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Bedoya nets winner for Orebro

Alejandro Bedoya ( 

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Alejandro Bedoya helped his cause to make the U.S. World Cup team by scoring the winner in Orebro SK's 1-0 win over Brommapojkarna on Thursday.

Three days after missing a potential game-tying chance in a 2-0 loss to GAIS, Bedoya scored his first goal of the season on a diving header five minutes before the end of the first half. Bedoya started and played 86 minutes in the win.

Bedoya and Orebro finish their three-games-in-eight-days stretch with a match against Gefle IF on Monday.

If you haven't seen the goal, here it is:

What did you think of Bedoya's finish? Starting to believe he'll make the U.S. World Cup team?

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  1. “Bradley had better options…but he had/has that thing for Bornstein. And Sacha. Like those 2 would help beat Brazil? yeah right.”

    Who were the better options?

  2. I don’t rate Bornstein much . But if you are going to hold giving up penalties against him you might remember that Bornstein had no choice at that point. Had he not brought down Sneijder, the guys would have been alone with Howard and a clear shot at goal.

    That penalty goes against the entire defense as far as I am concerned. Bornstein was just the last guy left holding the bag. As I said, he has his flaws but the real issue is that the the defense has not been solid since the Spain game.

  3. Just a reminder that Boornstein gave up that penalty.Last three games in Europe, two penalties against him. Just a reminder for us to think about.

  4. In the highly negative world that is soccer blog commentary, I can see where you are coming from. However, it’s a legitimate question for me. It’s something I have wanted to ask since I had seen him play. I just want to know the player better is all.

  5. “but I think that last paragraph and the two sentences before it were just silly bordering on desperate. Goodson up top? Jozy in the midfield? A bit radical don’t you think? Based on how amazing Davies has recovered, I would say he’ll be fit by World Cup time and I would go with this lineup:”

    Have you seen Casey play? Are you going to tell me there is anything Casey can do on a football pitch that Goodson couldn’t do just about as well? And with Goodson, you get a guy who can play in the defense. And Goodson is very lethal in the air, better than Casey. A center half who switches between center half and center forward has been pretty routine for a long time. Hardly a radical thought. You might have noticed Milan played Gooch for a half at forward during their exhibition game in Baltimore and Lalas and Balboa used to push up front late in games during their tenure.

    As for Boca in midfield, he did it for Fulham and the US needs a midfield destroyer to shield a pathetic defense. Jones is a no show, Torres shows no signs of being able to do that, DMB may not make the team, Holden has a broken leg, Benny is inconsistent and untrustworthy, Clark is out of form and Edu, who could also play that role, keeps getting hurt.

    Nothing I’ve suggested is the least bit radical, you just haven’t seen it with this team lately.

    As for Davies, if he comes back it’s a great feel good story for ESPN and the team. But Bradley would be a fool to count on Davies, unless Charlie can come up with, not only some game appearances but appearances where he actually plays like he was at his best. And that is an enormous ask. Everyone expects Gooch to be rusty; how come they expect Charlie to be effective?

    All this crap about “75- 80% of Charlie is better than…”

    is meaningless. He can either contribute or he can’t. The team doesn’t need cheerleaders or inspiration it needs production on the field. If these bozos need cheerleaders they don’t belong on the squad. What happens if Jozy gets hurt or gets a card? Now you’ve got a half fit sub as an alternative. Things can go south fast in a World Cup tournament format and it is no place to be bringing half fit players.

  6. impossible… Kljestan won’t be in South Africa… should of never cut his hair, it went down hill from there.

  7. I think BB likes going with a more defensive pairing – Bradley + Clark/Edu – to allow more freedom for LD and Dempsey. Michael does well enough on the ball but definitely could use more focus in distribution and position awareness.

    He really drifts up to far and leaves the middle exposed quite a bit, although he does great in closing down lanes when he’s on his game.

  8. Yeah…so Dempsey was the young prospect in 06 and he had better career than your 02 prospects (not bashing Donovan or Beas).

  9. “the problem is bradley is negative and his style of play is big target man, pump balls into the corners, give it to donovan and hope but it’s not about one touch football”

    You say negative, I say cold eyed realist.

    This US team doesn’t have the talent to play one touch attacking football al la Barcelona or Arsenal or whoever. At the present time, there are not enough good, skilled attacking American players to play this style.

    The US will go as far as good goalkeeping,stout defense and hitting on the counter and with set pieces will take it.

    You may not like it but you also don’t have to watch. Bradley’s job is not to put together a team you want to watch, it’s to put together a team that can win.

    Cunningham and Findley have been given chances and have shown why they weren’t considered in the first place. In the Holland game you would have done as good a job as Findley did. He looked like a college forward. He’s not ready for prime time. EJ is actually coming around pretty good at Aris; he’s finally figuring it out but it may be too late for this cycle.

  10. Bradley is good but he’s not above average in the greater scheme of things …yet. The kid is 22 give him time.

    For our purposes that means he’s not better than Dempsey and Donovan.

  11. Castillo would be an upgrade to bornstien if he learned to time his runs a little better. Castillo has timing issues while playing in the back or playing up top for that matter. Defender is not his natural position. He is in the same boat as JB with respect to being a liability. The only difference between Castillo and JB is that castillo has Catch-up speed. Bornstien gets caught goofy footed and cant recover quick enough. Oh, and lets not forget that JB mis-clears, pulls jerseys in the box, likes to handle the ball in addition to turning away from an opponent’ shot on goal just to not get hit in the face. Where have I seen this game before? (scratches head)

    O yeah…JB vs the Dutch

    Other than that…JB should be fine!-

  12. jolt on the wings? Get Ryan Smith citizenship and that problem is solved. Probably a bit to late for em, but christ

  13. cunningham hand 19 goals in 2007. Findley was a bright up and comer early on. he did score some goals and honestly he can score with his feet unlike the likes of Connor casey and jacqua. And EJ hasn’t been in good form for since well before the last world cup.

    the problem is bradley is negative and his style of play is big target man, pump balls into the corners, give it to donovan and hope but it’s not about one touch football. Hell his son is a decent player but a shite passer and it mirrors the ethos of this team so i’m not surprised Chings and Jacquas etc tended to get the shots.

  14. The dude is obviously worthy… at this point I’d rather have a few unknowns on this SA2010 squad who -have the vision- to figure in 2014. WC Brazil is gonna be big and we need to be ready. MENTALLY

  15. michael bradley is a young stud right now that wont be at borussia after the world cup. You’ve either underestimated him or forgot about him


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