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LA Galaxy to take on Inter Milan, August 7th


The Los Angeles Galaxy will host reigning UEFA Champions League winners Inter Milan on August 7th, the team reported Monday.

The Nerazzuri will bring a line up that includes World Cup bound players like Argentine forward Diego Milito, Cameroon forward Samuel Eto’o and Dutch midfielder Wesley Sneijder. The August date offers the possibility that Inter will bring a full squad to Home Depot Center as the club begins preparations for the 2010-2011 season.

The match is the second consecutive year that the current holders of the European Cup will visit Los Angeles as the Galaxy hosted FC Barcelona in 2009.


  1. Sorry Joe, but you speak the truth. Last year they sold $10 tickets for the ‘supporters section’ and I just went and sat wherever I wanted. And the other night vs. LA they had 2 people working the ticket counter with 4 booths and a line that went into the street. It took me 25 minutes just to get a $20 ticket. That game was not worth $1, pathetic.

    We need some new blood in this franchise!

  2. While you’re only too right, perhaps one might expect a little more respect from a soccer blog that regularly features MLS prominently.

    That said, I suspect many fans of the flyover-country teams would have similar complaints about coverage of their teams. We put up with it because, on the whole, we enjoy SBI, and a blogger is allowed to have priorities. Anyway, FCD fans have, so it’s not the most pressing issue. Hence the “:-)”

  3. Sounder’s season ticket holders do…Chelsea, Barca, Boca Jrs, and Celtic so far.

    Quite frankly though, it was cool to see Barca play, but the MLS games are much more fun. MLS ROCKS.

  4. Why wouldn’t they play this in the Rose Bowl ? 25k stadium where half is already sold to season ticket holders ?

    Doesn’t make much sense to me.

    ( by that I mean financially, I don’t care about the non-season ticket holders missing out…tough, support your team )

  5. What are you talking about, Joe? As you would know if you read this site regularly, FC Dallas doesn’t exist. 🙂

  6. FC Dallas is a joke and I’m a season ticket holder. Tickets starting at $79 for endline bleacher seats? $98 the next cheapest? I question the mental capacity of the front office here at least once a week. KC gets Man United with tickets starting at $30. LA plays Inter 2 days later with tickets starting at $50. Who in Frisco thinks they are going to sell out PHP at $100+ a ticket? If you sign up for a flex plan right now you get the Inter game for free…well that’s nice, but I already purchased my season tickets way back in February so I get no benefit. I seriously envy every other club in this league (except for Columbus) because FCD’s front office shows they couldn’t care less about anyone except Jimmy Buffett after his concert puts them in the black every year.

  7. He didn’t transfer because they said he wouldn’t transfer? That makes no sense.

    Beta Male is right, it’s very unlikely. He’s 28 and under a long term, pretty lucrative deal. Most of what you pay for in a transfer fee is to save money on the salary or to get a young guy coming up.

    When he’s 28, you have to figure the entire fee (eight figures) is ‘money spent’ because you won’t be getting anything back on the other end when he’s in his 30s. Then, you have to significantly beat the $2.2.5M/yr he’s making now. Somebody said ‘it’s a business’ but didn’t bother to think about whether paying a big fee for a guy like Donovan makes business sense.

  8. Please, you were hardly the only one. In fact, I think most people thought that. Maybe it was because Arena, Donovan, and Moyes were all very clear that he’d be returning at the end of the loan. But good on you regardless.

  9. No where did I say that there’s no possible way that a Euro team could buy him, but I’m saying its unlikely. There was a reason why he left Everton… they couldn’t pay MLS the money they wanted for him.

    Not gonna happen dude.

  10. No love for FC Dallas, huh Ives? Is Schellas Hyndman still the coach? FIRE that sorry excuse for a manager. Ives, can you tell us this guy’s record or a little bio since joining the club, since you didn’t mention that we were playing inter at all?

    I sure hope Lando doesn’t end up in Europe, although it would be awesome to see him back in Everton. He did kill it over there. Just want to see the best players from all over the world play in the US, especially the Americans.

    Go Yanks! Beat Eng, Alg, and Slo! Was that off topic?

  11. Yes, because there’s no possible way a European team could buy out his measly LA Galaxy contract? This is a business son and if AEG can sell him for a huge profit they will let him go to bolster their bottom line.

  12. haha, just like I was when I was the only person who said he’d not be finishing the season with Everton?

    A contract is a contract dude. Unless MLS will profit HUGE for letting him out of it, LD is locked in to LA.

    And that’s a good thing.

  13. ” It’s not like the Galaxy gain fans by having these matches.”

    You sure about that? Most teams around the league have been able to use big games like this as a way to grow their season ticket base.

    But I guess if you’d rather have Joe Public come to town rather than the champions of Europe, to each his own. I’m just glad you arent running the team.

  14. yes, and as a season ticket holder i think it’s lame. I’d rather have the bonus tickets used on meaningful matches like US Open Cup, MLS Playoffs, or CONCACAF Champions League. It’s not like the Galaxy gain fans by having these matches.

    If the Galaxy win, it’s not like the Eurosnobs who only come out for these matches will respect us. Everyone knows the European teams play at 50% and use reserve players to give MLS squads a tough match. This is the kind of plastic bullshit that has kept a lot of true soccer fans away from MLS since day 1.

  15. Good luck to my teammates. I’ll be sure to try and catch the match on the tele, where ever I am in Europe.

  16. just saw this from ives on twitter, sometimes i love bob bradley


    Asked Bob Bradley if more roster spots have been locked up since his 16-18 estimation two weeks ago. He said yes. How many? “17 to 19”


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