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Jones still struggling to recover, likely ruled out for World Cup

Jermaine Jones 2 (Getty Images)


Since suffering a shin injury last June, Jermaine Jones has aimed to recover in time to play in his first World Cup, but that goal looks unlikely as Jones has yet to make significant progress.

Jones traveled to Los Angeles earlier this week to visit U.S. national team physicians in search of finding an answer to his injury. Unfortunately for Jones, there appears to be no immediate recovery as he still cannot jog without pain.

Jones is still hopeful of playing in the World Cup, but is first targeting to make a return by playing for Schalke's reserve team before season's end. But with only a month left before the U.S. announces its World Cup team, it appears Jones' time to make the team has run out.

Having suffered the injury last June, Jones is enduring the biggest struggle in his career, having gone through a pair of surgeries and multiple attempts at rehab in the past year. 

Jones turns 29 in November of this year and could still suit up for the U.S. in the 2014 cycle.

What do you think of this development? Think it's time to just rule him out of the World Cup? Do you see Jones contributing next cycle? 

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  1. how can rooney recover from a broken metatarsal in a month and a sprained ankle in a week? someone please call dr. hashimoto so he can work his magic.

  2. not a doctor but as i wrote below i’ve been dealing with a serious knee injury for years.

    from what i read Jones had a plate inserted to fix a cracked bone. There was pain, it was removed. now there’s still pain.

    i’ll add my shins hurt a lot now. And where they put two screws in it’s still quite painful many years later. I get sharp shooting pains often and to be specific it feels just like if someone took a broom handle and hit you as hard as they could on you bare shin bone. often the whole knee and lower leg just go week or numb. i notice it most often climbing stairs. I’ll occasionaly have to hold the hand rail and pull myself up as the muscles just give out and the joint i shooting with pain.

    one issue with scar tissue it’s at least in my knee it’s in the joint and it’s in the way so one, it’s bone on bone, two it’s more tissue then should be in the joint so nothing moves correctly. I don’t know how it affects a shin but for me the point is causes pain and the tissue is all in the way.

    Worse they if they remove it it can come back. Another thing. My screws, aren’t their anymore. They dissolve away over time. But where they put them still hurts. at best it’s tender to the touch like right after you get a big allergy shot. But it goes to bone. I can literally feel my knee joint, the parts on the top of my tibia where they drilled into the bone at all times. just sitting and not moving. That’s not truly painfull but i can easily feel the holes and the tissue and blood running through the joint. a weird feeling. i’d love it to be fixed.

    I think if you’re lucky it’s a straight forward break and heal. For others it’s complicated and you’re possibly never the same. i just hope for the best. i feel bad for the guy. i can relate.

  3. i honestly feel bad for the guy. A had one of those really bad noncontact ACL injuries. I ruptures my ACL, MCL, and PCL and fractured my tibia. I had surgery 6 years ago and i’ve struggle with pain and to run ever since.

    worse the problems begin to snowball, you change your walk, my ankle then went, then i had a hip problem. MY arches collapsed. And over years muscle have atrophied. When i can run there is definitely severe pain sometimes. Sometimes too much to keep going. My doctors still aren’t sure. but i have to go back to get rid of scar tissue. This is 6 years later. So i feel for the guy when even the doctors can’t figure it out.

  4. As much as I want to see Jones play in the WC it looks unlikely now and it is probably best to leave him alone now. He was suppose to heal from his injury in January and he was suppose to be good to play on March 3rd. It is April 3rd and he can’ jog without feeling pain. There is no way he is going to heal in one month before the US choose the 23rd man roster. Yes he would be a great addition to the team, however it is too good to be true to see him playing in this year World Cup. It is probably best to put Clark, Edu, Beasley, or Torres that spot playing asided with Bradley and putting Dempsey ontop with Altidore and Holden playing alongside with Donovan, with that being said that’s a pretty good team to have in the 2010 WC, it would probably be the best team the US ever had bringing in the WC.

  5. Ok Wrong…he WAS a stud in the Bundeslig, I know he’s not playing, thats the topic of the blog. The US is facing a lot of injuries, but few of them are “horrifying”. Instead, everyone from “Ow My Hamstring” Ching to “My girlfriend’s dead and my femur’s broken” Davies have a chance to recover and play this summer. Thus, Bradley must consider gambling and giving a roster spot (if not several) to a quality (and mentally tough) player who may not be %100 when he decides the roster but could be ready to go come late/post-group stage play. As Zeke agreed, as I hope you all do, Jones fits the above description.

  6. Jared Jeffrey, Former under 20 captain. He’s got alot of talent & a bright future he just signed with Mainz during the last transfer window.

  7. You cant just plug in someone to play who came back from extensive off time. Especially in the world cup!

    I say we write him off unless he gets playing time with his team.

  8. No you’re not understanding, he has two servicable shins but the one got injured last year and hasn’t healed right. That kind of tissue doesn’t regenerate the same way as, say, your hair or your toenails, so he has to keep rehabbing until he’s good to go. Newbie?

  9. But if you do give away a PRS, let it be to someone who’s Best Defensive Midfielder in the Bundesliga material.

  10. This guy must be going through hell, my thoughts are with him!

    Having said that, if he can get healthy enough to train and even come on as a 30 minute sub he’d be worth the roster spot, especially when you consider what relative pups like Edu Bradley and Clark could learn from his just being in camp. You’re not gonna get that contribution from Beckerman or Kljestan, no offense to them, but Jones is coming from a different level.

  11. No. If he hasn’t played in a year and no one really knows why, he’s probably done. John O’Brien redux.

  12. Agreed. People need to realize that he has not played in a match in over a year. What makes you think he is any better with 2 weeks to get in form than Torres, Feilhaber, and Edu? I said months ago to just forget about him going to the WC. If he somehow can start jogging you can reconsider.

  13. Of course JJ is not in top form if he hasn’t been playing. Why is it ridiculous to talk about the future, though? If he does not make it for this WC but can contribute for the next, I’ll take him any day. And who cares if he will be 32 in 4 years? If he is good, you put him on the team; if he’s not, you don’t.


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