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FC Dallas halts streaking Real Salt Lake

Brek Shea (Getty Images)

Real Salt Lake's defense hadn't allowed a goal in 566 minutes, but FC Dallas wasn't content to just snap that streak. The Red Stripes scored two goals for good measure to knock off their Western Conference rivals.

Colombian striker Milton Rodriguez made an impressive debut for Dallas in its 2-0 victory against Real Salt Lake at Pizza Hut Park on Saturday night. He blasted a shot at Nick Rimando that led to a Brek Shea blast to make the score 1-0. Shea helped make it 2-0 when he set up Atiba Harris for a 76th minute insurance goal.

The victory improved FC Dallas' unbeaten streak to six matches, while ending a 10-match unbeaten run for Real Salt Lake. It also moved Dallas into sole possession of third place in the Western Conference.

Real Salt Lake's 566-minute streak without allowing a goal is the third longest in MLS history.

What did you think of FC Dallas' performance? Think Rodriguez can make Dallas a serious Western Conference contender? Surprised to see RSL's defense finally crack?

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  1. you guys should pay attention on Ugo Ihemulu and George John. The’re getting better each game. Ihemulu’s positioning has been amazing this year. Add to the mix Daniel Hernandez, Heath Pearce and Jair Benítez and you have a nice defensive lineup.

  2. Daniel Hernandez is awesome and should have been with the Nats instead of Torres. Brek Shea is a beast but he gets way too much “young guy love”, he is a solid young player but he needs to beat people by himself/make good passes more. Brek is a solid defender/worker right now though.

  3. Daniel Hernandez is awesome and should have been with the Nats instead of Torres. Brek Shea is a beast but he gets way too much “young guy love”, he is a solid young player but he needs to beat people by himself/make good passes more. Brek is a solid defender/worker right now though.

  4. Hauge,

    While I haven’t seen enough of John to talk about a USMNT callup, he did have a strong game last night.

    Break Shea has the achilles heal of most of our American national team: his first touch is atrocious. I can’t wait for the generation to come along that actually has technical skill on the ball at a consistently high level. It’s starting to happen but it needs to happen a lot more for us to be serious about challenging in the WC on a consistent level.

  5. Did some of you even watch the game?

    Break Shea had a nice GOAL not a nice GAME.

    George John had a GREAT GAME and has had plenty before it.

    If anybody on the team deserves a mention for the next US world cup or any international play it would be him.

    It is good to see FC Dallas putting the the pieces together (i.e scoring goals)

    Congrats Shea, Harris, Dallas.

    *John 14 for president of 2014 USMT D

  6. @RSLFANINCA – The game went South when Sabo and Williams came in. Kreis’s original scheme was at least earning a point at that point.

  7. Brek Shea is a good player, but he’s got a long way to go! So does FC Dallas –

    RSL was bound for a loss – they’ve never taken a point out of Frisco, TX. and they were playing again without Beckerman, and for some strange reason after running a killer winning streak and a killer shutout streak, Coach Jason Kreis decided to switch everything that’s made RSL successful and play a 4-5-1??? Also, he sat our creativity in Andy Williams in place of a young pup, Jean Alexandre. Kreis also sat our team leader in goals, Alvaro Saborio.

    Strange game plan for RSL?? I’m guessing they were saving some players from the heat and preparing for the brutal stretch of schedule to come.. Champions League is very important for RSL

    Nice win Dallas – keep it up, and get a few fans in your stadium

  8. I agree with everything you said, except poormouthing the goal. Most people shank that, tough angle, far out, etc.. His assist on the Harris goal might be the softest ever given.

    But I completely agree, this kid is an asset, but not ready quite yet for the jump. Let him have a good, fun summer and then let him get some looks. Though ’11 is a meaningful Gold Cup year, so caps will be hard to come by until Jan ’12.

  9. That’s true but he was a problem for RSL all night. I agree that he has a long ways to go before we look at him for a national team spot, but he has made strides. When he hits the switch he is really tough to play against.

    George John, and Ugo are getting really good together.

    Daniel Hernandez wasn’t sharp, but I can give him a pass lol.

  10. Guys, Brek Shea is doing well, but he’s got a loooong ways to go. Too many times last night he drifted out of play. He stands still too much for as fast as he is. His goal was off a rebound – nothing to get too excited about. Having said that, he has all the physical tools and he’s only 20(i think). Just give him a little time before you crown him the next national team star. He’ll get there.

    Dallas is picking up steam at just the right time.

    The vuvuzelas were in full force in Frisco last nigh – I love it!!!

  11. Brek deserves a runout for the national team this year – maybe the game against Brazil will be the perfect opportunity.

    I think this is the first season where the coach has really found a place for him and his role has been defined for him which has helped him find himself.

    He’ll leave for Europe, his size and speed will ensure that.

  12. People are sleeping on FC Dallas big time. All the talk is on New York, LA, RSL, Columbus, the whole time FCD have been creeping up the standings.

    The Dark Horse to win the cup I think for sure.

  13. Yeah, he’s had 3 goals and an assist the first half of this season and he’s been really disruptive for opposing teams.

    I think Brek will be the perfect person to watch in terms of “the best MLS players inevitably leave MLS for Europe” since he has a Norwegian passport. Will he end up skipping out in a year or so to test the waters in Europe? Will MLs be able to keep him around? What’s best for him?

    In a way he’s the anti-Mix Diskerud. I think Shea will be a great case-study in what MLS plans to do over the next 10 years or so. Will they keep him? Can they?


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