Tuesday Kickoff: Beckham faces six month recovery, TFC sends Gerba home, and AEG speaks on MLS labor battle

Tuesday Kickoff: Beckham faces six month recovery, TFC sends Gerba home, and AEG speaks on MLS labor battle

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Tuesday Kickoff: Beckham faces six month recovery, TFC sends Gerba home, and AEG speaks on MLS labor battle


David Beckham Injured (Reuters) 

David Beckham may still recover from his torn left Achilles tendon in time to play for the Los Angeles Galaxy in 2010, but just how much he will be able to contribute remains to be seen.

Beckham underwent successful surgery to repair his torn left Achilles tendon on Monday, and the doctor who conducted the procedure put a six-month timetable on Beckham's return to action. That would project out to a mid-September return for the English superstar.

That projection would mean that Beckham would miss two more months than he was already set to miss due to his AC Milan loan and the World Cup (assuming he made the England team). Beckham has shown an ability to recover quickly from injuries in the past, but he will be 35 this summer and could wind up taking longer to recover than first projected.

The Galaxy played well without Beckham early in the 2009 season, but it was Beckham's addition in the second half of the 2009 season that helped propel the Galaxy to the MLS Cup final.

Here are some other stories to get your Tuesday going:


Toronto FC has sent forward Ali Gerba back to Canada after determining the Canadian striker was ineffective in pre-season.

TFC is currently in Charleston, South Carolina taking part in the Carolina Challenge Cup, where the club decided Gerba needed to return to Toronto to continue his pre-season.

“He’s worked hard but his play was not up to scratch,” TFC director of soccer Mo Johnston told the CBC.

Gerba scored just one goal in 11 appearances for Toronto and looked to be out of shape this pre-season. at the Disney Soccer Challenge he was overshadowed by TFC second-year striker O'Brian White.

Gerba is on a guaranteed contract and has not been waived. If Toronto FC decides to part ways with the striker, the club will either need to find another team willing to take him in a trade, or dump him and take the hit against the salary cap.

Toronto FC, which tied the Charleston Battery, 0-0, on Saturday, will take on D.C. United in the second round of the Carolina Challenge Cup on Wednesday.


With the MLS season kick-off looming, and a players strike a very real possibility, the head of long-time league ownership group AEG spoke out against the players decision to threaten a strike, saying it would be a mistake for players to put a halt to the 2010 season.

"I don't even know how to react when I hear the players now saying that we have treated them poorly and they're going to strike," AEG president Tim Leiweke told the Los Angeles Times. "The fact is, the Galaxy isn't going to make money this year. There are only a couple of [MLS] teams that will make money this year.

Leiweke further added:

"So when I hear them talk about striking and shutting the league down, I've got to tell you, they're going to lose us when they talk like that."

AEG owns the Los Angeles Galaxy and once owned six MLS teams, an investment that Leiweke has been forgotten by players ready to strike.

Yes, I know, it's not exactly shocking that a league ownership group would be backing the league in the labor battle, but AEG is the first group to speak out publicly in support of MLS in the strained negotiations.


Think Beckham will be able to make an on-field impact for the Galaxy in 2010? Wishing Toronto had never signed Gerba? Still nervous about an MLS players strike?

Share your thoughts below.

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