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Report: Donovan attracting interest from Europe


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Landon Donovan's strong World Cup showing was sure to attract interest from European clubs, and two of the better teams in England have already expressed interest in signing the midfielder from the Los Angeles Galaxy.

According to News of the World, Everton is looking to reacquire Donovan, who enjoyed a successful three-month loan with the club earlier this year.

The other club reportedly interested in Donovan is one of the richest clubs in the world: Manchester City. According to a Yahoo report, Donovan is one of Manchester City's main targets for its summer spending after the club sent a scout to watch him in all of the United States' World Cup matches.

While Donovan's club future will be a topic of conversation for American soccer fans in the coming weeks, so too might be an issue off the field. A British tabloid is expected to run a story on a United Kingdom woman who says she is pregnant with Donovan's child.

What do you think of Donovan possibly going back to Everton? Prefer to see him at Manchester City? Surprised by the tabloid talk?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Really hope Altidore ends up in a good situation, if he could learn to finish at the highest level, he will be a huge star in 2014. Keep in mind, he is only 20.

  2. First paragraph is spot on my friend.

    Our national team that is capable of beating ANY international team on it’s day. Big European clubs are going to scout our youth now. Project 2010 accomplished.

    Donovan should go for as money as he can. I’d prefer Everton.

    I just wonder if Buddle has what it takes to play for Fulham. Yes he was in a good vein of form, but to me, it really seemed like Buddle was stepping it up because he knew he could get a shot at a WC spot if he performed well. I only say so, because Fulham tried the same thing with Eddie Johnson, and that turned out less than what we hoped for.

    Bradley could honestly fit into ANY club’s midfield, in my opinion. The kid is a workhorse, and is really developing into a a great ball winning playmaker, a type of player which is pretty rare in this era. You can’t honestly tell me that Michael Carrick is miles better than Michael Bradley.

  3. You know what this tournament did for US soccer? Made Europe aware. Look at all these signing possibilities. This means that coaches in Europe will look, more than ever, in the U.S. for talent. Only good things come of this my friends.

    I think Donovan should go to Everton.

    I could really see Hodgeson going to Liverpool and bringing Deuce.

    Bradley is the interesting one for me: Who wants him and where will he go? He’s going, that’s for sure.

    Is Buddle to Fulham official???

  4. Ok I won’t hold my tongue. Why all this confidence in Klinsmann?

    IMHO, Klinsmann is overestimated as a coach. He was not the man to lead Bayern and he was not the man who was Germany’s tactician (Low was), which is what I think we need. I have not been impressed with his analysis, which is not half as insightful as Martinez. Even since he said LD was a player who can “run at players, take them one on one”, he’s gone down in my estimation.

    All you really need to know is that Hicks and Gillett wanted him to coach Liverpool.

    I just want a really good coach who can make a team punch above their weight, not a name.

  5. Man, I really hope that Davies regains his speed and swagger. If we learned anything during the WC, it’s that we need that Davies guy bad. Noone came close to stepping up and taking his spot next to Jozy.

  6. Charlie Davies, footballer. A man barely alive. Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology. We have the capability to build the world’s first bionic man. Charlie Davies will be that man. Better than he was before. Better, stronger, faster.

  7. Only one thing wrong with this post Wally, the fact that you said Mourinho wouldn’t have the US more prepared. IMHO he is so far and away the best coach in the world…it isn’t even close. I do agree though, BB had the boys ready to go, defensively they just aren’t good enough. At some point you get burnt by giving up soft goals, you just can’t give up possession cheaply in midfield and the centerback pairings didn’t do a good enough job of providing cover. Although still painful, a very good showing for the US, one that we will be talking about for a long time.

  8. Great find. He looks so different than before the accident. He also looks like he has added some muscle. Can’t wait to see what he does this year.

  9. I hope he goes to City, but Everton would be great for him as well. I’m sure other clubs will come calling. He put the team on his shoulders this World Cup. I’m very excited to see where Bradley goes, he was consistently brilliant. And he’s all ready said if the kid is his, he’ll provide any support necessary. He’s a great guy, won’t tarnish his image. I just hope the kid grows up red white and blue! He’s got great soccer genes.

  10. those rumors were overblown. Wenger was just talking on the French WC feed about how he was impressed with the USA and Bradley. Doesn’t mean Arsenal are going to sign him…

  11. I’m an MLS fan but I have finally realized it is better for american soccer that he leaves. He is way ahead of most players in the league.

  12. HaHa, I lived in LA for a couple of years and listened to Tom on the radio Vanpooling home from work. Donovan definitely forgot his Leykis playbook.

  13. A recent interview w/Klinnsman indicates there is less of a rift b/t him and Gulati & Co than you suggest.

    I think there is a better than a 50% chance that Klinnsman could be the coach the next cycle. The US program needs new perspective – an outsider perspective- and I believe Gulati & Co know it.

    Gulati was even quoted recently saying that 8 years is a long time for a program to have a coach

  14. Um, Germany pre-2006 WC was hardly a “good situation.” IIRC, they bombed out in Euro 2004s, and were a constant target of media criticism in the run-up to the 2006 WC.

  15. LD would rather know he is starting/playing in every game rather thanwondering if he’ll even dress for a game. a no brainer. He goes to Everton if they make an offer.

  16. One thing to think about:

    Everton = no European football
    Man City = European football (and likely a deep run)

    For a lot of US players (like Jozy), playing time is the most important thing, because their game needs development. For Landon, his game is basically developed. I’d prefer that he play at a team that has a decent chance to get silverware, such as Man City. For all we know, City could be challenging for silverware on several levels next year, so even if Landon isn’t an automatic choice to start (or even play off the bench), it is likely that he will see plenty of time, not to mention play in some high pressure, high quality situations.

  17. I would be happy either with Everton or Man City. I love the Everton MF (even if Pienaar is sold) and Landon is both happy and beloved there. Man City might be a strange scene, but I’d really enjoy watching him and Tevez play together.

    Can’t wait to hear who buys Michael Bradley and pray it’s Arsenal, he’d be a great partner for Fàbregas and would give Denilson a run for his starting place.

  18. Big transfer news from the MLS (sarcasm intended) to excite the fan base. I guess “heck of a summer transfer window” means something different for everyone:

    That’s probably optimistic thinking, but re-signing the star striker is clearly a priority for the club. In fact, RSL aren’t expecting a lot of change in their roster for the remainder of the year.

    “If we use the money that we have to [re-sign Findley],” said Lagerwey, “I’d tell you that’s a heck of a summer transfer window.”

  19. Hopeful Donovan lands back in the EPL. Love to see him back w/Everton, but whatever it takes to get him out of the MLS

  20. He was spot on after their last world cup, too, when he was rumored to be a front-runner. But the same problem then still exists; he wants to have more control over the federation than Gulati & Co. will ever allow.

  21. i have Italian acquantances who say the media thinks it will be done, but the italian media did not say it was a done deal…..It was an american website that said he was at the LA and Houston trouncing and that he had already completed a deal to LA and would be unveiled in a month or so.

    I dont doubt that Gaucho may come, its just that this website im talking about cant be taken seriously. I would post a link but i think my comment would be deleted…(:

  22. Yea, I’m not saying they’re like for like in positioning but I do think the eventual destination of Ireland directly effects Donovan’s landing spot.

    Looking forward to seeing how right or wrong I am in the coming weeks.

  23. Robinho will most likely stay in Brasil or be sold, case closed. Bellamy has knee problems and will just be on the decline from here on in his career. SWP barely played last season and I wouldnt be surprised if hes sold. Silva has said publicly that if he moves to the EPL, it will be for Chelsea. Johnson and Donovan would be City’s starting wingers.

  24. StePHen Ireland barely even played last year after a great 2008-2009 season with Hughes. He was off form and Mancini doesnt fancy him. That is why he is linked to other clubs in the first place. What happens to Ireland doesnt effect LD anyways because Ireland plays more centrally than Donovan.


    that is hilarious. I said Manchester City would be perfect and that they could be very interested in him right here on this site. I even remember when I said it. It was when Cherundolo signed his extension with Hannover. Ive been a city fan my whole life. This is superb news and i wouldnt be surprised at all if its true. Im am so happy to hear this. They need his type of player so bad. If citeh buy him and Yaya, I will be in heaven

  26. I think Everton won’t be able to afford Donovan at $10 million the MLS will be asking for. I am more interested in Jozy Altidore finding a good home and developing a better touch. If he stays at Villareal maybe playing in a more technical league can help him. If he develops some touch and a nose for the goal, this guy could be the first real star American soccer has developed. We can see the potential, he just needs to define his skill.


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