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New possibilities emerging for Altidore

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 Two clubs have stepped up their interest in the Jozy Altidore sweepstakes.

Besiktas is hoping to acquire Altidore, who would join former Villarreal teammate Nihat Kahveci should he land on the Turkish club. Besiktas will need reportedly need a five or six million euros transfer fee if it wishes to acquire the U.S. international.

Altidore is also attracting interest from Ajax, which is looking to find a partner for Marko Pantelic. Ajax is targeting a one-year loan, but it appears Villarreal would rather sell.

What do you think of Altidore possibly joining Ajax or Besiktas? Which would you prefer? Hoping he returns to the English Premier League?

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  1. I hope you mean tactical skill. He has all the technical skill he needs and is already touted for his technical ability. Its his tactical awareness that needs some fine tuning, something that can always be learned.

  2. Ajax! I believe they could challenge Jozy to raise his game the last couple percent needed for true greatness! That is of course if Jozy takes training seriously with a workman like attitude and commits himself to staying on his feet in front of goal…

  3. Kick and run does not literally translate to the style they play but rather the type of players selected to progress through the system.

    Players are being identified for their physical abilities rather than their technical qualities. Once you draft a bunch of kick and run players, how can you start playing intelligently where there is reliance on individuals taking the initiative for starting attacks, intuitively understanding the flow of the game and dynamically adapting to it quickly. Most of the time, the players are void of ideas and rely on coaches yelling instructions where to run, when to stay compact, etc. If you grow up watching soccer and playing regularly, this all comes intuitively.

  4. Only fools suffer fools. Pay them no mind.

    For my part I’d rather see him loaned to Ajax than signed by a Turkish side, not that there’s any real problem with playing in Turkey.

  5. “And it seems like those flaws are corrected by playing more, gaining experience at high levels, and getting a feel for the game. I don’t think anyone’s mental game is completely defined at 20, without a lot of minutes at a high level. No other team sport would say that a 20 year-old has no room for mental improvement, no room to gain tactical understanding. In fact, they’d say the opposite.”

    This is all very true. However, what you aren’t accounting for, like the people who make the same argument for Adu, is that there are a bunch of other 20 year olds out there who may have just as high a ceiling and are probably even more developed. And they are probably cheaper.

    Pro Football is a business, not a developmental camp where you keep getting endless chances to develop and learn. If whatever club Jozy is at has a player who is

    more productive they will play before him and if it stunts his development, too bad, he can go somewere else.

    You snooze, you lose. Jozy and Adu will not get endless chances to prove you right. These leagues don’t exist to help the USMNT develop its player pool.

  6. Pay no mind to these fools. Jozy nearly scored several times in the World Cup at age 20. Yes, nearly a goal isn’t actually a goal but let’s remember all the stars that also didn’t score.


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