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Europa League: Matchday Commentary


The Europa League quarterfinals conclude today with eight teams still battling for places in the semifinals.

Fulham and Liverpool are carrying the flag for the English Premier League as both teams look to knock off tough opponents. The Cottagers carry a 2-1 advantage to Germany against Wolfsburg, while the Reds look to erase a 2-1 deficit against Benfica.

Here is a rundown of today's matches (including the first-leg scores):

Atletico Madrid vs. Valencia (2-2)

Liverpool vs. Benfica (1-2)

Standard Liege vs. Hamburg (1-2)

VfL Wolfsburg vs. Fulham (1-2)

If you will be watching today's action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.


  1. sorry, as a Hamburg fan, I see enough of the German national team to know that that’s not true. Made the final in Mexico, made it in Korea-Japan, etc.
    The national team/bundesliga get no credit as it is.

  2. Spain will revert back to old form and crash out in the second round. WC not being in Europe means none of the Euro teams will show up. Count on it.

  3. @Andy, Don’t forget McBride’s effect. He scored 3 goals in the 11 or 12 he came back after injury in 2nd half of the season.

    Americans have a great history in Fulham.

  4. Oh yeah. Atletico has been more shite than the Reds so should be very interesting. He wasn’t able to play against them in the CL last season as he was injured. He played in a friendly against them though back in July.

    The Reds will defeat them and Torres will be the game winner.

  5. Can’t believe Fulham has gone from such a crap team under Lawrie Sanchez just 2-3+ years ago to Europa League semi-finalists under Roy Hodgson.

  6. Goal by Oscar “Tacuara” Cardozo of a kick and deflection…

    Cardozo scores a ton for Benfica but does little else than fall down for the Albiroja (paraguay)…

  7. I think we will be successful if we can play the counter-attack style we used in the Confed Cup. (and more so if Davies comes back)

    We will be in trouble if teams get an early goal and/or pack it in and ask the USA to take the game to them…

    We won’t sneak up on teams like we did in 2002…

  8. Ok, back to the game.

    Fulham is actually dominating this game. Their defense looks quite solid, I don’t see any way Wolfsburg scores 2, let alone 3.

  9. True. But look at it. We seem to play well every 8 years. We’re bound to do something. We have the most advantageous group and should take great advantage of it.

    The quarters would be perfect for me but getting out of the group stage would be nice as well.

  10. I’m betting on Spain to win it all. Sure they are declared underachievers and no Euro country has ever done well outside of Europe but still they have what it takes.

    I’m betting us Yanks get to the quarter-finals and bow out but hoping Jozy and the crew score a ton of goals.

  11. I think that half of the male population of Brazil could score a goal if put into the Liverpool lineup. Nothing special about Lucas per se…

  12. I love Torres and Spain, if USA doesn’t make it to the semifinals (they will) I’ll be pulling for La Furia Roja

  13. I agree. I believe DeMerit and Gooch can handle anything Zamora throws at them. Our forwards have never had much success against England, hopefully either CD9 or Herculez Gomez can do something special in South Africa.

    C’mon Fulham!!!!

  14. Come on Torres. get that hat-trick.

    I sure hope Torres has a great WC and starts reproducing his form with Spain that he does for Liverpool. Plus he needs to up his game and score in CL games. He’s very flaky. He had 6 in 11 for 1st season with the Reds and than 2 in 9 mainly due to injury and 3 or 4 CL matches this season with no goal.

  15. While his form has been excellent I don’t think Zamora would have a big impact for England the way he has for Fulham this year. If you followed him the last 2 years you know his form is completely based on confidence. Last year he couldn’t hit a barn door and you could tell it was in his head. This year he switched numbers (from 9 to 25) to his lucky number form his Brighton days and his luck and confidence changed. He is a superstitious headcase basicially. As a Fulham fan I love the way he plays but it doesn’t change who he is.

  16. @Jreid, Hahaha.

    Zamora switched to T&T for a chance at the WC than plays best he ever had and expects a chance with England. England may have probs with finding a partner to Rooney but Zamora is streaky at best.

    Agbonlahor is the future of England. Heskey is garbage. Crouch and Cole have this as their only other chance with England than it’s probably zero. Bent and Defoe are most likely to figure greater in Euro qualifying. Zamora has no chance to go to SA, if he does it just shows England are crap.

  17. He seems to not have the form this year that he did last year. Also with Duff of the wing now less of the playmaking runs through him than last year. He would make a great DP in MLS I think if he was looking to extend his career. Fulham definitely need to find a replacement for him in the off season. All the other center mids are more defensive, Baird, Etuhu, Greening (on loan anyway).

  18. zamora doesnt really scare me. he is good, but he is not anything to be afraid of. dont worry our defenders can take care of zamora. worry more of our sorry forwards who cant score.

  19. Having seen Zamora now for the better part of two seasons, he’s a streaky player and only worries me a bit. I’d be hoping he returns to last years form…
    When your in Row Z(ed)/and the ball hits you in the head/That’s Zamora

  20. As a USA fan, I’m afraid of Zamora and I hope England choose Emile Heskey. They are insane if they leave Zamora behind, I would call for Capello’s resignation.

  21. Everyone always seem to talk about how great Danny Murphy is, but to me, he gives the ball away a lot, such as a few minutes ago, where he tried to gift Bremen a goal.

  22. I know how you feel…but I have to pull for Fulham and Clint Dempsey. Besides, winning this would be the biggest thing in Fulham’s history.

    Depending on what happens, it’s very possible that the Europa League winner might be better than the winner of the Champions League. Valencia is a team that can beat any team on any day of the week. I’d put my money on them against Lyon. Here’s hoping that we have an exciting European Super Cup match up.

  23. Come on non English teams


    Seriously, there are other teams involved in this competition and personally, I’m sick of the EPL luv fest.


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