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Buddle delivering goals and wins for the Galaxy

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Edson Buddle is scoring goals for fun, and as much as he has enjoyed the five goals he has delivered in just three matches, he has enjoyed the three Los Angeles Galaxy victories even more.

"I don't want it to end, I just want to keep winning and putting the ball in the back of the net," said Buddle. "Two years ago, I was scoring, but the team wasn't winning and now we are which is the difference."

Buddle has been at the heart of the Galaxy's early success, scoring in all three matches and equaling his 2009 goal in the process. He has scored in a variety of ways, from finishing off quality service to converting chances of his own creation.

"He's been very opportunistic and put away his chances, but also had a number of great individual efforts to create goals," said Galaxy Head Coach Bruce Arena. "I think that he's working much harder this year and is far smarter tactically."

To understand the importance of Buddle's hot streak, you will have to go back to the troubling season that the forward had in 2009. Injuries made last season one of the toughest of his career, limiting him to only 19 games on the year, his lowest total since his rookie season in 2001. The injuries led to a change in the way Buddle trained for the start of campaign.

"I stayed in Los Angeles rather than heading back home to New York like I did before, because I was able to workout outside." said Buddle. "While in California, I was able to train with a bunch of California guys in the league, I really think that I'll do this every year."

Buddle will have a fresh reminder of the 2009 season this weekend, as the Galaxy prepares to face Real Salt Lake, the club that defeated them in the MLS Cup final five months ago. On that night, it was Buddle who missed the decisive penalty in the shootout that allowed Real Salt Lake to win the trophy. It was the memory of that chilly night in the Pacific Northwest that motivated the striker to come into the season with a new mentality.

"Losing in the finals left a bitter taste in my mouth and I didn't want the fans to think that losing in the final would slow me down, said Buddle. "I wanted to show them that I still want to win, I just don't want to be remembered for that penalty kick and it was definitely a motivation for my preparations."

Despite the impressive hot streak the forward believes that he has not reached his peak.

"I still feel like I'm not showing the best that I can be, when I find that form I'll know."


The Galaxy scrimmaged on Tuesday afternoon against PDL side, Ventura County Fusion.  The Galaxy handled the third division side with ease as Los Angeles won 3-0 with only half the first team in appearance.

Tristen Bowen opened the scoring with a goal in the first minute of the game and added another in the 45th. Brazilian midfielder Juninho added a brace in the second half with a beautiful shot from 25 yards out.

The scrimmage marked Clint Mathis return to the playing field as the midfielder played 75 minute against the Fusion. Mathis could make his debut this week against Real Salt Lake after returning from knee surgery to repair a torn meniscus in his left knee.


  1. “But more importantly he links up well with Landon Donovan, the most important player on the WC team. That alone should merit a look see by Bradley”

    That was always Ching’s supposed biggest asset and see how far that took him.

  2. Lost in Space, I think this is a very good point:

    “Buddle – If he continues to score, has chemistry with Donovan. Good size, decent speed, and a little creativity.”

    The experience the two have playing together will only help Buddle be more effective. The comparison between EJ and Buddle is spot on, except Buddle can take a defender one on one “better” than EJ. Watch the last three Galaxy games and Buddle does have some flair.

  3. In the case of Jeremiah Jones, the man is a proven commodity and several levels in class above any current US midfielder. So yes, you bring him in if it is at all possible.

    As for Buddle and Gomez, fine bring them in but you should all of you remember the main reason the US doesn’t score is not so much because we lack a world class finisher like Villa, Drogba, Torres, etc., etc. but because the US does not create many good good scoring opportunities. They are too busy trying to cover for a weak defense.

    Look even if we brought in, say Fernando Torres, he would not score a lot with this team because they don’t have the players to implement an organised attacking strategy. So bring in whoever to play up front but the main issue with this US team , the thing that will tell you how far they will go, is getting this defense organized. That is why Jones was so important. Had he been able to come in and do what he does best, then it would have stabilized the midfield and taken a lot of pressure off what has proven to be a very shaky back four.

    Tighten that up and you can play Ives at striker for all I care. A slight exaggeration but you get the point.

  4. If he keeps scoring, he gets a look. If not, then he doesn’t. A lot of the USA’s forwards start out as good goalscorers in the MLS, so why should it be any different for Buddle? Ching, Casey, Buddle, and Gomez, should things progress at the same rate they are now, will all be fighting for a forward spot.

    The Galaxy-Chivas game shows a lot of Buddle’s abilities. His first goal on a header showed not just his ability in the air, but his technique and understanding of where to put himself for that kind of opportunity. Not too long later, he managed to get past two or three Chivas players with a nice lane change step over and was pulled down just outside the box on the left flank, although many claim it was inside. Buddle would pair pretty well with Jozy if he could show form similar to this in a national team jersey.

    Like many have said, Eddie Johnson is a pretty similar player to him, not just in style, but in the pattern of his form. He can be one of the most dangerous, skilled, confident and bright players on the field in one minute/game and seem the most timid and inexperienced the next. Just give him time…

  5. Nah, you still bring one of the “big goons” in Casey, Ching or Buddle.

    And they make the bench for every game. Go ahead and be okay with that now, that Casey (or whoever) is on the bench and Freddy Adu isn’t.

    If you HAVE to get a goal, absolutely HAVE to get a goal… you replace Cherundolo or Clark or Beasley with one of the goons, throw him in the area and feed crosses and try to win set pieces, so the defense has to account for him, and leave the guys who are dangerous in the air (Gooch, Bocanegra, Dempsey) less marked.

  6. “Striker Karim Matmour insists his side will have an advantage over Team USA in light of the Americans’ lack of knowledge of the Algerian players.”

    haha i hope he gets rude “awakening”

  7. On Gomez:

    The Las Vegas native has gone from MLS afterthought to wanted man, with teams in Mexico, MLS and Europe interested in his services when his Puebla deal expires next month.

    “If I told you who some of the teams were, you wouldn’t believe me,” he told Yahoo! Sports in a telephone conversation this week. “It is amazing to think of how quickly things have developed. It has been a quick and crazy journey but I’m loving the ride.”

  8. The biggest downside for Buddle’s consideration for the WC team is his lack of playing time with the coach and, of course the USMNT team. But we are (or have) considered using a midfielder who hasn’t played a game with the US, does not speak fluent English, and as far as I know hasn’t even been to the US.

    In addition how can you consider even including anyone on the team who is riding the pine in a second-tier foreign league?

    DO you hold positions open for past injured stars who have not made their way back to full fitness, where their form and fitness (or lack of) can be assessed by the coaching staff?

    So these are all gambles made by the coaching staff!

    IMHO, it is no gamble to include Buddle into the USMNT WC plans ASAP.

    He is a proven goalscorer, and even has a few caps.

    But more importantly he links up well with Landon Donovan, the most important player on the WC team. That alone should merit a look see by Bradley.
    There was a lot of talk about giving Herculez Gomez a shot at a WC spot because of his current form. If there were no other strikers being so prolific, then he should be given his chance. But the MLS season was just under way and we need to look at more in-form strikers who are just now getting games to score in.

    Enter Edson Buddle! He is “en fuego” and will probably natch Gomez production in fewer games.

    Besides, how can you leave off a red-hot US striker who was named after Pele`

  9. If Buddle keeps scoring call him up because he has a lot of abilities. he has size to hold the ball and win in the air. he has confidence and swagger. He has a rocket boot along with sniper accuracy. And his speed has improved greatly actually and is the most supriseing attribute he has improved on along with his smarts on the field. I mean for people that dont see him play every week its hard to believe right? But take it from me. An Altidore with Buddle offense would be amazing and would force less double team defence on Altidore therefore making room for either striker to make a play individually to score. both have size and both arent slow. either one can be the player to hold the ball or the one to run off from the other. think about it guys.

  10. IMHO…Jozy, Davies, Buddle, Gomez, Ching, Findley & Casey are the likely Striker Options for Bob Bradley to consider. Depending on if BB takes 3 or 4 Strikers will likely determine who goes and who doesn’t.

    Now there are a couple outlinging things which will ultimately determine who goes:

    1) Davies…If he gets ANY Minutes with his club, he’ll go to SA.

    2) Buddle & Gomez Need to keep high rate of scoring.

    3) Ching’s Hamstring….

    Personally I’d take only 3 True Strikers in the following order:

    Jozy – Lock unless injured.

    Davies – Lock if he sees the field for club.

    Ching – IF healthy brings experiance and is a hold up player.

    Buddle – If he continues to score, has chemistry with Donovan. Good size, decent speed, and a little creativity.

    Gomez – If he continues to score, decent speed and change of style from what our opponents would expect from the US.

    Findley – Speed Option…but No experiance.

    Casey – Can carry peoples bags and hand out water.

    With the ability to slot Dempsey, Donovan, Bedoya, and possibly Beasley as a withdrawn striker. I’m hoping BB takes the top 2…and then (IMO either Buddle or Gomez)but BB will probably flip a coin between Ching, Buddle & Gomez if all healthy and performing.

  11. At 28, Buddle’s just about reaching his peak. 2010 is his best shot, and it certainly sounds like he’s motivated. If he keeps it up until May, there’s no question he’s worth a look in camp.

    As EA pointed out, even if he doesn’t make the final squad, guys like Buddle (and Gomez) could at least push those above them to work harder and earn their spots.

  12. I don’t know…from what I’ve seen of buddle he has all the tools to make a very good strike partner for Jozy. He’s decent as as a target guy, can create, and passes quite well. I believe this when i say this…without the injuries last season Buddle would have been on the list. He was basically on fire the season before. I think that season of injuries has left him out.

  13. I think that perfectly describes Buddle.. a bigger, slower version of Johnson. Now is that something we need? I don’t think so. If Davies can’t go then it will simply be Jozy and Donovan or Jozy and Dempsey.

    If either Buddle or Gomez went to the World Cup, neither would play. Put either of them on the field as a sub in the 70th minute and they will probably do NOTHING. Put in a speedy forward like Johnson and maybe he could break thru the defense and get a lucky goal with his speed.

    Lets just hope Davies is back.

  14. I’m for moving dempsey up especially if DMB can find his form like the end of the Netherlands game. If we could have him and Donovan setting p attacks and making some of their own with Dempsey and Jozy up top then watch out. The weak link is that DMB either shows up in force or is non-existent. I just don’t know if there is going to be a middle ground in this tournament: I feel like we are either going to dominate and make it to the quarter-finals or its 3 and out with maybe a tie salvaged (and knowing us, the tie will be against England).

  15. Buddle is a slightly larger, slightly slower version of EJ.

    Well, he probably has a bit more field awareness, but the point still stands.

    He’s an MLS goalscorer that isn’t at an international level. Same as Twellman, EJ, Ching, Casey… all the way back to Roy Lassiter.

    I do, however, FULLY advocate bringing in he and Gomez to camp, to push the forward group that will be going, and make sure they give maximum effort, every day.

    Hell, I’d like to see McBride in camp, solely for that reason.

  16. funny cause since Davies got hurt i think Ching and Cunningham are the only ones on that list that actually scored when they got a call up. Watch Findley and Casey will go to the world cup though and we’ll wonder why we struggle to score.

  17. some people can only see the world around them as it is, not as it can be.

    Sad to say, you are one of them.

    By “normal” standards, Davies would still be getting used to walking. Today he is starting to train with his team. Dump the talk about *usually*, and realize that Davies is not not usual.

    As for who to bring to SA as a forward, I bring Jozy. And Davies unless he just doesn’t *have it*. What about the other two slots?

    Does it have to be two? I see make Dempsey a forward, it is probably a better position for him than midfield.

    And then bring both Gomez and Buddle. Maybe one of them will be on fire. If not, the first 3 are good enough, if no one is injured. Anyway, no one else has shone enough to earn a spot, so no great loss if the don’t make the cut.

    By the way, taking Deuce out of the midfield makes things easier for coach Bradley imo, not harder. It is easily or best depth position.

  18. We’re less than 60 days out. I’m a galaxy and buddle fan but . . . forwards look like donovan, jozy, dempsey and fill in the blank been there, done that before, ching et al., it’s just a bit late to be inviting people to the party. That’s not a complaint, just a fact that you stick with what people know and what has worked. I hope davies can make it, but I was wondering if he would be able to speak and kick a ball again. He hasn’t even played again. I’d love to see it but . . . .That being said, Buddle is having a sick season, and his first goal on saturday was impossible. What, a foot of space between the post and a solid keeper?

  19. Since when does actually scoring mean someone gets to play for the national team? Next we’ll be expecting players that are good passers to play in the central midfield over guys that pass around 64%.

  20. How in the world does anyone see Davies starting.

    I’m sorry the but the guy has metal running from his ankles to his hips. He’s not going to be the same player he was, muscles don’t attach and work the same way with titanium rods that they do with bone.

    It’s a horribly tragic story, and I think he will still have a career in the sport, by some miracle, but people are definitely getting hopes up if they think he’s starting the most physically demanding football tournament in the world… in 2 months.

    Has he even kicked a ball yet?

  21. Why not as a sub. Obviously the ideal situation is a Jozy and Charlie striker partnership. However, as much I am as optimistic about Charlie, we can’t even begin to say that he will be there until he actually returns to action with Sochaux by the end of the season.

    I see no reason why, if Buddle’s keep his form up, shouldn’t be part of the preliminary 30.

    Let’s take a look at the other striker options (other than Jozy, Charlie, Buddle, & Dempsey):

    Ching – hurt. Probably won’t be back til May. Huge question mark.

    Casey – mehhh…I’m not gonna knock the guy too much because of what he did in Honduras, but I don’t think too many people will disagree with me when I say he doesn’t offer much.

    Findley – He’s fast. That’s all I really have to say about him. Didn’t show me anything in the last few friendlies.

    Gomez – Same boat as Buddle. Has to keep it up in Mexico.

    Cunningham – I think his ship has sailed. Findley even beat him out for a spot in the squad to face Netherlands.

    EJ – I think he’ll make the preliminary 30, but I didn’t see much in him in his short cameo against the Netherlands.

  22. Yeah, yeah, I know. Obviously he is going to have to keep this up (same with Herculez Gomez) until May if he wants any kind of chance to make the preliminary squad of 30.

    I’m a Galaxy fan, so I’m very optimistic of this happening.

  23. Not yet Brian. Let him build his confidence and lets see if his goal scoring continues. If so, I say invite him to camp.

  24. And don’t leave out a large dose of lamenting US international forwards (as though we have better options).

    In other words, Brian, WHAT HAVE YOU STARTED!!!

  25. Cue the “He’s not deserving” Or “call in So and so” but not “so and so” and witty rebuttals on why latter “so and so” is a much better option than buddle or aforementioned so and so


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