SBI 2010 Fantasy World Cup League

SBI 2010 Fantasy World Cup League

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SBI 2010 Fantasy World Cup League



Almost 500 people have signed up for SBI's Fantasy World Cup league, and there's still time to join the party if you haven't yet.

To join the fun, go here, and after registering and choosing a team name, click to join a private league. The league is called SBI World Cup 2010, and the code is 346014-107467.

Assemble your 23-man roster, show off your knowledge of international soccer and don't forget to choose a captain. Here are the rules for the game.

I'm trying to convince Ives to bring back an authentic South African vuvuzela for the winner. If he can't sneak that through customs, then we'll work something else out.

Either way, sign up before Friday's opening match to be part of the action.

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