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Stoppage time penalty helps FC Dallas tie Seattle

FC Dallas delivered another late-game comeback at Pizza Hut Park, and an officiating decision was at the heart of another Dallas equalizer.

In the final minute of second-half stoppage time, referee Terry Vaughn awarded a penalty for an alleged foul on rookie Jason Yeisley, who appeared to trip over the legs of Seattle defenders Jhon Kennedy Hurtado and Nelson Gonzalez. FC Dallas striker Jeff Cunningham converted his second penalty of the match to give Dallas a 2-2 tie against the Sounders.

Dallas (0-1-3) started the match well, taking the lead an a Cunningham penalty he drew after being fouled by Kasey Keller in the penalty area. Seattle responded with a pair of quality goals, a right-footed curler from Steve Zakuani, and a 40-yard free kick blast from Fredy Montero.

Seattle (2-1-2) appeared to have the points wrapped up before the dubious penalty call. Three weeks early, FC Dallas benefited from an uncalled handball on Eric Avila, who buried an equalizing goal just seconds later to help FC Dallas tie the Columbus Crew.

What did you think of the match? Impressed with Montero's goal, or think Dario Sala should have done better? Agree with the equalizing penalty call?

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  1. Army of Dad, Are you saying you don’t think that the defender got the ball before there was any contact? Or that you agree that the ball went off the defenders leg but it was a foul anyway?

  2. It might be easier for people to go see FC Dallas if the stadium was closer however, i disagree with everyone who claims that is the main problem. The real problem is about Texas being Texas and soccer not having the respect it deserves as a sport. I grew up in Arlington and drove plenty of times to see the Cowboys in Irving, TX. People came from all over to see the Cowboys as well as people driving into Arlington from Fort Worth or Dallas to see a Ranger game. It easily took me 45 min to drive in to Dallas to see the Dallas Stars play.

    The culture has to change a bit more to get the kids growing up and supporting the sport. We can not always rely on the hispanic community in Texas to support the teams. Now in Seattle where I live, we have a really large community of adult rec soccer as well as the usual kids and soccer moms. I would guess that if the Sounders played in a stadium that was 45 min drive, we would still fill it.

  3. 2nd PK should not have been called, nor should the dive foul that Montero scored the 2nd goal off of. I suppose consistency in reffing is good, but MLS has consistently bad reffing. I don’t think that’s good.

  4. Seriously, you are a ref and you would have called that a penalty? Even the ESPN guys said it was a non-call. I’m with Trevor above: I’d pay good money to see the report on the ref.

    And this is not the first time Terry Vaughn has done this… he has a history of really questionable appearances in ref’ing MLS games.

    I am a Sounders fan. They did play pretty awful soccer. Were lucky to come away with a tie, in my opinion.

  5. Two completely different issues, because all game long they had allowed throws from no where near where the ball goes out. quite frankly nobody should ever complain about this for or against their team. In the first half of the KC game, seattle kicked a ball out next to the corner flag for a throw. The throw in then occurred near the top of the 18. What ever the case the ref was constant in the lack of inforcing the rule. If KC’s D follows their man then it is a moot point.

  6. Pete is terrible and does nothing, but gain control and pass the ball backwards. My point was Noonan not being hurt after Feddy subbed on would have made a difference


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