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Dynamo cut Landin, add Obodai


The week when a couple of Designated Players look set to join MLS, one exits quietly in Houston.

Luis Angel Landin, signed back in August 2009 as Houston's first Designated Player, was released Tuesday by the Dynamo. The 24-year-old Mexican striker scored just twice in 20 appearances for Houston, succumbing to injuries and inconsistent performances.

The release of Landin allowed Houston to add midfielder Anthony Obodai, who joins the Dynamo after a previous trial in June. Obodai, who has a few caps for Ghana, last played for RKC Waalwijk in the Dutch Eredivisie. He could be available as soon as Thursday for Houston's opening SuperLiga match. The Dynamo also announced the departure of assistant coach John Spencer, who left for personal reasons.

What do you think of Landin's departure? Will Obodai be a shrewd addition for Houston?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Having seen Obodai play during the CD Aguila play, I can vouch for his awareness on the ball. He was calm, collected, and always knew where to find a striker. It was fantastic to watch. I’m only sad that we didn’t sign the other two trialists. There was an Argentine mid who was just as good (and notched a goal), while there was also a massive beast in defense who handled the ball well and circulated great.

    If we’re to sign another DP soon, it has to be a midfielder. We’ve got a good stable of strikers, but our mids have been sorely lacking this year without Holden, Rico, and Cameron. Maybe that will change when Cameron gets back into the squad next month, but we need a backup, DEFINITELY.

  2. Landin seemed to have great soccer IQ but dude, if a large part of your job involves running get with a trainer in the offseason and get your butt in shape. I had hoped we’d see him show up after the break looking like he’d really dedicated himself to his fitness but…yeah.

    The Dynamo seem to have not so great luck with international signings (though Palmer has been solid) and really good luck with castoffs signed from other MLS clubs.

  3. There’s been rumors that he is the leading candidate for the coaching position at the Timbers. Maybe that has something to do with it?

  4. Yeah, he needs to play somewhere where the food sucks, like England. Houston is definitely not the place to move if you have eating issues.

  5. I already said he was going to be a bust when Houston were signing him last year. I’ve seen the guy play for few years in the Mexican League and CONCACAF and he is like the Mexican version of Santino Quaranta (in terms of past potential) except Quaranta still has a job. The guy with his physical tools could not dominate the Mexican League, yet why would he do so in MLS where defenders are quicker and stronger than Mexican League?

    Even someone (agent or relative) came out and lied Landin score 100 something goals in Mexico which is an outright lie if you have been following him. LOL!

  6. The writing was on the wall for Landin after the return of Ngwenya. Glad to see this move but I am a bit sad about this turn of events. I really wanted Landin to succeed and i was pulling for him every time he stepped on the pitch. I hope it works out for him back home. Does this clear the way for a real DP signing?

    Like a few commented above the bigger story is Spencer. Can’t wait to find out more info.

  7. Woah there 3vil l33t!

    Rafa? Seriously?

    I might burn everything orange I own if that happens. I would rather Houston have signed Blanco. We can sign any Mexican (latino) super star we can get our hands on but I draw the line at cheering for Rafa.

    When things are going well for him he plays good football. When things are going bad for him he turns into a Nigel De Jong impersonator.

  8. As much as I want a latino star on the team, I will always pick championships first.

    The fact of the matter is that with Houston’s demographics its only a matter of time before a latino breaks through the academy system and joins the 1st team. So i think i can hold out for that to happen.

    Francisco Cobo is on the squad and Danny Cruz is beginning to start most games. At the end of the day you want fans of all ages to identify with players and spend money on the organization.

    would i love it if the Dynamo went and signed Rafa Marquez? Hell yeah but i’m not going to stop going to games just because they don’t have a Brown Star on the team.

    Good Luck To Landin, I hope you do well.

    Forever Orange!!!!

  9. I’m so happy right now. I was so tired of having to insult Landin at the games while worrying the Mexicans sitting around might get mad. Actually they usually agreed.

  10. I wonder how much Kinnear was pushed by owenership to sign a young latino player to attract more Hispanics to the Dynamo brand…

  11. “succumbing to injuries and inconsistent performances” is the funniest euphemism for “fat” that I’ve ever read.

    Next time a girl declines to sleep with my 5’10” 200lb. self, I’m blaming it on “succumbing to injuries and inconsistent performances”!

  12. I think there are rumors the Spence would end up as Coach in Portland, I wonder if the personal reasons changes this and/or this is the first step to clearing the way for him to accept the job?????

  13. I was hoping Spencer would ultimately be a head coach in MLS. Perhaps, that’s in doubt now.

    Can Houston get a refund on Landin? Total bust.


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