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Soccer Saturday: Your Running Commentary

Landon Donovan Everton (Reuters)

Landon Donovan and Everton take on Birmingham today (10am, FSC) in Donovan's final match for the Premier League club.

Donovan's Everton farewell is one of the matches of the day, but several Americans are facing tough competition today. Jozy Altidore and Hull facing Arsenal, Jonathan Spector and West Ham taking on Chelsea, and Daniel Williams and Freiburg facing Bayern Munich.

If you will be watching today's action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today's TV schedule is after the jump):


9:30am– GolTV- Borussia Moenchengladbach vs. Wolfsburg

9:45am– Fox Soccer Plus- Chelsea vs. West Ham United

10am– FSC/FSE- Birmingham vs. Everton

10am– Middlesbrough vs. Newcastle United

Noon– Fox Soccer Plus- Catania vs. Inter Milan

Noon– DirecTV- Getafe vs. Mallorca

12:30pm– FSC/FSE- Hull City vs. Arenal

12:30pm– GolTV- Bayern Munich vs. FC Freiburg

2pm– Fox Soccer Plus- Stoke City vs. Aston Villa (Delayed)

2pm– ESPN Deportes/ Sporting Gijon vs. Athletic Bilbao

2:45pm– FSC/FSE/ Napoli vs. Fiorentina

4pm– Fox Soccer Plus- Burnley vs. Wolverhampton (Delayed)

4pm– GolTV- Sevilla vs. Deportivo La Coruna

4pm– ESPN Deportes- Schalke 04 vs. VfB Stuttgart

5pm– FSC- Bolton vs. Wigan (Delayed)

6pm– Telefutura- Queretaro vs. Morelia

6pm– Azteca America/ESPN Deportes- Jaguares vs. San Luis

8pm– Telefutura- Pachuca vs. Santos Laguna

8pm– Mun2- Tigres vs. Atlas

8pm– Telemundo- Chivas Guadalajara vs. UNAM Pumas

10pm– Telemundo- Atlante vs. Club America (Delayed)


  1. you said his strike rate alone makes him a disappointment… i said that’s a meaningless stat…. not sure where i twisted it at all

  2. That’s just dumb. You always have a striker on, if for no other reason than to keep the defenders from becoming attacking options.

  3. I was focusing on his goals/shots. You can focus all you want on long explanations about one phrase and ignore my point. But even his strike rate should be more than 1/12 starts.

    My question is, why does he have so many shots AND so few goals? Either he is shooting when he shouldn’t or getting better service than people like to claim.

    I like Altidore and think he is the US’s best hope to have a world class forward in the next few years. But the announcers have plenty of reasons to think Jozy has been a disappointment. For Hull he is still a deserved starter, but I would have hoped for more.

  4. an aside to all the jozy focus: arshaven has been surprisingly bad and this dawson guy that has coem on at center back has been flawless

  5. he is far from a finished product but anyone who has watched him play recently and does not think he has gained anything from this move to hull is clueless

  6. Altidore shows MORE skill, turning on the ball, beating his man, and springs Bullard for a break.

    Jozy has DEFINTELY improved his skill on the ball. I think it’s from playing off of a target man and having to focus on his pace, close control, dribbling, and tricks.

  7. hmm…a comparison you rarely hear, but I see what your saying. relies more on a combination of power and pace rather than out in out pace but they carry the ball in a similar manner that makes you think he is a player altidore probably tried to emulate growing up

  8. Jozy may have himself a career at left midfield, because he hasn’t looked bad there at all today. Alright I’m half joking, but he’s taking players on, used his quick feet, showed pace, and has passed considerably well. I remember when he came on for Robbie Rogers in the Olympics against the Netherlands and played on the left there as well. Henry, a player pretty similar to Jozy, played at left midfield before Wenger changed him into a striker. Just a thought, a crazy one, but a thought nonetheless should the USA find themselves short on left wing options(oh wait…)

  9. and somebody please tell these clowns that the free kick was called on a foul 10 yards further from goal than where the injury occurred on a clean, hard tackle


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