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UEFA Champions League: Your Running Commentary


The final two places in the UEFA Champions League quarterfinals will be determined today when Barcelona faces Stuttgart (3:30pm, Fox Soccer Channel) and Bordeaux takes on Olympiakos (3:30pm, Fox Soccer Plus).

Barcelona tied Stuttgart, 1-1, in the first leg in Germany and will look to continue its strong home form, while Bordeaux goes into its home leg having won the first leg in Greece, 1-0.

If you will be watching today's action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below. I will be offering some comments on the match via Twitter so be sure to check out the SBI Twitter Feed for the latest on today's action (and if you haven't already subscribed to the SBI Twitter feed, what are you waiting for?).

Enjoy the action.


  1. Besides Messi, what was impressive for me was that Cacau, one of the hottest scorers in the Bundesliga, was completely wasted by minute 35. Barca didn’t put any extra defense on him. They just let him futilely chase the ball until he completely disappeared. The speed of the ball and the Barca players just wore him out.

  2. You know, if she wasn’t dead (wonder if she saw that one coming), her psychic friends network wasn’t a shameful blight on history and I happened to be a conniving fraud, I just might take you up on that…
    I will admit though, the Lehmann thing was WAAAAY too easy. 🙂

  3. You’d have to make the argument that with what they were able to achieve that they are hands down the best in history. No team has produced the number and quality of trophies as they did last year.

    I sometimes think of Eto’o and how he completely missed out on the best team in the history of the game. Bummer for him.

  4. I suppose it’s only appropriate that Stuttgart are losing with a player whose name is pronounced “trash” in their starting lineup….

  5. Got this off of duNord: “”We have a clear frame of 16-17 players, and behind it there are many who fight for a place. Alejandro is in there. We will have a camp at home in May. There are around 30 players present, then the second phase of the camp to remain in South Africa when the squad will be reduced to the 23 players…” – Bob Bradley

  6. Wow pretty much over 20 minutes in. Stuttgart needs 2 to go on. So far haven’t seen the German side putting things together.


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