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Toluca vs. Columbus Crew: Your Running Commentary


The Columbus Crew will attempt to become the first MLS team to win an official match in Mexico tonight when it takes on Toluca in CONCACAF Champions League quarterfinal action (8pm, Fox Soccer Channel/Telefutura).

The Crew came back to tie Toluca, 2-2, in the first leg in Columbus, but will likely need a win in tonight's second leg to secure passage into the semifinals.

If you will be watching tonight's match, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.


  1. I am not a big Lenhart fan. I don’t get with this guy. I don’t see him as a up and coming. Plus, I saw Guillermo Barros Schelotto had a beer belly on him. He will not last the whole season looking like that. Coach Warzycha should had been fired last year after attempting to play for a tie in the 1st game of the playoffs vs. RSL.

  2. I watched Columbus match, was rooting for them to go far in Champions league as the lone MLS squad left. Why did Lenhart get a straight red. That perplexes me and the announcers just kind of accepted it and didn’t even give a reason or some replays. Bad camera work!! FAIL!

    Mex – NK match was actually pretty decent. NK surprised me. I wonder if that was their A-squad or a mix??

  3. actually he’s right, it doesn’t

    thats just some terminology a few lower division math textbook writers came up with on their own. math people dont like how they do this

  4. Agreed. At least it ain’t no ’06 for the US.

    Also, Big Chil watched Telemundo AFTER the match. I mean, the commercials were hot, but the shows suck.

    I’ll step in for any of those distressed housewives if their marriages suck. Just saying.

  5. Wait a minute, Ives/SBI – I’m a USA fan all the way. MLS all the way. But, I concur. MLS is just terrible and these games show it. We lose no matter if in preseason or in full swing. And, either MLS is this bad or the players just don’t try hard or the club doesn’t take the competition seriously. Either way, these results are unacceptable and make me lose respect and excitement for the league.

  6. The conditioning and the altitude, huh? You sure it wasn’t the fouling a guy in the box? Or, maybe fouling them in great range for a free kick, twice? How about the fact the MLS players can’t shoot and the Mexican teams can, from crazy angles with great bend and agility? Or, that when they attack, they do so with speed, fervor, and diagonal runs that thread our defenses while our attacks are sluggish and allow for defenses to settle in and weather the storm – or, flurries.

    Bull. The MLS teams just can’t compare. MLS needs to improve. For several years I’ve been leaving these games with a sick stomach. I can’t imagine how I’ll feel if three years from now, we’re still being shown up all the time.

  7. I’m at the three (minimum) USA games, and BRA – IVC. Let’s hope for a NK surprise. why not? I’d like BRA to have something to play for.

  8. I have seen some epic bad ref’ing in away CCL games. But this appeared very fair to me. Unfortunately the last free kick/goal and the red card were off-screen. Better luck next time Fox Soccer.

    Great effort by Columbus. The conditioning and altitude got to them in the second half. Warzycha needed to use his subs earlier.

    I was so impressed by Lenhart over both games. He won a lot of longballs with good headers tonight. Rogers couldn’t hit a barn with his passes and killed a lot of posessions. The defender O’Rourke had to get forward and deliver a decent cross finally!

    Hejduk got in one of his famous two foot dropkick tackles 🙂


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