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Cooper breaks ankle, out three months


photo by Howard C. Smith/

After enduring an unsuccessful loan stint with Plymouth Argyle, Kenny Cooper returned to TSV 1860 Munich for its first pre-season practice on Thursday. 

Unfortunately for Cooper, it will be his last practice for a while.

Cooper broke his ankle during Thursday's training session and underwent surgery later in the day. Cooper is expected to miss three months.

The injury is Cooper's second since joining Munich. He also slightly tore his patellar tendon last November.

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  1. I’m tellin you man, hes much better than Ching, Buddle, Gomez, Findley. Cooper is an extremely talented forward. It is unfortunate with the injuries he had. Look at his goal scoring rate with the National Team. Look at his last years in MLS. He was lighting it up with goals. Cooper is talent. I hope he gets well and scores bunch of goals for 1860 and proves all you wrong!

  2. Its a shame. Hes an absolute monster for me on my Football Manager 2010 save. Got 8 in qualifying, then 5 in World Cup 2014. Including 2 when we levelled Holland in the group stage.

  3. Twellman was there–at least he didn’t break his ankle.

    I was there . . . but it was U14, lol. I did fine!

  4. Maybe you’re being sarcastic or meta or something, or maybe you forgot that these guys are real people, and this stuff means so much more to them than you can ever understand. From your couch.

  5. It’s nothing but bad news for Cooper. Feel bad for him. I thought he would have a bright future and a spot with the Nats a few years back.

  6. The 100k being paid to Pete Vagenas would be much better be spent on Cooper if & when he decides to return to MLS. If fact, Vagenas’ salary would be equally well spent if it was burned and the ashes were spread all around the city.

  7. hell be almost 26 when he returns, and 30 when the world cup comes around. At this point, all he can hope for is t recover and make a career out of what has been a grade A debacle since he left dallas. First his knee, then his father getting involved and getting him transferred, then riding the pine, and now he literally can’t make it through one practice. I hear Aris will have a couple openings… maybe he can sublet Eddie’s place!

  8. Breaking your ankle and tearing your patellar doesn’t make you soft. It’s unlucky. Those are not “soft injuries”.

  9. Wow…gotta feel bad for Cooper. Soccer has been a mess for him since he left FCD.

    He is still a young player…here is hoping he battles back stronger!

  10. The curse of TSV 1860 Munich continues. First Josh Wolff, now Cooper. My advice to American’s, stay away from Munich.

    (SBI-Gregg Berhalter did okay there, and after. Steve Purdy? Not so much.)

  11. Dang buddy. Come back to FCD and score 25 goals, would ya? Win an MLS Cup and then get back to it overseas. We want to see you in USA 2014, if you can prove you’re worthy.

    Good luck, Kenny


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