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MLS to introduce Montreal as 19th MLS Team

Major League Soccer and the Montreal Impact have scheduled press conferences for Friday morning, where they are expected to announce Montreal as the 19th MLS franchise. Montreal will join MLS in 2012.

Montreal will become the third Canadian team in MLS, joining Toronto FC and the Vancouver Whitecaps, which will begin MLS play in 2011.

What do you think of Montreal joining MLS?

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  1. I know, but I cannot stand the charity model of sports. Fans should demand more if they are going to pay money to see something, especially when it is often a lot of money.

    I love hockey, but I have been priced out of it. Can’t blow $400 every time I want to take my wife and kids to a game.

  2. Plenty of room between Lawrenceville and Athens, and that would attract people from Duluth and Marietta.

    I guess I still see soccer as a suburban sport in America. Then again, everyone says it’s best to have a downtown arena — never going to happen in Atlanta unless they squeeze something into the Philips Arena/Georgia Dome area.

  3. Well in Toronto we refer to them as the “Limp-Act.” Or you could go with Vancouver’s more grand name for them: Canada’s Shame.

  4. second that, granted its not as offensive as others in the league, but vancouver and montreal better go with something timeless and not designed by adrenaline or whatever firm does every minor league baseball “X-TREME” looking graphic. Names are fine tho

  5. Allez Impact! I live in northern Vermont, (a little more than an hour from Montreal) and I can’t tell you how excited I am for the MLS to be coming to Montreal. The city itself is one of the nicest in North America, and despite their reputation, the Quebecois are some of the friendliest people you will ever meet. They are unbelievably passionate about their sports–including soccer. I have been to three Impact games, and they all had bigger crowds and a much better atmosphere than what I’ve seen at Revs matches down in Boston (I’ve been to about ten). Although I feel sympathy for those of you in the south, I have no doubt that Montreal will embrace MLS more than any city in south would. This decision both financially intelligent and geared towards a city that craves professional soccer. However, I’m just absolutely excited because now I don’t have to make a five hour drive to see the boring Revs if I want to watch the MLS.

  6. Congrats to Montreal. This team will be a huge success and a benefit to MLS and North American soccer in general. Get over it people.

  7. MLS should follow the lead of Latin America and go with an Apertura / Clausura format. An added benefit with shortened seasons is that there are potentially two Champions each year.

  8. You put teams where they will succeed, and I have no doubt about Montreal being a success for MLS… so long as they get something to improve their stadium situation.

  9. MLS sure hasn’t learned the lessons from the defunct leagues in America. Expansion at this rate = extinction.

  10. You know what I may be making assumptions about MTL you are right……. I guess it goes both ways people are always making comments about new york citys potential second team with no knowledge of the situation in NYC. I am truly sorry thanls for the info
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  11. Great. Another team that will play barely mediocre soccer in a barely mediocre league. When will MLS realize that it doesn’t even have the talent to support the teams it has?

    I’m glad Montreal has a team; it seems like it has passionate fans who will go to games (which is where MLS gets money, NOT from TV rights). But I wish another team had been relocated to the city, rather than expansion.

    I don’t understand these calls that the Southeast NEEDS a team. No, it doesn’t. Population base isn’t important for American soccer – fans in the seats is what matters. And based on its failed shots at teams, what’s the logic?

  12. You have to understand swearing in various languages. Luckily, through soccer I have learned italian, greek, lebanese, serbian, spanish, vietnamese and many others through the use of swearing.
    F*** you is not as common you think and nowhere as original and creative.

    The french who are in quebec have totally different swearing tradition than in France or its other colonies. In Quebec, the people were repressed both by their new english masters and by the catholic church which has huge powers over society up until the 60s (and the reason why every town is Saint something) and swearing is generally religion based.
    Hostie and tabarnak-tabarnouche are the host (the bread you eat in church) and a tabernacle.
    Caline is a softer version of the popular Calice!! which is a chalice.
    Ptit crisse is slang for little christ.
    Calvaire is calvary-golgotha.

  13. The team just needs to win

    No. THAT is a weak excuse that everyone can use. It means nothing and it statiscally impossible.
    Some teams will lose and some will win.

    Winning is easier to sell than losing but if thats ever an excuse, then it was a failed propositin to start off with.

  14. No.
    You have no clue what you are talking about.

    For certain games, like the AC Milan friendly (Fiorentina will be played in the 14,000 stadium), playoff game, CL game, it makes sense.
    Regular season. No.

  15. No, it wont help Canada.
    A country of almost 40 million has to have a league of its own.
    Countries like Denmark with populations of 4 million have them, Iceland has 300,000.

    Like in most countries, the best players will always leave for the bigger leagues but the soccer pyramid needs a top league for the 2nd tier of professional player outside of a handful of exceptionals.

  16. Thank you for the Kudos…… But I wont take the credit for it somebodyelse said it……….. Def makes a lot of sense especially if the San Antonio Spurs are involved in the club
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  17. Been there, done that.

    l`Olympique de Montreal played in the NASL in the early 70`s, Le Manic played in the early 80s (and averaged 25-35,000 with regular 58,000 in playoffs),
    the it was the Montreal Supra and L`Inter de Montreal in late 80s and 90s and finally the well connected Saputo cheese family started L`Impact de Montreal in 1993.

    L`Olympique is used in France and would seem copycat here. FC Montreal is generic and the Impact had made a name for itself and its brand.
    As for the logo, its a fleur de lys,… you know, like they use in Lousiana where once upon a time the people spoke french. In a province where english households are about 10% or less, the fleur de lys will be a major part of any logo as the fact that the team name has to work in two languages.

  18. Dallas should move to St. Louis. The Fire need a regional rival and it just makes sense to move a struggling team to a city with a great soccer pedigree.

  19. I like how Dallas is everybody’s punching bag right now. but they have a following, and Dallas is a good soccer market. The team just needs to win. When they had Kenny Cooper, Juan Toja…they would get good crowds. These were fan favorites, who were stripped from the team. Right now, the team is trying to build back those fan favorites on the field, and hopefully win some games.

  20. everybody picks on dallas…it’s too easy right now. remember they were one of the first to invest in the league with a stadium. dallas is in a slump, but there is a following, and when the team makes an up swing, the attendance will follow.

  21. Wow, smack talk from someone whose home field is called Bank Of MONTREAL stadium.
    Just like for Kentucky Fried Chicken, changing logo and name to the initials KFC doesnt change what the name is.

    Imagine Boston Red Sox moving into Bank of New York City Field.

    You guys get pwned every time you walk into your own stadium.

  22. Sounders is non American ? I wouldn’t have supported the name for 30+ years if I had known that.

    Created by an American,

    picked by Americans,

    revoted on by Americans

    = non American name ?

  23. Obviously the Timber Army are a bunch of losers and idiots, but…..

    They support their team…in huge numbers too!

    Plus are you saying New England and DC have had 10 straight losing years ?!?!?

  24. Why would they when Portland got it for 33-35million instead of forty. Smack dab in the middle of a recession, thats called sound fiscal management.
    The Saputo familfy might have mob links going back to Bonnano and banned eastern US markets in the 90s but theyre not stupid.

  25. They should put it in sunset park by 36thstreet down by water which is an area in dire need of redevelopment…….. Four trains go there……… The highway has an exit there……… There is a mexican community of over 100,000 right there…….. It makes too much sense to not do it

    Becks, Garber, Jay-z get it done
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  26. Amen BrooklynFC,

    If they can’t sell that much immediately cover them like in Seattle and get there eventually.

  27. Why is everyone so high on a 2nd team in NY ? Their is barely support for a first team ?

    I am game,

    Second team in Seattle would be the best idea.

  28. the USL Sounders were supported. Not like the MLS Sounders obviously, but there was regularly in the 5-10k fans.

    And for the US Open Cup games against the MLS many more fans.

  29. Like the Scandinavian leagues, MLS will never conform to the “common” international calendar. It’s mainly because of the American winter. That, single table, standings leader champion and promotion/relegation WILL NEVER HAPPEN IN THE US. Those of us advocating those changes are wasting time and energy that would be better spent tilting at windmills.

  30. Oh, and of course Montreal can pull in crowds to their D-2 Soccer team… other then their hockey team, they’re the biggest team in the city…

    there’s no baseball, no football (not even Canadian Football League), and no basketball.


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