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Chivas, Columbus move on to U.S. Open Cup semifinals

Chivasusa CCrew

For the very first time in club history, Chivas USA has qualified for the semifinals of the U.S. Open Cup.

Taking on Houston in the quarterfinals — a club they hadn't beaten in 11 games — Chivas took an early lead through Justin Braun in the game's fifth minute and never looked back against a reserve-heavy Dynamo side. Braun added another in Chivas' 3-1 win, with the winner of the Los Angeles-Seattle matchup up next in the semifinals.

Only one starter saw the field for the Columbus Crew Tuesday night, but thanks to Steven Lenhart's hard work, the Crew easily handled USL-2 opponent Charleston Battery by a 3-0 score. Lenhart drew a penalty in the 38th minute that Emilio Renteria converted, before scoring a goal of his own in the 70th minute. Eddie Gaven's 87th minute goal rounded out the scoring, with Columbus set to meet the winner of the D.C. United-Harrisburg City quarterfinal.

What did you think of Tuesday's Open Cup action? Can Chivas continue a run to the final? Will Columbus keep its run going?

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  1. As far as Braun goes in the eyes of the CUSA fans, many see him as the future and that he has a lot of potential and almost as many think he’s worthless and should be traded. I’m in the former’s camp. He really shown a lot this year, I think next season could be his break out season (although, if things continue the way they have, this could his breakout season.)

  2. Crew/Galaxy for the USOC final, and probably the MLS Cup final as well, though RSL looks very good too.

    As for the USOC, only Seattle’s awful turf (and the probability Arena won’t risk Donovan and/or Buddle on it) can keep LA out of the final.

  3. I’ve heard some people bag on him, but every time I’ve seen Justin Braum I’ve been really impressed. My little kids love him–I think that’s always a good attribute, where you just look good playing. Maybe as an FC Dallas fan I just appreciate forwards easily.

    How do Goats fans like him?

  4. I would like to see Chivas USA win the cup. I hope to see Chivas Guadaljara vs. Chivas USA matched up in the Champions League sooner rather than later.

  5. Chivas are the only remaining club who can win the cup for the first time (assuming Harrisburg has no shot).

  6. Potential SuperClasico in the Semifinal round? I would expect both LA clubs to take that match seriously. Hopefully promoters will too.

  7. Gotta say the depth The Crew have built is pretty impressive. Hell, Danny O’Rourke would be starting for most teams, and he’s on the bench most games. With Brunner and Iro trading starts, that’s another guy on the bench that would be starting for almost any other team. Ekpo was the preferred sub behind Rogers/Gaven on the wings, and now he’s being pushed down in the pecking order by Renteria. No wonder they could afford to cut Herrera.

  8. As for the Crew–they actually used three starters from Saturday’s game: Marshall, Garey & Gaven (the later two as subs). Lenhart, O’Rourke, Brunner, Renteria, Ekpo & Zayner also all regularly (or semi-regularly) get the starting nod for the Crew, too. Only five of the players (Gruenebaum, Francis, Oughton, Duka & Griffit) are reserves who see little-to-no MLS action.

    Fortunately, it’s a deep squad. That’s going to be necessary for the CCL coming up next month and no more MLS bye-weeks. Hopefully they won’t run out of steam like they did in the last month of the regular season last year.


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