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USA vs. Turkey: The Pre-Game Tailgate

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Good morning folks. Today is the day the U.S. national team plays its final match before departing for South Africa and the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

The Americans take on Turkey today (2pm, ESPN2, Galavision) in a match that should offer a stern test for Bob Bradley's squad. Bradley is expected to trot out a lineup that will closely resemble the team he will likely field against England on June 12th, though we could see a surprise or two.

One thing we should see today is Carlos Bocanegra at left back after Bradley all but annointed the U.S. captain as his starting left back on Friday. With Bocanegra at left back, that leaves Oguchi Onyewu, Jay DeMerit and Clarence Goodson to man the centerback slots. Goodson has played himself into the conversation and stands a good chance of starting if Oguchi Onyewu has any issues with his knee.

U.S. fans should be feeling better about the team's World Cup draw after Algeria's 3-0 loss to Ireland on Friday. Algeria struggled badly and looks like a safe bet to struggle in South Africa.

SBI will have coverage of the USA-Turkey match throughout the day, including a match-day commentary, so please be sure to follow along here. For now, feel free to share your pre-game thoughts on today's match in the comments section below. 


  1. But I think we’ll see a new and improved Clark. I’ve mentioned it before in other posts, but in his last games at Frankfurt he seemed like a much more competent all-around player. I’m sure he worked his butt off to get into the first eleven at Frankfurt and I have a feeling many observers that are usually critical of him will be impressed.

    Of course, he may also fall into bad habits, but I’m trying to stay optimistic. People forget that a huge reason we did so well against Spain was the fact that we had two very aggressive and athletic(but not necessarily creative) #6’s to thwart attacks. It was a huge part of our game plan. And it will continue to be as long as Bob as coach. Not complaining… just stating the facts as I see it.

    Go USA!!!! The Turks will want to put on a show for sure! (I still don’t know how Germany squeaked out a victory at the Euros.)

  2. Spector has already had a few games for us at CB in the last few months so Bradley knows what’s up with that already. He has other guys to evaluate.

  3. over the next two games the spots in question are: the other forward, the other center mid, Holden/Beasley and of course our injured and sucky defense… to look back at the results of our defensive play over the last 18 months is quite scary, given that we have given up loads of goals against half-decent teams (yes, we did get the shutot of Spain and Egypt, but we gave up 3 vs Honduras, vs Denmark, vs Italy, vs Brazil twice, vs Costa Rica; 2 goals vs Honduras, vs El Salvador, vs Mexico, vs Costa Rica)

    I’d like to see Bradley-Torres and Bradley- Edu today. We know what kind of play we get from Bradley-Clark, let’s see more of the other two combinations…

    Also Jozy-Dempsey and Jozy-Gomez…

    and pray that our defense keep them to 2 or less goals

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  5. Question about todays game, and sorry if it’s been answered already.

    Is the entire 23 man roster available today, or are they only actually dressing 18?

  6. why wont you be impressed? What, do you want us to coast through the group? Newsflash, the only team thats gonna do that in this whole tournament has Xavi and Iniesta in midfield.

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    Get out now, terrorist.

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  9. Made a mistake if you read my post.

    I said Dempsey over Holden if he’s good to play. Then I accidentally put Dempsey in Landon’s place.

  10. Algeria seem inconsistent, more than bad. They were absolutely horrific v Malawi in the African Cup of Nations, then came back to play pretty well in the rest of the tournament.

    And why doesn’t Spector ever factor into the discussion for center back since he’s Mr Versatile?

  11. I think we are in one of the best groups for us to qualify. Slovenia is not a joke. They eliminated a very good Russian NT in the play-offs. They play typical eastern European style footballs. It’s pyhsical, and very disciplined. Under normal circumstances, they should come second in the group behind England. We need to be very dicisplined, play our best to get the second spot. Algeria is not a joke either. Regardless of their success in African competition where there are teams like Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Egypt, they got to be a very team to qualify for the World Cup but our athleticism and stamina is second to none which should lift us up in the group matches. Go USA!

  12. So will the team be bringing their WAG’s with them?

    and from videos and pics of Jonathon Spector. He seems like quite the indrawn type of guy like he prefers being solo you know. Just seems i guess.

  13. @Andy, I see a US victory but also solid play and the fans being drunk and streaking. It is the City of Brotherly Love btw

  14. Getting ready to leave..need to drive 75 miles down to philly, very excited, got a seat from C#200s..

    My prediction is USA 1- Turkey 2

    Sercan (Nihat) – Semih

    Arda – Tuncay – Emre Belezoglu – Hamit

    Hakan(Caner)- EmreGungor(Mehmet Topal)-Servet-Sabri


  15. I didn’t see the game but Ireland is a very good side. I wouldn’t put much weight on the USA or Algeria losses.

  16. Believe in YANKS. We can win all 3 games.

    Most likely we draw the English. and we beat Algeria and we draw or win against Slovenia.

  17. emanuel is right. I watched the clip of that and was curious what the heck Holden was doing. But he’s of Scottish stock, no wonder he has no rhythm. I kid. I love how they all loved Davies.

  18. ———Howard————



    Altidore – Dempsey

    Gomez will come in for Altidore in the 2nd half to give us a look that will score in the run of play. I expect Torres for Redcardo and Goodson for Gooch

  19. I am also getting ready to leave, need to drive down to philly, 75 miles.. seat c#200s

    my prediction USA 1 – Turkey 2

  20. Jonathan has been terrible at LB this year, why would you want him there?

    Spector — Onyewu/Goodson — DeMerit — Bocanegra
    Edu — Bradley
    Dempsey/Holden —– Donovan
    Gomez/Dempsey — Altidore

  21. If Algeria is really bad in South Africa and we sneak through our group by beating them and struggling in the other 2 games this USMNT fan will not really be all that impressed. Algeria lost to a pissed off good Irish team (thinking they should be headed to SA) in Ireland 3-0 and we lost to a young Czech team 4-2 at home so I am not making the assumption they are an easy opponent at this point.

  22. Hopefully Bradley goes with this, if Dempsey’s good, him instead of Holden

    . . . . . . Howard

    . Dolo . Gooch . Boca . Spector

    . . . . . Bradley . Clark
    . Holden . . . . . . . . . Dempsey

    . . . . Gomez . . . Altidore

  23. Leaving for the pre-game festivities at McFadden’s in a few minutes. Our seats are at one of the home side corner flags, 4th row. Looking forward to some great soccer! Take no team lightly! USA! USA! USA!

  24. Getting ready to leave for the match. Family outing. I’m wearing the an old ’98 USA jersey. Can’t wait to see the team in action. Prediction: USA 3, Turkey 1.


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