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Chivas USA 2, Red Bulls 0: A Look Back

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Chivas USA needed an infusion of energy after opening up the season with two straight losses. Against the high-flying New York Red Bulls, the Rojiblancos got that boost of energy from substitute Jesus Padilla, which helped Chivas USA generate enough offense to give Martin Vasquez his first coaching victory.

"I'm very proud of my team and how they responded after the opening two losses," said Vasquez. "It wasn't pretty at times, but we know that we can score and we know that we can defend against good teams."

For the Red Bulls (2-1), the match left much to be desired after two impressive showings in the club's matches. The quality service that led the club to victories in the first pair of matches abandoned the club as they arrived at Home Depot Center. While New York was successful with their passing skill in the club's previous two matches against Chivas USA, the club was unable to get the last pass needed to create chances on goal.

"We had no energy and a lack of quality in the passing game, I would say that we didn't show up today," said Red Bulls head coach Hans Backe. "Everyone had a really poor day and we looked tired over 90 minutes, but I feel that it could have been a draw."

With a line up boasting a number of changes, Chivas USA (1-2) was far removed from the team that had been punished in the midfield against its first two opponents. Out was the midfield diamond  replaced by a 4-4-2 with defender Jonathan Bornstein moved up to the midfield. The move generated offense but the Rojiblancos were unable to get on the board.

In a match that had been even until his inclusion, it was the energy of Padilla that created chances for Chivas USA in the second half. Although the midfielder has often struggled to find his place in the line up, Padilla was at the right place at the right time on Saturday. Replacing the injured Ante Jazic, Padilla's energy gave Chivas the extra effort needed to finally capitalize on their scoring chances.

After coming in, the midfielder was extremely threatening, firing the shot that Red Bulls goalkeeper Bouna Coundoul pushed into his own net. With their first goal of the season, Chivas USA appeared to settle and gain control of the match. The match was sealed for the Rojiblancos after Jesus Padilla beat defender Jeremy Hall after receiving a long goal kick from Zach Thornton. After bypassing his marker, Padilla was able to slot the shot past the Red Bulls goalkeeper.

"That's just the way soccer is, sometimes you get the opportunities to score and you've got to put them away," said Padilla. "I think that we deserved this win after our two opening losses and we just didn't want to lose anymore, we wanted the win so we need to enjoy it."

One of the most disappointing performances was that of Red Bulls captain Juan Pablo Angel. The talismanic striker was devoid of service from his midfield and was frequently stranded with no opportunity to operate. The forward was also blanketed by Chivas' new Costa Rican center defense tandem of Michael Umana and Dario Delgado, who were responsible for further limiting his effectiveness for the Red Bulls. The play of New York's offense further stagnated after goalkeeper Coundoul's error provided Chivas with a goal early in the second half that forced the Red Bulls to chase the game, a task which proved too much for the Red Bulls.

" We didn't manage to set the tempo at all in the match and we're second best all over the field," said Angel. "However, we've been progressing throughout this season and we should do a lot better than we did today so now it's time for us to show our character going forward."

The two clubs will now look ahead to next weekend's matches. Chivas USA will travel to Houston for a match against the Dynamo while the Red Bulls will return to Red Bull Arena to take on FC Dallas.


  1. it was a great game, realy liked the way Chucky and Padilla played up front, Gavin did a great job a long with Saragoza.. Umana and Delgado bouth had a great game. loved Martin Vasquez scarf.

    awante la Ultra la bande de awante

  2. Padilla got the goals, the MOTM even…but in my book Vazquez gets kudo’s for starting Johhny B at Left Mid. Chivas quickly set the tone early with JB there, and when Padilla came in for Janzic(?) and JB moved back… the left side was dominated by Chivas, the linking was admirable. ‘Chuckie’ brought a lot of activity confounding the back line.

    Thought Ream looked good with the ball at his feet, for NYRB…not common for a US CB.

  3. They probably should have just traveled to California and trained there for the week instead of going back to NY. Not sure they want the cost but the reality is 2 games on the west coast in a row is going to effect players no matter how well they are conditioned.

  4. It’s ironic that the RED BULLS are accused by their manager of “having no energy”. Not exactly a great advertisement for the parent company. You’d think a lack of energy would be an easy fix no?

  5. Biggest plus of the game for RBNY is Ream still looks like a stud. Be good to see Carl Robinsom get healthy and come in for Stamler as well. Would free up Lindpere to get forward more.

  6. Did Backe expect any of the 4 FORWARDS?!?! to actually get service in the dying minutes of the match?

    And what is the deal with bringing Boyens and Mendes when you could have brought at least one creative/technical midfield option in Garcia or da Luz?


    Regardless, I thought the service by Hall & Ream were very strong on the day. And that in most matches Richards needs a break by the 70th minute.

  7. 2009 the Bulls didn’t a win league game on the road and i don’t rememeber when they won their second game. Chivas wanted it more and needed it more

  8. Chivas USA had a significantly better lineup this game, RBNY probably wasn’t expecting such a surge from a lousy team a week ago. Was anybody else very impressed with Chijindu?? I thought he looked dangerous and was giving the NY defense problems all afternoon. He should start every game from here on, especially since Galindo can’t stay healthy.

  9. that new dario delgado signing that chivas did helped the tem and especially Umana out a lot. I couldnt believe that was Umana playing when i watched the game because he was a nightmare the first 2 games

  10. Isn’t there a keeper from Germany that they want to bring in? I assume they need to wait until the window opens this summer?

  11. He seems a step slow and pretty ineffective so far. I hope it is a combo of bad service and lingering injury but so far even in the wins he has been ineffective.

  12. It was like watching the old Red Bulls. Hope it’s an aberration. Juan Pablo Angel with no goals in 3 games? Maybe his knee isn’t all the way back. If he doesn’t get in form soon, it could be 2009 all over again.

  13. Why didn’t they sign Jon Busch???? He’s clearly a better keeper than Bouna. I like Bouna but it would be nice to have them both.

  14. Bouna is going to have a lot of these moments this year. He will cost us twice as many points as he earns us on his good days.


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