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SBI Live QA&A (May 12 Edition)

Good afternoon folks. It's that time again. Time to for you to send me your soccer and pop culture questions and time for me to answer as many of them as I can over the course of the next two hours.

Whether you want to discuss preliminary World Cup rosters, MLS, Lost, the NBA playoffs or any other soccer-related topics, fire your questions my way.

Let's get started (Live Q&A is after the jump):



  1. Ives, I’ll help you with that softball:

    specifically the man is recuperating from multiple life-threatening injuries. And his team docs didn’t clear him to play. End of story.

  2. California:


    Kljestan Edu Feilhaber Rogers

    Bornstein Bocanegra Chad Marshall Cherundolo

    Others: Pearce, Hedjuk, Conrad…etc.
    Note: I’m taking Feilhaber since he did HS and college in LA, and was discovered in college in LA.

    That is not bad. NJ and Texas have some stars in the lineup, but try getting 11 reasonably quality players out. I think Cali wins, if for no other reason than it can put out 11 decent players. Maryland/DC would be pretty good too.

  3. Please discuss the reasoning behind picking Sacha Klejestian. Of ll the other probables, why him? I know a lot of people will say that BB will not choose him in the final 23 , but for some reason I feel BB will pick sacha over “El Gringo” Torres.

  4. You sound bitter towards ESPN. Lets not kid ourselves, ESPN has more power to make soccer popular than anything else

    (SBI-It’s not about being bitter. It’s about not seeing the point in discussing a former employer.)

  5. Unless CD was 100% (we all know he’s far from it), I think Socheaux was smartly being selfish in their decisions. This late in the season, he wasn’t going to make a difference for them, so even if he was close to coming back, why risk it (from their point of view)?

    It’s in Socheaux’s best interest that CD be ready for next season and the future, as opposed to a couple of games this Spring and the World Cup.

  6. Do we know specifically why Socheaux did get give CD medical clearance? Any specific injury? Could he be added to the 23 man roster under any circumstance? Should he even while not able to play be invited to be with the team in SA?

  7. Ives, how do the live Q&A questions get listed for you? It seems like your always answering the most recent question because you often answer a string of related questions which only could have been posted one after the other. I like to put in a single question at the beginning of the Q&A and wait to see if you get it, but it hasn’t happened. Could you reorganize the questions so the people who put in a single question at the beginning get some love?


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