What now for England and Ivory Coast?

What now for England and Ivory Coast?

World Cup 2010

What now for England and Ivory Coast?


FerdinandDrogba (ISIphotos.com)

Didier Drogba and Rio Ferdinand were poised to do big things at this summer's World Cup. Ferdinand as the new captain of England and Drogba as the face of this African World Cup.

A pair of major injuries have scrapped those plans, with Ferdinand already ruled out of the World Cup and Drogba considering emergency surgery on his broken arm to have him back in time for the latter part of the group stages.

Assuming Drogba can't return, today's injuries will put major hitches in the grand plans of both England and the Ivory Coast. England is still favored to advance to the knockout round, but talk of a potential World Cup title will diminish, while Ivory Coast looks like an even less likely candidate to emerge from a brutal group that incldues Brazil and Portugal.

What do you think England and Ivory Coast can do this World Cup without their leading men? Think England can reach the final? See Ivory Coast advancing, or have today's injuries dashed those hopes?

Share your thoughts below.

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