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World Cup Daily Recap: USA knocked out, Uruguay advances


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The U.S. men's national team's World Cup run came to a close on Saturday, as it was eliminated for the second straight time by Ghana by the score of 2-1.

It was deja vu all over again for the United States, as it allowed another early goal when Ricardo Clark was dispossessed near midfield before Kevin-Prince Boateng hit a shot to the front post just five minutes into the game.

Landon Donovan would pull the Americans level, converting a penalty kick drawn by Clint Dempsey in the 62nd minute. The equalizing goal, which was a perfect strike that stung off the right post and went in, was Donovan's third of the tournament, tying him with five other players for the tournament's best.

The game entered extra time, and the American defense again unraveled early as Asamoah Gyan would score three minutes in. A gassed U.S. team pushed for an equalizer, but never found it.

Here are the match highlights, as well as from the Uruguay-South Korea match: 

Superb Suarez strike sends Uruguay to quarters

Luis Suarez scored twice, including a splendid shot in the second half, to launch Uruguay to the quarterfinals of the World Cup for the first time since 1970 with a 2-1 win over Korea Republic.

Suarez opened the scoring in the eighth minute, taking advantage of a sleeping Korea Republic back line to get on the end of a Diego Forlan feed from close range.

Korea Republic would respond in the second half, when Lee Chung Yong rose to head a ball over Uruguay goalkeeper Fernando Muslera in the 68th minute.

Suarez would permanently reclaim the lead for Uruguay with a magnificent effort 12 minutes later. The Uruguayan striker received a pass on the left side of the penalty area, sidestepped his defender and curled a shot off the far post and into the back of the net.

Uruguay will face Ghana in the quarterfinals on June 2.

Here are the match highlights:


What do you think of Saturday's action? Still can't believe the United States lost again to early goals? Think Ghana or Uruguay will reach the semifinals? Impressed by Korea Republic's showing at the World Cup?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Be careful with the Jozy criticism ’round these parts. Every time I do it I just get a bunch of posts telling me I’m an idiot.

    That all being said, I agree with you.

  2. Tim was fully out of position for the first goal and woefully flailing at the second goal. He had a very poor game and he should be faulted for both. That doesn’t excuse Clark at all for the abomination of a goal that he caused.

  3. I don’t know about Donovan’s natural fitness and resistance to aging. If he were at AC Milan, it would be a different story. Their medical staff has a remarkable ability to extend a player’s career. Here’s hoping they can work theirmagic on Onyewu.

  4. The problems were not Bornstein and Demerit. Why does Jozy get so many minutes? He should not be starting. He gives away the ball 90% of the time. He’s also lazy. Feilhaber should have gotten a lot more time.

  5. Well the reason Klinsmann didn’t take the job is because he wasn’t going to get they typ eof control he wanted over player selection and player development. This has something to do with administration.

  6. Yeah. And you see the English media and fans criticizing him all the time. They have also only scored 2 goals the entire world cup. So they are struggling as well.

  7. He had one not so great game after 3 great games, plus a long emotional and physical club season, and is 31. Fatigue set in, not much he could do. Wasn’t responsible for either goal, had to deal with Andre Ayew, and was still getting crosses in all game.















  10. BB never had his team ready to go from the opening whistle. Early goals all the way from qualifiers through elimination from the WC was the major problem with this team and it is a coaching failure. The team was never mentally in the game until after an early goal against (or vs Algeria, an early missed chance).

  11. The problem with Torres vs SVN was that our defenders bypassed the midfield which made him a non factor. The whole point was that we were expecting to hold the ball against them and that Torres was the guy with those skills. But once the game started, they wouldnt pass to him unless he came all the way back to take it off a defender’s foot. right lineup, wrong tactics for that game.

  12. Agreed. We did not really score against England, it took us more than 90 mins against Algeria, we only got a penalty off of Ghana in 120 mins, and we got nothing in 45 mins v. Slovenia. That is an absolutely enourmous amount of time without a earned goal . Coach Bob had some good moments, but never realized that his second half lineup should have started and made the deeply poor decision to start Clark over Edu. Plus, it should have been apparent that Findley didn’t have what it took. None of this is hindsight really. Bob got us this far, and he deserves credit, but we need a change to get us to the next level and a coach with the requiste experience to do so.

  13. Exactly. We got out of the group with hopes of moving on, but there were never any (realistic) expectations of winning much beyond that point. We just aren’t that good yet.

    And credit to Ghana. They played well, showed better technique, and could actually finish the few chances they had! Tip your hat to them and move on. I’m looking forward to the rest of the Cup and the naming of a new USMNT coach.

  14. The fact is everyone but BB knew we had a problem at left back. There was plenty of time to try other players in that position. The bottom line for me is that BB chose to keep playing “his guy” waiting for him to magically get better.

  15. When does Tim Howard ever get held accountable? That would have been a bad goal to give up at the high school level. His angle play was bad and he hopped up before the shot was taken which gave him no power in his dive.

    We win that game if Howard does his job.

  16. Let me set this issue straight….I love Bob Bradley, I love the energy and teamwork he instilled through out this team. However, he is a risk taker and thinks a little too much in his line-ups. Unfortunately, I figured out our problem this world cup. We believed that we could keep up with a side like England, but never seemed to believe that we were good and could make a semifinal run. The way we play alot of times looks like we always think we are the underdog against nonconcacaf sides. Like I said, I appreciate everything he has done. We just need a world class manager for next world cup, that cares about our country by the way, becaause thats a big issue with a foreigner. We will have even more depth next world cup and will be even better. We need a consistant manager and a consistant team. I wont mind too bad if he stays, but I doubt he will. Im just so dissapointed, we had this WC set up so good for us, and BB really showed the worst in possibly his final game. He really should have started the game the way he started the second half and I know he knows that right now. He just thinks too far into it like i said.

  17. Well, we lost to a good Ghana team. I was concerned about this game going in because Ghana has fantastic speed and a solid, organized defense. I knew if we got down early, it was going to be tough. Also don’t forget that the Ghana squad had several players from the group that won the U-20 World Championship against Brazil last year…they’ve got talent.

    Moving forward, the U.S. needs to focus on player development on the back line. Our defense not only in this WC, but all throughout WCQ was suspect. LB is still a weak area, but also general communication across our back line has been dicey at best sometimes. That must improve SIGNIFICANTLY if the U.S. is ever to make a meaningful, deep run in a WC. As they say in American football, “defense wins championships.” It’s true in soccer as well. Going down early changes the entire game plan and disrupts how the midfield and forwards would normally work to develop scoring opportunities.

    Lastly, one also has to think the U.S. will look back and rue the missed opportunity here. When will we ever get such another favorable group draw, and then subsequent bracket from the Round of 16 forward to make a deep run? Who knows…

  18. Shut up. You my friend are a moron. What other left back did we have. Yea your right because we saw Bornstein make all those mistakes Onyewu did during this WC right? WRONG! I stayed off the internet yesterday and im taking a week WC break so I wouldnt get mad. I was too curious to see what people are sayin tho. We have a few more left back options next world cup. Edgar Castillo,Heath Pearce,JohnnyB,Jonathan Spector if needed, and possibly Fabian Johnson(Wolfsburg) if he declares his interest in the US.

  19. I agree that we did the best with what talent we had and should be proud. I think Bradley is a hardworking manager, but could be a great one if he could drop his penchant for starting favorites, like Clark and (in qualifiers) Beasley, when there are obviously better options. But that is the Achilles heal of many managers. Guess it’s only human. Overall, BB met every goal he was given by Gulati when he was hired: get to the Confed. Cup and do well, qualify at the top of Concacaf, get to the final 16. He would have been remembered as a GREAT coach had we gotten to the quarters, since he would then have exceeded his goals.

  20. In my opinion, Bornstein should never play another minute for the USA. He had a couple of good games, yes, but he offers almost NOTHING to the team.

  21. I like Bob, but like US Soccer in general, there is a political order that seems to be followed. Favorite guys get played, regardless of if they actually can play. Clark (who BB drafted) and Bornstein (who he coached) got playing time when Bornstein offers nothing at all to our team and Clark wasn’t nearly as good as Edu.

    When the lineup was announced I was shocked that FIndley, Bonstein AND Clark were in it. I knew we were doomed right then.

    Fact is we scored ALL of our goals when Findley wasn’t on the pitch. The only forward we could have brought with experience was Ching and he was left home over this guy. No Holden? No Beasley? I don’t get it…

    So frustrating, but I do like Bob and hope he lands a good gig in Europe if that’s what he wants. Whoever the new coach is better drop a lot of the dead weight.

  22. In hindsight the Algeria Sprint Invitational took a toll on everyone’s legs and sharpness.

    Our team did not play wide out enough and did not vary the attack enough (why go up the middle against a 4-5-1?). The team was a step too slow due to fatigue (I don’t care how fit you are you cannot run like they did in the Algeria game and then go 120 minutes in 5th gear on tow days rest). That said, they still carried the quality of the play, but that’s soccer. All the other statistics were pretty much a 50/50 split.

    We went into the tournament concerned about several MAJOR issues: the health of our key starting center backs, our depth on the left of the defense and the finishing quality of our strikers. We also showed a worrying habit of giving up early goals and lapsing on the counter attack. Each of those issues came into play in every match we played.

    This team gave the world and the country an exceptional performance, but this team was also not at 100 percent of it’s potential. That is not to make excuses, but rather to keep certain realities in mind. many teams lose key players to injury, we’re just not a point in our depth where we can lose a Charlie Davies or Oguchi Onyewu and not blink.

    Lastly, too many people fail to understand that there is a difference between playing favorites and believing in the people you have chosen for a squad. I am not a fan of Clark, but I’m not a fan of Bornstein and for a long time was not a fan of Junior Bradley, either. But BB saw these guys in training. He had faith in Clark and Findley and Bornsein, just like he had faith in Howard, Donovan, Altidore, Cherundolo right on down. Faith that was earned either in practice or on the field. Findley took a good shot– low and near post, the keeper was equal to it. The only thing you could say is maybe we waited a bit too long or should have crossed far post, but then we’d be yammering about how he was gun shy, so… His speed and work ethic were solid and contributed to the overall strategy that Bradley was going for. As for Clark, well even he admitted that he effed up on the play that led to the goal.

    Yes we lost, but play that match again in a week and we might have won.

  23. I couldn’t agree more! And why not start Herculez? He had great shots in the Algeria game and the great assist to Dempsey!

    Jozy was so weak.

  24. “I think Sunil needs to backoff, he is the biggest problem in US soccer”

    Exactly how do you want him to back off? Give up on the WC 2018/2022 bid? not support bob bradley or give the USMNT the support he has? Not continue the momentum that has gotten us to this point (generated largely on his watch)? Please clarify.

  25. Altidore was horrible. Try shooting the ball instead of flopping in the box! This guy constantly coughed up the ball and has no knack for finding the back of the net whatsoever. I’m sorry, if you’re the best striker and you have no goals in 4 games, then you are NOT a good forward.

    Bob Bradley should have seen how bad he was playing and made a substitution earlier.

  26. The future looks bright, indeed. I think that many of us were just sad to see the present brought to a close so soon. This team had more to do.

  27. I agree that you could do this with any respectable national team, but time was you couldn’t do that with ours. One of the things we lacked this go round was depth, and just taking the most cursory of looks at what’s coming down the road reveals a lot of prospects. Who knows how they will pan out, but the fact that there are so many that are so easily identifiable is promising to me view.

  28. BlueWhiteLion,

    I would refer you to Adriano’s post on Bradley. It was dead on. However, I don’t agree with you in your assessment of Bob Bradley and the so called U.S. possession game and more offensive flair. I thought we definitely played a better possession game under Arena. I also don’t know what you mean by more offensive flair. We don’t have much in the way of offensive flair at all. That is one of our biggest problems. I don’t even see that much in development. Four years later we are losing to lesser quality teams.

    I understand what you are saying about international coaches, but I’m not really that big on an international coaches like a lot of people are, although I wouldn’t mind seeing Gus Hiddink get a shot if we did go that route. I think the U.S. works better with a homegrown coach, if possible, much like seems to be the case for Mexico. I think Dominic Kinnear is a MUCH better coach than Bradley.

  29. You’re absolutely right. 2002 was the best world cup we had by far.

    My post should have said:

    I hate to rain on your parade, but we made it to the quarterfinals in 2002 and we were all VERY angry in 2006 when we were eliminated and forever hated Bruce Arena.

  30. Well can we fire BB now? I knew when I saw the starting line-up we were doomed. Clark? Findley? Why would you change a winning side the next game – sorry that makes no sense. Another thing that’s buged me during this WC: You have, I believe, the Mexican league scoring champ and I believe,the leading scorer in MLS on your team; where are they? On the bench! Has Findley even scored for Salt Lake this year? Sure Gomez got in a bit yesterday, bur where was Buddle did he even get in any of the games? Very mystifying.

  31. overall, good post, quality reflections on Bob. It would be a stronger post after deleting the Klinsmann reference. JK is a paradigm changer. And that takes time. Bayern is not a club that was ready to do what it took to change the way Jurgi wanted to. From the brass down to the players, they have some arrogant, elitist attitudes. I lived in Munich. I am an FCB supporter (of sorts. I have club ties to 1860, lol. Am I allowed to like Bayern then?). But I had no respect for how they handled Klinsmann, or Donovan, for that matter.

  32. moving off the ball–I have seen that a bit more, as well as passes to space (look at some of the Feilhaber passes, for one), but overall I have to agree with you. Some teams you watch are constantly on the move, adjusting, moving to space, getting a better angle, whatever. I especially noted this lack with our strikers. They were not horrible, but not good. And definitely the team did NOT move as one.

    That said, our passing and possession are LIGHT YEARS better than 4, 6, 8 years ago.

  33. Jozy looked pretty good in games 2 and 3. Even in 1, I think, he made that strong run on the left, running around his defender near the endline and turning toward goal. His work rate was up–even on defense more–and he was often in the offensive mix. Yes, and he had those great plays that you mentioned. Those have to count for something.

  34. aristotle, while BB’s decisions confound me at times, I don’t know how he is “no good”. Overall, I notice our team playing more possession ball and having more offensive flair than 4 years ago. BB has to be part of that development.

    I am not an apologist for him, necessarily, but we dump on him and then cry for an international coach. Okay: anybody heard of Capello? Domenech? Lippi? Anybody able to criticize their decisions, substitutions, tactics? Of course. And Lippi even won a Cup.

  35. dude . . . do you know how much it HURTS to get hit by a gum drop raining down from the heavens at 120 mph???


  36. say WHAT Aristotle? We were ANGRY at Arena in 02??? Hell no. O6, maybe. But the OP is not entirely wrong–at the beginning of 02 we did not have 1/4 final aspirations. We thought we had a good group, but everyone KNEW Portugal were through, and there was a good chance SK would be, too, being the host country’s team and all. We had hope, sure, but how in the world were WE ANGRY at Bruce in 02? If anything, we were angry at the ref in the Germany game!

    That still is the most exciting WC ever (02) getting up early, fully of excitement and adrenaline, even our exit, though tough to take, was made easier by knowing our boys left it all on the field. Yesterday, we just left.

  37. Is it crazy to still hope we include Jermaine Jones in the mix for future squads? He’s 28 now so he’ll be 32 by the 2014 Cup, which is old but not unheard of. And even if he won’t be at his best by 2014, at least he may be able to contribute in 2012. B/c obviously if he hasn’t recovered from his injuries by early next year, I think we can close the book on his professional career.

  38. Is it crazy to still want to include Jermaine Jones in the mix? He’s 28 now so he’ll be 32 by the 2014 Cup. And at least he may be able to contribute in 2012. B/c obviously if he hasn’t recovered from his injuries by early next year, I think we can close the book on his professional career.

  39. sad. clark and findley were def bad decisions. also, i’m SO tired of articles focusing on how each game is going to affect the popularity of soccer in the US. i don’t give a shoot about soccer becoming more popular. i want articles about our players and our tactics and… fudge, i just want to win more!


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