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Where Will You Be Watching USA – Algeria?


It has come down to one match. Win and the United States is through to the knock out stages for the first time since 2002. A draw and the Yanks will need help to advance. A loss and Bob Bradley's men return home early.

While it is up to Bradley to determine the line-up, the biggest question for the rest of us is where will you be watching the United States' vital match against Algeria at 10 a.m. on Wednesday afternoon.

Where will you be watching?

If you know any places in your area where fans will be gathering feel free to share your plans for the big match in the comments section below.


  1. Great Place, never watched a soccer game there, but the place has great set-up for football, I assume all the TV’s will be showing the game

  2. sadly I’ll be at work in the bottom of a hole replacing a water valve in N.O. but I will be listening to it on espnradio.

  3. ESPN Zone in NY NY comes to mind… but ill be there for the finals.. and the rumor is Hilton is playing the final in its amphitheater! (still unconfirmed but would be AWESOME!!!)

  4. My gameroom! Ready to tear down if the French so happend to beat us.:(

    My predictions for tommorow. I hate to say it, 2-1 the French.

    This French team is not like the first French team that Mex & S.A This French B team will actually show up tomorrow.

  5. Salt Lake City: used to be at Fiddlers Elbow (in Sugar House) for all the games…that is until they started charging a cover at the door. True, you get breakfast as part of the deal, but being charged to watch soccer takes my appetite away in a hurry. Tomorrow I’ll be at Green Street. Supposed to be packed! Plenty of folks headed down to the Republican (no political affiliation) too. Doesn’t matter where you watch, though…US is going to show up convincingly…WE HAVE TO!!!

  6. Biergarten Haus on H Street in DC. 1 LITER STEINS & big screens to see our boys take on Algeria. Go Yanks! Freedom isn’t Free!!!!(it cost a buck-o-five)


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