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Thursday Kickoff: Philadelphia Union ready to take the field

Philadelphia Union 

After years of waiting, Philadelphia-area soccer fans will finally see their MLS team be born tonight when the Philadelphia Union takes on the Seattle Sounders (9:30pm, ESPN2).

It could be a rough first season for the new team and first-year head coach Peter Nowak, but the passionate fanbase coupled with the soon-to-be-completed PPL Park should help the newest expansion team enjoy success, at least off the field.

The moment isn't just special for Philly fans, it is also significant for fans of New York and D.C. United, two clubs within two hours of driving to Chester, Pa. Philadelphia's rivalries with the Red Bulls and D.C United promise to be some of the most passionate MLS has ever seen.

Here is our question for you Philly (and non-Philly) fans who have been waiting for a team of your own for some time. What does the official birth of the Philadelphia Union mean to you?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Hey, could you send me an email with an invite to the mls fantasy league or tell me how to sign up. That would be great, thanks.

  2. Living two towns over in Aston I am so excited for the Union. I have at least 10 friends with season tickets, and I fully expect PPL park to sell out every game this season.

  3. Philly needs to get a DP Badly……. Fred is better on the wing.. they need a true String Puller…… (in my dream world they or the RED BULLS would sign Joe Cole)

  4. Just wanted to say I remember how the Philly fans helped out Sounders supporters trying to name our team “Sounders” during the stupid name-the-team contest a few years back. And as far as I know they’ve been good about not affiliating with those ACES tools.

    They have Le Toux, and he is cool. And if they beat DCU regularly, this will just increase the pain in DadRyan’s life.

    So Philly is my second favorite MLS team. Go Sounders!

  5. OOOOHHH YEAAAAHHH(macho man voice)
    Danny Mwanga is gonna dominate…..

    around the middle of the season, haha. he’ll need time to adjust, but give him time. MARK MY WORDS!

  6. Since MLS will most likely NEVER have religation/promotion to and from a minor league I could see MLS growing to a 30 team league. However, I hope they stop the rapid expansion process when we get to 20-24 teams in order to try and develop a more consistent and deep pool of players, rather than diluting the pool like they did with the NHL, by expanding to quickly. Once they hit 20-24 teams expansion should slow to 2 teams every 3-5 years IMHO.

  7. Fred is not a back and is suspended for the game. I also don’t believe Mwanga, Stahl, or Salinas will be starting. But, we’ll see.


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