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Padilla stars as Chivas USA defeat the Red Bulls, 2-0


Chivas USA received their first victory of the Martin Vasquez era with the club's 2-0 victory over the New York Red Bulls at the Home Depot Center on Saturday afternoon. Vasquez can thank the stellar play of Jesus Padilla for his very first MLS coaching victory.

Coming on as a sub for the injured Ante Jazic, Padilla was immediately active in the offense at upon entering the game. The forward  with a speculative shot that careened off a Red Bulls defender. The deflection took a bounce off the cross bar of Goalkeeper Bouna Coundoul, who misplayed the hop and pushed the ball into his own net.

Padilla put the game away in the 90th minute off a goal kick from Chivas USA Goalkeeper Zach Thornton. The Chivas goalkeeper's effort took a lucky bounce and fell to the forward who was able to shake defender Jeremy Hall and slotted his shot past Coundoul.

New York struggled throughout the match to generate the offense that the team enjoyed in the club's first two matches. Red Bulls captain Juan Pablo Angel was made a non factor by the impressive play of Chivas' Costa Rican defender tandem of Michael Umana and Dario Delgado. The Red Bulls did have a chance to break the deadlock early in the 18th minute when forward Mac Kandji saw his effort cleared off the line by Umana.

Chivas USA will now head to Houston with a record of 1-2 while the Red Bulls leave Los Angeles with a 2-1 record and will return to the friendly confines of Red Bull Arena for a date with FC Dallas.

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  1. I’m not sure you can credit Zach, Chucky brought pace. Sascha played alot better and Dario Delgado looks great. Zach looks heavy again

  2. Did anyone think that the ball that Coundoul pushed over the line was spinning into the goal anyway? That’s what it looked like to me on the replay. No question that he still should have kept it out, but it was not as atrocious as what I expected to see when I heard that its was an own-goal by the keeper.

  3. It is sad to say but I am beginning to wonder if JPA is past it. Even in the wins so far this season he is having zero effect on the games. Maybe that has to do with his service but I honestly feel like he is rarely in dangerous positions to begin with. Could be nagging injury from preseason. At least I hope.

    The right side is an issue. Richards does zero defensively leaving Hall out to dry most of the time, which is an issue for a player who is really a converted midfielder anyway. But it is obvious teams are attacking them there. Seatle did it and so did Chivas. It will be an ongoing issue unless they can get Richards to be a bit more disaplined.

    Overall I thought it was a balanced game. On gaffe by Condoul was the difference. The second goal came after Backe made multiple substitutions in an attempt to get an equalizer. Never would have happened if they weren’t chasing the game.

  4. No ones talking about it but Padilla could be good for years to come, I like him in control of the ball in every match Chivas has played this year.

  5. wtf are you talking about? we were just unlucky and should have came out with at least a point.. coundol messed it up by the idiotic own goal but our defense still shut Chivas down,, if Coundol doesn’t own goal, game ends in a draw..SO PLZ STFU AND STOP HATING

  6. Well, we don’t have DBV. Albright is back in May. What do you do for Saturday?

    De Luz in for Ubi maybe?

    Or De LUz Left & Ubi right?

  7. you can’t put stammler on a wing.
    we need someone like DVB on the left and Hall needs to be moved up. Hall can cross and also can cover defensively. If albright can come back healthy and be able to overlap with hall we will be in much better shape.

    richards will be a great 70th minute sub. his pace will wreak havoc on tired defenders.

  8. tim ream will make a hell of a defender for the us in years to come… even in the loss he looked good… can’t wait to see him with the national team

  9. What is it with you fans? Can no one be critical of this team? Should we all look at them with rose glasses. As a Yankee, Giant & one time Knick waiting for the Nets to Brooklyn appreciate comments good or bad. Fanatics live across the spectrum. It was not a good game. I love watching defense play defense with an occassional run up field. I love MFer orchestrating & Strikers demolishing defense. So it’s frustrating watching consistant erratic passing & possesion of the ball. I enjoyed the first 3games. In fact I combed the net to catch that Seattle game. This is a NY team, and we deserve the best. I want when I see a RB game that the arena is packed. You are not going to get that with this display on the pitch. And management apparently agrees with me or you could not be hearing all about these different players coming in. And you Chivas defender, you are delusional if you think that was a good display & you probably didn’t see that game against the Galaxy. And what’s with the empty seats? You know how great it looked in Philly last night? Check it out if you didn’t see it.

  10. Right, a team that’s finished near the or at the top of the west for the last three years is “horrible.” Where has RBNY finished lately?

  11. Chivas USA made some radical changes and finally got Zack Thornton back. big difference.
    i guess the logic around here is NYRB bat themselves and the opposing 11 guys from Carson helped do it.

    NYRB looked good but not great. Dario Delgado smother JPA and marked him all day.
    Coundoul had an off day.

    Jspec, it’s week 3. Get a grip.
    Nothing is set in stone, well except maybe your arrogance.

  12. Red Bulls and there fans were brought back down to earth this weekend by Chivas. Will they revert back to there old selves? Is the honeymoon over?

  13. Maybe…






    Lindpere presses forward, with Robinson dropping back in defense.

  14. If Richards is going to keep pushing up as high as he does, we’re going to continue having problems keeping control of the midfield.

    The flat 4-4-2 will have to change in order to allow for Richards’ to be aggressive without killing us. Maybe position Richards further forward and inside to maximize his breakaway chances. He be his most dangerous here.

    Hall has done well coming and occupying the space Richards leaves vacant, but it stretches the D too far out, and Hall can get burned (like we saw on the second goal).

    I’d replace Stammler with Robinson (when he’s healthy), and sit Mac for Ibrahim. All the while looking for a left sided mid that can deliver a decent ball to Angel.

  15. RBNY needs to shake up the MF & forward line a little.

    I say sit there are four options:

    1) Sit Richards & UBi. Play Lindpere & Robinson in the Middle with Stmmler right & De Luz left.

    2) Stammler left in place pf Ubi, Robbo back in middle

    3) Stammler right in place of Dane, Robbo in the middle

    4) Stammler right, Lidpere left, Robbo teamed with Irving Garcia in the middle

    Regardless, having Ubi AND Richards out there wide is a “prevent” offense.

    Discuss amongst yourselves.

  16. How can u call anyone a star in this match? I could of watched a better game in Central or Prospect Park. It looked like practice not even Exhibition. It was the perfect example of why this league is hard to defend sometimes. La.wk game against Seattle was light yrs ahead of this. U pay to watch pro soccer for the skill & entertainment this had neither. It was a carbon copy of the Fire/ Rapids game last weekend. The work rate was dismal. I hope the coach on the Rbulls remains their wing MF especially Richards what the goal of MF is. Seems lie they all want to score to get into the paper. U can always predict was Richards it going to do with the ball. He runs down the side & get trapped. Linpere was the only MF who have any idea. I can’t even be critical of the Forwards when the MF were so horrible.


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