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SBI Live Q&A is set for Wednesday at Noon

If you are wondering when the next SBI Live Q&A is, wonder no more.

I will be hosting the next SBI Live Q&A on Wednesday at noon, so be sure to check in to SBI to submit your questions. I will be answering select questions live from Noon until 1pm (although I have been known to run Live Q&A's past the two-hour mark).

Get your soccer (and pop culture) questions ready, but also keep in mind that hundreds of questions are submitted so not all of them will be answered.

Remember, DO NOT submit questions here, save your questions for tomorrow at 12pm.


  1. worthless, go home.

    you just wanted to work the word masturbation into a post so you could get off later, didn’t you?

  2. cool! I can totally make this one! woohoo!

    I admit i was skeptical of the live q&a at first, but I believe it is much better than the old format. more questions asked, more questions answered, and no time delay to make month old questions irrelevant. Love it. plus, its a little more fun doin it live…ha!

  3. i dig this site so dont take this as a cheap shot…but why do these q & a things always sort of descend into a group masturbation session? though they are 2/3rds soccer-specific, i find the rest of the time is spent asking and answering lame questions (i myself have asked a few). its fun, yes, but becomes a bit of a bore too.

  4. Ha Ha. Just saw a news headline that said Maradona ws bitten in the face by a dog. I bet it was an English bulldog still pissed over the Hand of God.”

  5. Thanks, Ives! Your site is great! I’m from the UK but get most of my football news here now. Love the format, love the range of stories, and love the Q&A’s!


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