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Sounders look to KC match after road draw



Teams tend to be just fine with a draw on the road, especially if it comes against the defending league champions.

But leaving Rio Tinto Stadium with a 2-2 draw was a bitter pill to swallow for Seattle Sounders FC last Saturday. The Rave Green surrendered a goal in the final minute of stoppage time (94th minute) that allowed Real Salt Lake to salvage a 2-2 draw.

The goal, a header from Alvaro Saborio, was the result of a breakdown defensively in front of the Seattle net, as Saborio got in behind Sounders midfielder Brad Evans to be in position for the header off a corner kick. Evans was faceguarding Saborio as if it were an inbound play in basketball and his mark wasn't bad, but Saborio got enough space to get to the ball.

"Of course we were all hurting after the Salt Lake game," said midfielder Steve Zakuani, who scored Seattle's first goal of the match. "We went to the defending champions' home turf, saw them receive their rings before the game, and then almost walked away with a huge win. Both of their goals hurt us a lot because we gave a strong defensive effort for 90 minutes, but were punished for the two times we fell asleep."

Now the Sounders must put the maddening draw behind them for a home match against the Kansas City Wizards Saturday at Qwest Field. They'll have some revenge on their minds, as the Wizards were the first of only two teams that defeated Seattle at Qwest Field in regular-season play last season and dealt the Sounders their first loss in team history, 1-0 last April 11.

Kansas City has yet to allow a goal this season and is 2-0. Seattle is 1-1-1, but Zakuani feels his team was fortunate to even achieve a draw last week.

"Looking back on the game though, I think they were the better side on the day, they had the better chances, and will be disappointed that they didn't beat us," Zakuani said.


  1. Zakuani said, “Both of their goals hurt us a lot because we gave a strong defensive effort for 90 minutes, but were punished for the two times we fell asleep.”

    Is he talking about RSL or Seattle. RSL had 10 shots (6 on goal) and 8 corner kicks to Seattle’s, 3 shots (3 on goal) and 1 corner kick.

    It seemed to me watching the game (and the stats back me up) that RSL is the team that was punished for two defensive breakdowns (not entirely — that was a good ball from Ljundberg), and Seattle succumbed to the pressure.

  2. After watching that match my question was, why did the officials add four minutes of stoppage time? I don’t recall any signifigant stops for injuries. The usual two or three minutes seemed more appropriate.

  3. sorry i forgot that blog comments are subjected to the same writing criticism as does writing for say the New York Times. jeez buddy i just gave my opinion which you are entitled to say my opinion is wrong. but you sized him up for me. good in MLS with potential to very good in MLS. you know who else was good in MLS with potential to very good… Kenny Cooper. and by the way im a MLS fan so this is by no means a jab at MLS.

    oh but i got one thing (right) the definition of “knucklehead/knuckle head”-A stupid person; a blockhead. i hope i turn on my spell check.

  4. That isn’t the argument that you DID make (and I’d say the size issue might have some merit, particularly in Russia). You said he wasn’t technically gifted (wrong), was too short (wrong) and was a poacher (also wrong). Whether or not you think he’s good (subjective) is a completely different argument. Every single point you made against him, however, is completely wrong. He is good, in my opinion, with the potential to be very good. But he’s still young and plays very immaturely at times.

    “Knuckle head” was clever, though. You might want to file away the fact that “knucklehead” is one word, not two.

  5. I don’t even see Montero moving this summer unless he catches fire and starts scoring lots of goals leading up to the summer. I don’t, however, see him playing in MLS for a full year next year. Until he learns how to turn on his defender, he doesn’t have much value in tougher leagues.

    We’ll see though, if he does leave, I would hope Seattle goes out and gets a DP to fill his spot. Then selling Montero could be an upgrade.

  6. Keller explained in his blog that the ball came off a Sounder and was over the line when he caught it but tried to fool the linesman that he had saved it from going out.

  7. sorry i should clarify myself, i dont mean you have to be peter crouch tall, but if* montero were to go play in bundelisga or the russian league, i dont think his frame is going to be an advantage as if he went and played in la liga or serie A. this was the arguement i was trying to make. i mean their is always an exception to the rule, look @ defoe/messi who use their pace as an advantage in their respective leagues but i know i would put money on montero in a physical league like the russian league. or last years rumor of fulham. but hey i could be totally wrong.

  8. From my understanding the transfer window is already shut in Russia. Not happening in the near future. Once we get Nkufo come to town Montero may not be needed as much with. Plus doesn’t CSKA already have 11 strikers or something? Would they really go for Montero right now?

  9. Sorry dude, but Freddy’s biggest asset is his technical ability. Stature doesn’t mean anything either. There are many great players around the world who aren’t tall.

  10. Montero is very technically gifted. What he lacks is the mature decision making that comes with experience, and a bit of speed.

  11. ” I’m not going to bash you beyond pointing out that many, many people who evaluate soccer talent on a regular basis disagree with you. ” -Devon
    – – – –
    I’m not trying to bash you either but can you please site these ” talent evaluators ” with a link?

    There is no argument that the 23 year old has talent but was Dino really that off-base with his overall assessment, without splitting hairs or obsessing on his ” not technically gifted ” comment?

    There was more more within his post than that single statement that is worth noting.

  12. Yeah, I think we all saw something like this coming. Whether or not he goes to CSKA, he will go somewhere in Europe. 2 good seasons out of him here in MLS is probably right on track. He does need to score a little more to draw attention from bigger clubs though imho

  13. im sorry your comparing leo messi to freddy montero. i think your the one that needs a break. he is listed @ 5’10 which i think is generous but whatever, leo messi is shorter than that i think @ 5’7 but is technically gifted and has elite speed oh and he puts the ball in the net without always poaching and he is by far in a category of his own. you make my point knuckle head

  14. I’m not going to bash you beyond pointing out that many, many people who evaluate soccer talent on a regular basis disagree with you. I’m also very confused as to how he is not “technically gifted”. He’s great with the ball at his feet. He tends to hold on to the ball too much and keep his head down too much, but those are immaturity not lack of technical skill.

  15. yea i read that too. im sorry but i dont think freddy montero is that good. i know part of being a good striker is being at the right place at the right time.”poaching” but he just doesnt strike me as a good striker..he is too short, lacks elite speed…not technically gifted. my opinion, let the bashing begin.


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