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Columbus humbles lethargic Red Bulls

EmilioRenteria (GettyImages)

So much for there being a tight race for first place in the Eastern Conference.

The Columbus Crew easily manhandled a weak-looking New York Red Bulls squad, 2-0, on Saturday night at Crew Stadium as goals from Emilio Renteria and Brian Carroll provided the difference in a match even more lop-sided than the score.

With Thierry Henry in attendance, the Red Bulls showed their newest signing just how badly they need him by delivering one of their worst performances of the season. One devoid of offensive creativity or defensive organization.

The Crew provided a stark contrast, with the veteran squad cruising to an easy victory that extended its lead atop the Eastern Conference to five points. While that margin might not seem insurmountable, the gap in class seemed far greater on Saturday night, a fact made more surprising given the fact Columbus rested three starters. The Red Bulls will be counting on Henry to close that gap, but it's clear that he alone won't be enough to do so.

What did you think of the Crew's win against the Red Bulls? Starting to wonder if New York has enough to put around Henry and a third designated player? Think the Eastern Conference race could still become a real battle?

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  1. I’m not sure RBNY has enough fight in them to win anything this year, Henry or not. jsuaredny said it well. Angel was so soft on Saturday, he was easily dispossessed all game. However, let’s not single out Angel. I would say the whole NY midfield was just as bad. They lost every single 50/50 ball all night, and I’ve seen them go through stretches like that all year. Henry will help on top, but if the mid continues to wallow like we’ve seen so far, I doubt he’ll result in too many more wins.

    As for my team, Columbus, we are far from a perfect squad. The ’08 team was head and shoulders above the league. This year, we are a little thin at forward and don’t do much in the defensive midfield. I think the lineup we saw Saturday, however, is a big improvement. Still, we need one more scorer to get to the top. We’ll see if it happens.

  2. How about Juan Pablo Angel giving up the ball in the midfield, not fighting for it back and then just walking/watching as the Crew put it in the net for their first goal. Nothing like quitting on a play JPA. Retire already…

  3. I guess we will see where everyone stands in the next 2-3 with several teams getting new players. I think the Bulls will make another trip to go to sometime around November 14th

  4. I agree that O’Rourke should play more, but I completely disagree with yoru first two points. I think the point is the Crew is the deepest team in the league.

    And yes, I think NY can catch Columbus if they bring in someone like Marquez. In fact, I think the days of small market teams like Columbus winning the MLS Cup are about finished.

  5. Ives, while the Crew indeed made three changes, they were changes that have been overdue for some time, and we’ll be a much better team if those changes kept for a while.

    1. Renteria is our best forward by a mile.

    Way better than Garey, or even Lenhart (out with broken nose). He’s stronger with the ball at his feat, and a better finisher. Why Warzycha insisted on playing this beast out wide for most of his appearances is a mystery. Let’s hope he’s got it figured out.

    2. Ekpo was an upgrade over Rogers.

    Rogers has been disappointing all year. In fairness to Warzycha, Ekpo hadn’t shined in his two previous starts either. But he does provide a lot more class and touch on the ball, and allow us to maintain possession a lot more than Rogers.

    3. O’Rourke should be playing, somewhere, more often.

    Against speedy teams, Gino Padula really struggles. It made a lot more sense to pair O’Rourke with Hejduk, and Danny’s versatility was also shown as he moved into midfield. He should be playing a lot more than he has been, only 6 starts for last year’s team MVP.

    Francis also looked good in his overdue MLS debut.

    Point being, those ARE are starters now.

  6. 1. Renteria needs to start.
    2. Eddie Gaven is having an awesome season, our MVP so far.
    3. If Marshall can stay healthy, its time for him to go to Europe. For as good as Omar Gonzalez is, Chad Marshall is even better.
    4. Schelotto was on, his usual maestro self.
    5. Moffat made up for Wednesday with a solid performance.
    6. Carroll has struggled all year, and I hope that his wonder-goal can boost his confidence.
    7. It’s about time Danny O made it back in the lineup.
    8. Shaun Francis has a very bright future, and I hope it is in Columbus.
    9. The Crew are just much better than NYRB. 5-1 on aggregate in two matches. We have a very deep bench, and with LAG and RSL playing on the same side of the playoff bracket (West) this year, I like the Crew’s chances of playing in the Cup Final.

  7. A few thoughts on this wonderful game I attended:

    1. Renteria is a beast.

    2. Robbie Rogers needs to be sitting on the bench more often. He needs to earn his spot on the field and want to be out there.

    3. Mr. Thierry Henry… Hope you enjoyed the beat down from the best team in the league.

  8. NY sucks i cant understand how the heck they are in second this year i guess its cuase the east sucks. Lindpere is crap he’s no better than our other MLS guys nothing special. Redbulls looked good in the open cup games with Tchani and UBI in the middle. Carl Robinson is better than Seth Stammler too , He’s not improving and he’s been in the league for years. Redbull better get this right before Henry takes the field or he’ll be one disgrunted fellow.


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