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LA Galaxy to host Real Madrid on August 7th

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The Los Angeles Galaxy announced on Tuesday that they are hosting Spanish giants Real Madrid on August 7th at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California.

The friendly takes the place of a previously scheduled appearance of European Cup holders Inter Milan. The teams have agreed to reschedule in the future but according to the Galaxy, no timetable has been set. Last August, the Galaxy took on FC Barcelona in front of 93,137 fans at the Rose Bowl.

What is your take on this match? Excited to see Mourinho return to Los Angeles with Real Madrid? Hoping that Ronaldo and Kaka make an appearance?


  1. He has said it multiple times which means he will eventually want to coach the Galaxy when the new World League is formed.

  2. As a Galaxy season ticket holder, I want to see this game. Just not at the Rose Bowl. Yeah, it holds over 90k, but getting out of there can take more than 3 hours. Sorry, that nightmare isn’t worth it.

  3. They certainly could. It’s not out of the question.

    The reality is, if MLS entrusted a fiscally competent club, ie took off the handcuffs, in the right market we’ve seen people come out in masses.

    There’s a definite thirst here for elite, world class football. I’m no Euro-snob and a strong MLS supporter but the reality is MLS may not have the infrastructure to support that, just yet.

    Keyword: just yet.

    But the friendlies are proving one thing for sure: you put a quality product with reputable players on the pitch and people will come, in the tone of 60,000-80,000 something even Europe can sit back and envy.

  4. 1) possibly, although it would be a little late to be “scouting” a potential DP, and there arent many possiblilities
    2) No
    4) Yes, LA isn’t selling him for 500,000 pounds, thats an absurd rumor.
    5)I don’t know why it would factor in with raul, madrid can play wherever they like
    6)Of course
    7)shoot and 100 stepovers

    aside from the partying which I agree with sometimes (original ronaldo, ronalinho etc) you said sounds like such an old man statement. Everyone on the that team is a physical machine

  5. could be, but real madrid could have their pick of friendlies in any number of cities, Im not sure why they’d need a favor from LA. It made sense with beckham bc LA had leverage, in this case LA is a buyer, not a seller

  6. its going to be donovan’s going away game. I also predict that Beckham will put in 15 minutes, maybe even as a sub or LD.

  7. Brazil is playing the U.S. at the new Meadowlands stadium on August 10, so I wonder how much time Kaka will see in either game, if he even goes.

  8. i still like the friendlies. Coming from the days of complete lack of cognition, let alone recognition, of soccer stateside, I welcome any of these as good for exposure, PR, and just plain fun. Even with their waxed hair and video shoots. 🙂

  9. Will D.C be scouting for possible D.P’s?

    Will Ronaldinho be at LA?

    Will Landon be?

    Will Buddle be(Fulham)?

    Will this game be for Raul?

    Will this be just a party trip for the Madrid players?

    Will Ronaldo pass the ball or keep shooting from 50 yrds?

    So many questions. It’s a good game, but, I don’t like Madrid. If the players spent half as much time trying to prepare and perform in games as they do gelling their hair, getting waxed, partying and shooting ads and posters they’d be half way decent.


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