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World Cup: Italy vs. New Zealand (Your Running Commentary)

Italy Crest    New Zealand Crest

With Paraguay winning Sunday's early match, the Group F game between New Zealand and Italy (10am, ESPN) has become that much more critical in terms of keeping pace with the South Americans in the hopes of reaching the Round of 16.

Italy is the heavy favorite in the match, but stalwart goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon is out injured, leaving the reigning World Cup champions with inexperienced Federico Marchetti in goal. 

Lightweight New Zealand is coming off a surprise draw, and will need a second consecutive match of disciplined defending and opportunistic offense to give it the best shot of getting a result.  

If you'll be watching the match, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the match. 


  1. Yeah. I was shocked by that. DeRossi didn’t do jack except dive and draw a penalty. Also, I think Wilson Reid has been excellent for them. He has been great defensively and good in the box on set pieces.

  2. I’ll judge anyone who is sexually involved with the under-aged, thank you. Nothing a person can do on the pitch can make up for such a reprehensible and indefensible act off the pitch.

  3. The Kiwis are a pleasant surprise. Everyone thought that they would be an easy win, but they have proven that they deserved their spot. Italy is clearly missing a good striker. They have plenty of divers.

  4. What a performance by Ryan Nelsen, one of the best of the tournament. If I were a DC United fan, that would be the highlight of a wretched year so far.

    Totally entertained by Bob Ley and Ginger Lalas’ sarcasm with DeRossi winning Man of the Match.

  5. 1- Paraguay: 4 points (goals:3-1)

    2- Italy: 2 (2-2)

    3- New Zealand: 2 (2-2)

    4- Slovakia: 1 (1-3)

    Next games:

    Italy vs. Slovakia

    Paraguay vs. New Zealand

    All teams still have a chance to go through.

    It’s not the first time that Italy started with poor results and finished strong. In the 1982 cup, they drew the 3 group games and ended up with the title. Don’t count them out.


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