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Messi’s Champions League masterpiece

Lionel Messi v Arsenal(Getty Images)

Lionel Messi's four-goal masterpiece in Barcelona's 4-1 mauling of Arsenal on Tuesday was easily one of the most amazing performances in recent memory, the type of game that inspires fans and fellow players around the world. The type of performance that reminds us why we love this game so much.

If Messi wasn't already regarded by most as the world's best player, he certainly provided the loudest of reminders that his magical feet can do things other players can only dream of. From his quick-fire blast to equalize, to his audacious chip, down to his Stanky Leg-like move to break free on his fourth goal, Messi made the ball do his bidding as Arsenal defenders were turned into traffic cones.

As we draw ever closer to this summer's World Cup, and next month's UEFA Champions League final, we find a superstar in Messi to help lead the way toward what should be an unforgettable few months.

In case you missed it, or if you simply want to watch it again, here is Lionel Messi's four-goal masterpiece:


What did you think of Messi's performance? Best you've ever seen? Starting think that even Diego Maradona can't stop Messi from leading Argentina to some World Cup glory in South Africa ? Think anybody can stop Barcelona from repeating as Champions League winners?

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  1. Its hard to say he will be the best ever. pele at 17 was already winning World Cups. Plus, pele played in an era with no yellow or red cards. Messi has that advantage. The goals you see Messi score, if this was the pele era, the defenders would have destroyed messi’s legs from behind.

  2. Well, it’s all relative.

    I hear the “oh it’s just possession” argument all the time. But guess what, when Barca is crushing you with 70% of it your players are going to get tired. Whoever has the ball keeps the energy, you can’t hide for 90 minutes.

    Eventually someone is going to make some bad mistakes. But that isn’t always a function of them being bad defenders… they’re just being ground to bits by having to chase balls all over the field.

  3. Messi is amazing, just amazing, his feet are so quick. Look at the lack of even nanosecond delay when he takes his shots.

    That said, you can see where Arsenal’s defense gets out of position and on one or two of those goals(e.g. the chip) Almunia might have done better

    Wayne Rooney is sitting somewhere injured, just frothing and steamed to see this kind of competing quality. I do think these kind of displays further pump everyone up for the World Cup.

  4. It’s like the world is moving in slo-mo while he dances between defenders. He’s a formula one car passing buicks on the highway.

    If I were Messi, I would marry Marta and have super babies.

  5. I disagree that he has a good way to go.

    I remember Pele and Maradona in their glory days. If you consider the pace of today’s game, size and agility of today’s defenders, the kid is already there. Granted, its an argument that can’t be won without a time-machine but just watching Messi clown the world’s best day in day out, it’s hard to say he isn’t on par with the legends of the sport already.


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