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This Weekend’s Soccer on TV

Frank Lampard (Getty Images)

The title races in Europe's top leagues are coming to a close and there is little room seperating the teams vying for league titles.

Chelsea will look to maintain its one-point lead ahead of Manchester United when it takes on Liverpool, while Manchester United tries to keep the pressure on with a win against Sunderland. Real Madrid and Barcelona both play in Spain, while Inter Milan looks to put some more space between itself and Roma with a win vs. Lazio. Bayern Munich and Schalke are currently tied atop the Bundesliga heading into their matche this weekend.

It's not just titles up for grabs, but also Champions League berths, and no match is as big in that regard as Manchester City-Aston Villa.

Here is this weekend's schedule of matches on TV:



7:45am– ESPN2- Birmingham City vs. Burnley

9:30am– GolTV- Bayern Munich vs. VfL Bochum

9:30am– ESPN Deportes- Schalke 04 vs. Werder Bremen

10am– FSC/FSE- Manchester City vs. Aston Villa

10am– Fox Soccer Plus- Tottenham vs. Bolton

Noon– FSC/FSE- Portsmouth vs. Wolverhampton

Noon– GolTV- Deportivo La Coruna vs. Real Zaragoza

2pm– GolTV- Espanyol vs. Valencia

2:30pm– FSC/FSE- AC Milan vs. Fiorentina

4pm– MSG/Telefutura- D.C. United vs. New York Red Bulls

4pm– Fox Soccer Plus- Stoke City vs. Everton

4pm– GolTV- Villarreal vs. Barcelona

6pm– FSC- Sky Blue FC vs. FC Gold Pride

6pm– Univision- Pachuca vs. Monterrey

7:15pm– GolTV- Tolima vs. Independiente Medellin

7:30pm– Direct Kick- New England Revolution vs. FC Dallas

8:30pm– FSCFSE- Houston Dynamo vs. Kansas City Wizards

8:30pm– Direct Kick- Chicago Fire vs. Chivas USA

9pm– Direct Kick- Real Salt Lake vs. Toronto FC

9:30pm– GolTV- Atletico Nacional vs. Deportivo Pereira

10pm– Direct Kick- San Jose vs. Colorado Rapids

10:30pm– Direct Kick- Los Angeles Galaxy vs. Philadelphia Union

10:30pm– Direct Kick- Seattle Sounders vs. Columbus Crew


12:30am– FSE- Houston Dynamo vs. Kansas City Wizards (Delayed)

8:30am– Fox Soccer Plus- Liverpool vs. Chelsea

8:30am– ESPN Deportes- NAC Breda vs. FC Twente

9am– FSC/FSE- Catania vs. Juventus

10:30am– Fox Soccer Plus- Fulham vs. West Ham

11am– FSC/FSE- Sunderland vs. Manchester United

11am– ESPN Deportes- Sevilla vs. Atletico Madrid

11am– GolTV_ Borussia Dortmund vs. VfL Wolfsburg (Delayed)

1pm- ESPN2/ESPN Deportes- Real Madrid vs. Osasuna

2:30pm– FSC/FSE- Lazio vs. Inter Milan

3pm– ESPN Deportes- Athletic Bilbao vs. Mallorca

3pm– GolTV- Santos vs. Santo Andre

5pm– FSE- Independiente vs. Boca Juniors

5pm– Fox Soccer Plus- Lazio vs. Inter Milan (Delayed)

5pm– Telefutura- Santos Laguna vs. UNAM Pumas

10pm– Univision- Club America vs. Toluca


Which matches are you most looking forward to?

Share your thoughts on this weeks schedule of matches below.


  1. “Who determines “how a group of extremely well paid professionals “should” play the game.”? Are they paid to win? Or are they paid to please people such as you?”

    Let me get this straight, you come on a soccer board and really ask a stupid question like that?! Who the h*ll do YOU think determines how the players play other than the coach?? You really think the owner is going to tell the coach how to do things without the coach quitting? Tell you what slick, go ask Arsene Wenger or Pep Guardiola, I’m pretty sure they’ll be able to answer your question in a simple, easy way so that you, brian and second city can understand. Damn.
    In the future if anyone insists upon writing philosophical questions like these, expect no answer.

  2. Plymouth? Well now, aren’t they in the Championship soon to be League One? Why are they playing Everton?

  3. Gee, and everyone says the EPL is the best and deepest team in the world but there no one wants to watch these two. They are EPL teams aren’t they?

  4. Who determines “how a group of extremely well paid professionals “should” play the game.”? Are they paid to win? Or are they paid to please people such as you?

    Whose call is that? My suspicion would be whoever is paying the bills.

    Naturally fans think it is them but owners rarely see it that way. I suspect the management of Inter are perfectly happy to see them grind and fight their way into the Champions league final, regardless of how pleasing the style of play was to the “purists”. It means an awful lot of money.

    History is full of teams that were pleasing to the eye but tough on the standings. Italian teams have generally been quite succesful while largely staying on the dark side of the art. I doubt you will get much in the way of apologies for their style from them or their fans. Winning does that to you.

    I have never seen a winning, consistently excellent top flight team that couldn’t grind it out and shut it down when they felt they needed to. Spain for example, always has had lots of attracitve players but never won nothing until Senna came around to help hold down their midfield.

  5. This will be a good match and Ajax will win so Twente needs to take care of business, very glad this will be on TV. Bryan Ruiz with two goals for the title!

  6. I caught a couple of Monterrey’s games earlier in the season and at that point they were the class of the Mexican league. Worked well as a team, had balance between offense and defense, and individual players who could make a difference.

    If I were a betting man I’d bet on Monterrey, but this is soccer so anything can happen.

    Also remember that a tie on aggregate advances Monterrey on position in the table, Mexico’s way of having the regular season count a bit.

  7. That is simply comparing apples to oranges, my friend.

    I can insert a similar scenario, involving another sport to support my viewpoint but it’s just that…another sport.

    Sometimes two sets of eyes see to different perspectives.

    After all, that’s the beauty of sports. The innately spark debate and discussion. Let’s enjoy it next time.

    I know I will, looking forward to it. Cheers, Reverb.

  8. i wouldn’t call it jibes from SecondCity. It’s merely a more realistic and open minded opinion that is in contrast to yours. no one is telling anyone “how they should feel”.

  9. Surprised the ROMA game is not televised. The Villa- Barca game ought to be interesting. Chelsea will wipe “Liverpoop” out. No interest there. And on this side of the pond down south, it will be interesting to see how Gringo Torres and Pachuca do in their game with Monterrrey. After winning CONCACAF Champions League does Pachuca just mail it in or do they play like the champions they are?

  10. The Everton-Liverpool fight for a final spot in Europe next season is real close. Everton need to win out against Stoke City and Birmingham to have a chance. They must rely on Chelsea beating Liverpool. Should Liverpool gain a point in either match , they will get the last spot for Europe (Europa League) An Everton standings tie with Liverpool will not help because of overall goal differential.

    The final weekend Everton must beat Plymouth. They must hope that a Jozy-less Hull will beat Liverpool.

    OH, Where is Jozy when Tim Howard’s (and Maybe Landon Donovan’s) Everton need him the most?

  11. Your lame attempts at jibes are falling short of the mark my friend.
    It always amuses me how many people there are telling others how they “should” feel about things when the only point to this is how a group of extremely well paid professionals “should” play the game.
    If you can’t tell the difference well then nevermind.

  12. Inter has a chance at ” earning ” the UEFA trophy.

    I think our ” respect ” is irrelevant at this point but if you’re happy about getting knocked out of the Europa League, then good for your pool’, at the cost of supposed respect.

    In all fairness, however, comparing the two fixtures of Inter v Barca and Atl Madrid v Liverpool and the style of play needed to advance is ridiculous.

    Barca has been the best Club in the world the past year, where as Liverpool are quickly becoming a mid-table club.

    It isn’t very respectful to Barca when comparing the exit of both Clubs.

  13. ….trying to find the bright side.

    Well, at least it’s in beautiful HD. I swear, sometimes it’s worth watching the less juicy match-ups on that basis alone, given the poor quality FSC’s telecast.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be more interested in the outcome of Man City vs Villa but my eyes will enjoy watching the Birm City vs Burnley match-up much, much more.

  14. Well I use the example of a basketball game. If the visiting team only played defense trying to keep the home side off the board and then turned the ball back over to the home as soon as they gained possession, how happy do you think any of the fans would be?
    As a fan of the game I simply cannot accept Inter’s “performance” when they are ENTIRELY capable of doing greater.

  15. Oh ye of little memory.

    Two legs in that encounter, not one. Hence, why it allowed a ” certain Italian team ” to dictate the style in which they advanced.

    If you weren’t thrilled with the outcome I’m sure you weren’t thrilled when a ” certain Spainish team ” conceded 3 goals and only was able to knock in one on the road.

    Inter’s defense was better than Barca’s offense.

    People moaning at Inter’s advancement should try to be less jaded and show some actual appreciation for taking out arguably the best Club in the world at this moment.

    That along, should earn your ” respect “, Reverb.

  16. Not trying to be a d-ck. I’m really asking. Soccer has to be the only sport where winning teams are open to criticism about the manner in which they won.

    Any other sport, wins justify gameplans.

  17. No. However with their inferior squad they’re going to lose. I’m saying this as a Liverpool fan, this club is in dire circumstances.

    Oh, and once again as a Liverpool fan, congratulations to Atletico Madrid for coming to Anfield and Winning by playing the game as it should be played. Well done and much respect! …Not like a certain Italian team.

  18. NAC Breda vs. FC Twente is going to be for the title. Ajax will probably win there game so FC Twente needs to win this game to stay on top of the Dutch league. Its on also. Should be a great match.


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