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Tim Howard’s World Cup diary

Tim Howard (

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Tim Howard is playing in his first World Cup as a starter, and is getting ready for the biggest match of his national team career on Wednesday as the United States takes on Algeria in a match that could put the Americans in the second round.

Howard spoke with me recently for a Fox Soccer World Cup Diary, where he discusses life in World Cup camp, what the games have been like, as well as how special this World Cup has been for him and his family.

Give the diary a read and share your thoughts on it in the comments section below.


  1. Apparently, there is a statistically significant variance in save% depending upon the color of the keeper’s jersey. It affects the behavior of the attacking player. Red shirts were best, but I’m not sure if the study included safety orange.

  2. Great interview ives. Timmy is sure a true warrior. I hope he never

    With that said, I wish all the luck to our team tomorrow. We will needed.

    My predictions and it hurts for me to say it for tomorrow. 2-1 Algeria. Just like I called the draw against Slovenia. I would like to hear anyone elses predictions. I feel that some of that Mexican NT “choking against weaker teams N1” has rubbed on us. 🙁

  3. I, like most, have had my moments of being a critic of Bob Bradley.

    One thing we can’t question is his leadership of the group and the respect he has from his men. Especially, when we’re witnessing meltdowns of several national teams and it’s players.
    = = = = = = = =
    “This team, with the additions that were made just prior to the World Cup, is probably one of the better teams I’ve been on in terms of no egos, really good guys, guys who are eager and hungry and ready to work. All the really good things you can say about guys on the team has been that way. -Howard”


    “It’s a very young group, but sometimes with that it can go either way. They see it as their chance to shine, they internalize it, they get greedy and start acting a certain way and take it as a negative thing. We haven’t had that with this group. The younger guys who have come into this group have been gung ho for this team and do anything they can. Not just on the field, but off the field, and it’s been awesome. -Howard”
    = = = = = = =
    Both of those quotes are reflective of sound structure and good leadership, along with the obvious good character of the individual players.

    BB may not be our favorite, at times, for various reasons. However, in the realm of chemistry and leadership, Bradley takes a back seat to no manager in this tournament.

  4. I’m just being facetious, Crispy.

    Based on a glaring need, fact that Lloris is likely to stay with Lyon another year and some calculated speculation on the part of Ives…makes me believe it’s not so far fetched.

    Something I’d love to see come to fruition for more reasons than one.

  5. Wow. Fox Sports out-did themselves. Fantastic article. Not only is Timmy one of the best goalkeepers in the world, he is one of the best soccer personalities in the world. I hope kids are looking up to him instead as a role model. They will get far with his mentality.

  6. Tim Howard makes me believe that USA will go deep in this tournament. There isn’t any other goalkeeper in the world that I would rather have to protect my country’s net than him.

  7. Let’s do it! Win! Americans are really starting to pay attention. Even the casual fans are getting into it. Let’s not leave early.

  8. Nice Timmy! Best wishes for tomorrow. Good to hear that our team is acting like a team, unlike, um, some of the others. I was struck by the way the guys had their arms on another’s shoulders during the anthem. United you will stand! I know you will come out big tomorrow. GO USA!


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