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Chivas USA’s Braun named Player of the Week


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Two goals from Justin Braun led Chivas USA past the Kansas City Wizards over the weekend, and snapped Chivas' seven-game winless streak.

His brace also earned him MLS Player of the Week honors, becoming the first member of Chivas USA to land the award since 2007. Braun punished the Wizards for two defensive errors while raising his individual goal tally for the season to six.

He took a botched Jimmy Conrad clearance in the 56th minute and powered it past Jimmy Nielsen to open the scoring, before sealing all three points in the 87th minute with his second of the game.

What do you think of Braun's selection? Think someone else deserved it? Share your thoughts below.


  1. As soon as someone lights up a few, some fans go ga-ga, and want him called up to the USMNT asap. I like Braun’s work rate and determination, but he’s got to show a lot more than hustle to move up the ranks.

  2. Ehh don’t go so far with that Fischy. Braun has a chance, maybe. But to say that right now he’s a definite candidate for the 23 in 2014 is kind of a long shot.

  3. Braun is a native of SLC and he’s an inspirational story. But SL Kiddy is right about Ellinger. He was horrible and Dave Checketts showed he knew nothing about this sport by hiring him. Yura and Findley came to RSL after Ellinger was jettisoned for Kries who quickly made moves to shed a bunch of bad team players and get some toughness and quality. Jason Kries has made this team in his image.

  4. Funny this, because I made a comment about Braun in a post a week ago or so in a thread about the USA up-and-comers, when Ives was predicting his 23 for 2014.

    Someone ridiculed me for writing that Braun was someone who deserved a look in the next couple of years. I replied that I’d only seen a couple of Chivas games, but I was real impressed with Braun, who I think has the rare combination for an American of touch, pace and finishing.

    Maybe the next time I post something along those lines about Braun, it will be taken more seriously.

  5. Big fan of Braun, to bad he plays for such a crappy organization. Congrats to him, he deserves it. He is one of the great young potential talents in the league.

  6. No offense, but you guys had Mosisyan, Findley, and now Saborio. RSL is a top side and we have only 4 wins this season.

    He’s still a work in progress but he’s an LA boy, now. Braun has his fans.

    Ironically, he said he was an RSL fan in the past.

  7. Really wish RSL had never let this kid out of the state. Chivas snatched him when John Ellinger was running things… Ellinger was hailed to be developing young talent, while RSL had a miserable product on the field for 3 years.

    Good for Braun though.

  8. Both goals were fine finishes. He is a promising player, certainly…but he definitely needs to work on his touch.

  9. I think Jon Busch might have deserved the nod. Not that Braun is undeserving, but Busch played out of his mind on Saturday.


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