Catching up with Herculez Gomez

Catching up with Herculez Gomez

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Catching up with Herculez Gomez


Herculez Gomez (Reuters) 

If the recent goal-scoring streak being put together by Herculez Gomez in Mexico had you wondering about the former Los Angeles, Colorado and Kansas City player, wonder no more.

I caught up with Gomez this week to discuss his red-hot run in the Mexican League, his World Cup aspiration and the injury that most impacted his career. Here is my Fox Soccer piece on Gomez.

That wasn't all Gomez had to say. Here are some more excerpts from my interview, with him discussing comparisons between MLS and the Mexican League.

On comparing MLS to the Mexican League

"No matter what I say the MLS fans are going to say Mexico sucks and its easier, while Mexican fans believe MLS is easier,” Gomez said. “It’s just ridiculous to me. They’re completely different. You’re talking two completely different styles.

"It’s a lot more technical here. All of them know how to handle a ball. The number one thing is Mexican teams have a lot more money to spend on players. You see these great players coming here because of the resources teams have here.

"MLS has quality. People here might not respect MLS, but both leagues have a lot of qualities."

On questions about playing for the Mexican national team

I’m thankful for the opportunities Mexico has given me, and I’m proud of where my family comes from, but I honed my game in the States and if given the opportunity I think it would be very special to represent my country.

On Copa America in 2007 being one of the highlights of his career.

"It wasn’t just because of the caps, but because it was in Copa America. Some players get their first cap against Cuba, Haiti or Panama. I got my first cap against Argentina. I was thrilled, so its definitely something I’m proud of.

"You look at the players Argentina had. Messi, Tevez, Riquelme, Ayala, Heinze. Just having that chance was so special"

On teams choosing not to play him at forward

"It was tough to swallow but nobody wanted to play me at forward anymore. I found myself not getting playing time in Colorado anymore and KC told me I'd be the team’s sixth striker so the writing was on the wall there.

"I don’t know what it was. I’m partially to blame as well. I know it’s what have you done for me lately in this business."


What did you think of Gomez's story? Impressed with his perspective? Hoping he gets a chance and call-up to the U.S. pre-World Cup camp?

Share your thoughts below.

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