this year instead of being an 2008 RBNY sized fluke.

    Everyone else, I don’t care one way or another. 🙂

  4. 1. getting to the NYRB stadium
    2. seeing if Philly’s any good
    3. hoping that the team from NY is no longer the DreadBulls

  5. Barbecue chicken wings in the parking lot at the Rob. Too many Tecates. Seas of Orange. Dallas road trip. Lingering possibility of making a “work” trip out of Dynamo v. RBNY. Two weeks in Madrid during the height of World Cup fever. USA beating England in the opening match.

  6. Walking in to a soccer specific stadium for the first time is fantastic. I remember RBNY vs RSL a few yrs back on opening night, the pitch…the crowd…everything seems fantastic. Wish I could be there

  7. I’m looking forward to having up to four matches a week on TV until I graduate (gotta love Chivas/Galaxy both being televised locally, in addition to FSC’s game of the week and ESPN’s coverage) and then having up to three games a week when I move home (Go Quakes!)

    But mostly I’m excited to watch the continued upward trajectory of the league. The quality of play, the players, the venues, the fans. This should be an awesome year.

  8. The quality of the league as a whole. Every year I find less and less MLS games that I don’t want to watch. The teams, players, venues and fanbases get better and better every single year in my opinion. Although American talent than ever is leaving MLS, I think there is also a greater depth of American talent in MLS than ever before, even w/out our superstars.

    This should be the best year yet, b/c I’m actually excited about my Red Bulls. Can’t wait to get out and see the Arena after 1 or 14 beers.

  9. Ream looks for real. He stands out because the USMNT has so few defenders that are good on the ball, and Ream is excellent with the ball.

  10. It will be interesting to see what Sigi puts on the field, the 5 or 6 in attack (first 6 games), or the team that went over 400 continuous minutes at home without a goal. If it’s the later, (they finished pre-season on a scoreless run) Nowak has a good shot at winning at Qwest with just one goal.

  11. I am also looking forward to more good young americans returning to MLS……

    -MLS signing good young Central and South American….
    -MLS outbidding Scandinavian teams for Americans and other CONCACAF players

    There is no reason why a player like Bryan Ruiz did not at least spend a year in MLS

  12. I am most looking forward to the announcements for teams 19 and 20.

    Montreal and (cross my fingers) Another NY Team with in the 5 boroughs…. RBA is gonna prove that another team in NY can def work… preferable the team would be in Brooklyn of course.

    As far as expansion goes… I would love for the MLS to expand way past just 20 teams there are so many markets that can be great.

    And like I stated above I would love for the Revs to move Providence, because SSS should be within an urban setting. It is the only way stadiums will ever be filled in this league…

  13. Looking forward to Seattle’s Sophomore slump as their old goalie and midfielder slow down and teams know what to expect from Montero.

    Looking forward to seeing Philly’s classy jerseys in action.

    Looking forward to seeing Conor Casey win the Golden Boot (if his teamate Cummings doesn’t beat him to it).

    Looking forward to seeing the young guys jump into stardom (Dax McCarty, Jorge Flores, Danny Cruz to name a few).

  14. Unless I can’t count, this is MLS’ 15th season, something it should be celebrating far more conspicuously. Considering how many in ’94 said the league would never play a game, how many in ’96 said the league would never last two seasons, and considering how ugly things got in the dark days surrounding contraction, MLS should have “15” all over the web site and First Kick marketing.

    The 15th MLS season; the spectacular arena in Harrison (right next to mass transit!); another good looking arena in Philly; what looks like a great fan base and first-class Philadelphia organization; Seattle selling 32,000 season tickets(!); approval for stadiums in KC and SJ; and, of course, the World Cup: this feels like a special season—one that just might be looked back on as the tipping point for soccer in this country. And I am stoked for all of it.

  15. I’m driving 8 hours to see KC host my Rapids. (I live in Kentucky so the closest team is Columbus at 7 hours, Chicago at 7 hours, or KC at 8). Gotta Love being a soccer fan in the southeast.

  16. Zach, according to Wikipedia (just search “MLS Direct Kick”) Direct Kick is available for Time Warner as well. No more need to convince the roommate!


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