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MLS Match Night (Your Running Commentary)

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While the U.S. national team's elimination from the World Cup is surely hurting American soccer fans everywhere, a source of distraction will be MLS, which kicks things into full throttle tonight.

Tonight's MLS schedule includes a match between Western Conference leader Los Angeles Galaxy and Toronto FC, which has not been defeated in its past seven matches.

Here is tonight's schedule:

730pm- DC United vs. Columbus Crew (Direct Kick)

730pm- Los Angeles Galaxy vs. Toronto FC (FSC)

830pm- Colorado Rapids vs. Houston Dynamo (Direct Kick)

830pm- New York Red Bulls vs. Kansas City Wizards (Direct Kick)

1030pm- FC Dallas vs. Chivas USA (Direct Kick)

If you will be watching tonight's MLS matches, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.


  1. Thank you, RBNY, for easing the pain of the US loss a little.


  2. Oh the irony of a Ghanaian scoring the first goal for RBNY! Happy to take the win in KC. Top of the table and TH14 is on the way!

  3. It was really tough watching the Red Bulls / KC game after watching so many quality players at the World Cup. The ball was being kicked anywhere with no purpose. Then a world class player like JPA turns it on and makes me smile…for at least a bit.

  4. To be honest, I think Chad Marshall has peaked and given he’ll be 29/30 by 2014, I’d focus the backline development elsewhere.

    I do agree Ream is a bright prospect with potential for Club & Country. Especially if we’re lucky enough to change to a more positive style of football, with his possession skills.

    Since you listed Hamid, don’t forget about Pontius for DC United, too.

    (and possibly Andy Najar, I don’t think he’s capped with Honduras yet)

  5. That’s an FSC issue, Bitchell.

    I get HD on the local Chicago games and when it’s on ESPN, obviously we get it in HD.

    Will all do respect to Ives’ employer, FSC’s picture quality is a joke. The only thing more of a joke is that we (the consumer) are expected to barter/petition/request & demand it be in HD with our local cable providers.

    Perhaps I would if I was an employee, though.

    Can someone more informed than I explain to me why they aren’t in HD aside from Dish Network?

    Does it involve them having to pay to convert their channel with individual cable companies, etc?

  6. as a real salt lake ticket holder I support US soccer plenty.. I was just making the point that alot of the players looked rusty from the lay off

  7. Memo to Garber:

    If you want MLS to gain interest, try putting the games in HD. The picture on FSC is simply awful.

  8. JGIB……thanks for doing your part to help US Soccer. I’m sure you’re excited for EPL or Serie A to start up again aye “mate”.

  9. Fair warning to everyone going to or watching MLS matches. It’s painful after watching world cup games for the past 2 weeks The RSL vs SJ match made me wanna rip my eyes out

  10. It’s like having your heart broken….and 3 hours later going to a couples dinner stag. I’ll watch these matches tonight, but it hurts. I hate the days after World Cup elimination.

  11. i’m so depressed i don’t think i can watch any of this… And i’m a season ticket holder, so it’s not like i normally don’t watch it

  12. I would like to say at least for the gals, potential USMNT players are… Omar Gonzalez, Micheal Stephens, Sean Franklin, and maybe Tristen Bowen.

  13. LOL. Wait you mean Buddle was there in South Africa? I thought we only had forwards there who do not score goals in their domestic league. A la Findley and Altidore….


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