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Cherundolo verbally agrees to Hannover extension


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Steve Cherundolo has enjoyed a strong summer with the U.S. national team, reclaiming his starting role at right back while also delivering a pair of strong performances at the World Cup, so it should come as no surprise that Hannover 96 was quick to re-sign him.

According to Hannover 96's official website, Cherundolo has verbally agreed to a two-year contract extension that will keep him with the club until 2012. The deal also includes a one-year option after that season.

Cherundolo was set to become a free agent this summer and had been linked with clubs such as AS Roma, but the extension with Hannover will keep him at the club where he's played all his 11 professional seasons.

What do you think of Cherundolo extending his stay with Hannover? Wish he would have tried to play elsewhere? Preferred to have seen him in MLS?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. has any American player played 11 seasons with a club outside MLS? that has to be a record….

    Not that many MLS guys even did that, right?

  2. RPH – I was just going to say the same thing after reading the threads. Forget Lalas.

    Great move by Dolo! He is well respected and a fan favorite at Hannover. Good to see him remian loyal to a team who beleived in and remains loyal in him, which is probably why he is captain or vice-captain at Hannover.

  3. Guys, face it, Lalas is in the entertainemnt biz now.

    And Lalas has learned how to give good soundbites, even if they are not at the level of sophistication of Martin Tyler. For ESPN audiences.

    For soccer, he’s like our Charles Barkely only not as witty.

  4. Did I miss something? Why are we talking about Lalas on a post about Dolo?

    Regarding Dolo: Good move. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  5. Let’s not forget what McManaman said in response to Lalas AND Ruud Gullit’s predictions before the England vs U.S.A. game.
    Lalas predicting a 2-1 U.S. victory and Ruud Gullit correctly predicting a 1-1 draw.

    McManaman was incredulous and said that they must have both received blows to he head or something and you got the feeling he wanted to say a lot more.

  6. he brings masculinity and alpha male status to the sport. Soccer in america is mostly percieved to be a sport for small skinny light weight males. I think it is good to have be the voice of american soccer, he was there when the sport was even less popular, and he has earned the right to be an analyst. He brings things to the table that a journalist can’t. Yes he is rough around the edges but Eric Winalda is not very eloquent either. I think they are both good.

  7. He’s correct is some of his things he says. If we don’t make the round of 16, it’s a failure. But just to be nitpicky, because Dolo is my favorite player behind McBride, he said Spector should start over Dolo for at least the England game. 😀

  8. Llalas if nothing else is consistant and saids what he thinks.

    His comment on Adu was spot on.

    He has siad that England is beatable and that we should get point(s) from them. He was correct

    Said we should beat Slovinia and he was correct

    He is predicting us to beat Algeria and we should

    Has repeatedly harped that success for the US is making the round of 16.

    and yes he has ragged on the Brits for the last 6 months.. He has been more acurate in some of his predictions then say… Tommie Symth

  9. Great for him, but I can’t help but thinking that if the Roma interest was real the temptation of champions league football would be too tempting for Dolo to pass up.

  10. He’s married to a German woman. I could see him staying at Hannover after his playing career is over, as a coach or a front office type. I know he’s one of the players the club talks to about different decisions, on and off the field.

  11. good call by dolo. i bet he ends up spending the rest of his life in germany. unless hes married to an american and she wants to return home.

  12. Bradley seems more like Wenger’s type to me. Young player, lots of potential (remember Bradley is only 22). Wenger can coach him up for 2+ years and then sell him to an even bigger club. If this happens MB would shatter Jozy’s transfer record.

  13. Given the way Cherundolo has played one would have to assume there was interest from another club, or potential interest, and Hannover’s trying to head it off as best they can. It’s maybe a little unfair to Steve to ask him to make the comment right now, though, and put him on the spot like that.


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