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Red Bulls source: Rodgers’ visa application hasn’t been rejected (yet)


The New York Red Bulls' hunt for English striker Luke Rodgers appeared to be over after a report out of the UK said Rodgers' work permit application was rejected for his conviction for affray (fighting in public).

The hunt may not be over just yet.

According to a Red Bulls source, Rodgers' visa application is still being processed, and while his criminal record may ultimate lead to his application being rejected, his application is still being processed.

Rodgers has already agreed to a contract with the Red Bulls, but the deal is pending him receving a P-1 work visa. Rodgers would give the Red Bulls a sorely-needed speed option at forward. The club's current crop of forwards are all bigger strikers, including recently-acquired Salou Ibrahim.

The Red Bulls are also expected to finalize the acquisition of Vejle midfielder Brian Nielsen.


  1. Is the MLS really this poor? Is this the paucity of MLS clubs ambitions – signing an English lower league nobody?

    There’s his off-field conduct for a start. The guy hasn’t been a petty thug just once, but repeatedly. He’s an “athlete” who thinks nothing of going and getting blind drunk and picking fights in a city centre. He is pond life – scum.

    But put that to one side, the guy has never kicked a ball above the third level of English football playing 104 times and scoring 24 goals. At that low level he’s hardly been anything approaching prolific. Yes, he’s scored goals this season – in the fourth tier. I could score goals in that league.

    I know the MLS isn’t a great league in terms of quality and a guy like Rodgers probably could do a job there, but I’d like to think that New York and the MLS in general would aim for better than the thug Rodgers in every sense.

  2. A US Consular Officer would have to officially reject an applicant who had a conviction that rose to the level of a crime of moral turpitude. I’m guessing it was more than just a street fight and might have risen to assault. That being said, just because it was rejected does not mean that he can’t come to the US. The applicant would have to file a waiver through USCIS at DHS.

    These happen all the time to all types of athletes and performers who come to the US on any type of visa. B/c of his conviction, he most likely won’t qualify for a tourist visa automatically – he would have to file for a waiver.

    Now, I’m interested to see if Maradona can ever get a visa to come to the US.

    As a United fan though, I hope he’s found permanently ineligible for entry into the US unless DC gains his rights.

  3. so far i’m pretty impressed with the players backe has brought in, if i was an nyrb fan, i’d have confidence in his decisions. then again, if i was an nyrb fan, i’d be more inclined to question the coach no matter what.

  4. Jesus,

    I hope you are right. All I have heard is that he has received a lucrative offer – if it is a DP amount, I’ll be disappointed – I’d much rather have someone else.

  5. no one is saying Rodgers is the missing piece that will result in a MLS championship. The guy is a non DP and will be a role player off the bench or starting. PPL are making too much of a big deal over his signing. He just brings a different dimension to the attack thats all

  6. Didn’t Salou Ibrahim come from Vejle as well as Jimmy Nielsen. I also believe that is the same team Stu Holden’s younger brother Euan signed with in Denmark?

  7. If NY wants someone from England the lowest they should be looking is League One. Lots of good players at that level. League Two not so much.

  8. As soon as he get’s here, if he does in fact get here, he’ll realize quickly that he’s no big shot. After browsing the sports section of the daily sports page, he’ll get the subtle hint. Or someone like you can just let him know, right?

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  10. side note,

    fox soccer plys is great, and if theyre programing doesn’t change well get more chances to see our championship side players. Right now im watching crystal palace and QPR.

    Also algeria will be featured on the Contenders show tomorrow at 1230 on fsc+

  11. “With all due to respect (and it is due, more on that later) to Luke, if Hans is to insist on raiding his former club for talent…why Rodgers? For a side ripe with talent that WILL make an impact next season in League One, why opt for a player who has struggled at times this season and who our own chairman has admitted he would only have a cameo role next year?”

    Read on Red Bulls…….this is not a good deal for NY

  12. yeah, ny is huge, just more places to get in trouble, especially if hes under the impression that he’s some big shot.

  13. There’s much less of a buzz about off-the-field player conduct over here. If he just keeps his head down, nobody will mess with him too much. Besides, NY is huge. He’s used to playing for small clubs in small English towns where the supporters and local media cling all over the players and magnify their conduct x10.


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