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Report: Blackpool considering move for Bradley


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Michael Bradley's World Cup performance was always sure to attract interest from several clubs, and that interest could soon land him in the Premiership.

Recently promoted side Blackpool is considering a move for Bradley, according to the Daily Mail. One issue with Blackpool acquiring Bradley from Borussia Moenchengladbach is that the Premiership club may not be able to afford his transfer fee, and may push for a loan. With two years left on his contract with Moenchengladbach, Bradley is a prime candidate to be sold this summer. A loan would be unlikely considering he is a key starter for Moenchengladbach.

Bradley has also been linked with a move to Everton, but manager David Mayes is said to be considering other options.

What do you think of Bradley possibly joining Blackpool? Think he could thrive in the EPL? Would you rather he stay at Moenchengladbach?

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  1. “If the pros thought MB was a great as everyone is saying he is than why hasn’t any good team offered? ”

    The fact that you haven’t heard anything, does not mean nothing is going on. There is still time left on the transfer window.

    Also given the economic situation,in spite of all the big talk, I suspect you won’t see as many moves as might have been the case after the last World Cup.

    To say of Bradley that ” he is not the type of player to help a mid level team get to the top.” makes little sense, at this point.

    The mid level teams in the EPL would be in order, Liverpool(7th),Everton,Birmingham, Blackburn, Stoke,and Fulham (12th).

    Their final rosters are not yet set. The key word in your quote is “help”. You don’t know who Bradley would partner up with. It’s pretty clear he could play for any of these “mid-level” teams but how much and how well depends on who else is around and who is in charge.

    Very few players of any description, by themselves, will be able to help these teams get to the top of the EPL since the top 3 have been in place for many years.

  2. If they don’t have the skills I think you are talking about when they are around 13 , it’s already too late.

    What American players abroad really need is:

    Playing time

    Serious competition at the highest possible level

    Keep an eye on the guy you all love to hate so much, yes, Sacha Kljestan.

    If he can get lots of PT at Anderlecht and get a lot of time in the Champions league it will be fascinating to see how he develops.

  3. The truth is somewhere in between. USMNT fans overate players they like ( Donovan, Howard, Holden,Edu, Torres these guys could never do wrong) and underate players they dislike (Dempsey, Bornstein, Clark, Dolo).

    My English friends actually rate Bornstein (they’ve only seen his WC games) and Dolo, think Clark is below average and love Dempsey (US fans all think he is lazy). They like Howard enough but point out he lost the Ghana game for us or at least did not come up with the big game all US fans said he would come up with. What really got me was they all said that Freidel would have been better.

    We all think M Bradley would be nuts to move to Blackpool. Which team will wind up higher on their respective tables? Bradley is a starter at Gladbach, Blackpool is not in the Cl. The only reason to leave might be for money and I’m sure M Bradley doesn’t care about that.

  4. I can only hope that Americans stop going to play in the PL one day. For the most part, our boys learn very little over there. They get to play at a higher level than MLS, but they don’t improve their technical or tactical skills as much as they might in La Liga, 1 Bundesliga or Serie A. US players already have desire and fight. They need to learn the finer points of the game to really get themselves and the Nats to the next level.

  5. everton will not buy him. We already have to many CM. Only possible way would be if we ended up selling arteta which looks unlikely. Why would he want to go to Everton anyways he is not better than maroune Felliani or arteta so would not start.

  6. Stay at Gladbach. He is in the perfect situation. He does not need to go to a club that will be in a relegation battle. Continue to get first team action in Germany and wait for a better club to make an offer.

  7. I think it’s clear that everyone on here thinks this is a bad move. I’m sure he’s not interested. I, for one, think he will go to Fulham if his dad coaches there…

    I also noticed that liverpool is going to sell Lucas and maybe even Mascherano. Makes some serious room for MB there, and with his heart and playing style, they’d love him…

  8. The ultimate question regarding EPL vs. BL – would your rather Michael play like Germany’s Mid’s did this World Cup, or England’s?

  9. I’m not sure a team like Blackpool would be much of an upgrade…but I would love to see Bradley in the Premiership. Hopefully a bigger club like Fulham will make a move.

  10. In terms of development, I think Bradley is just as well off in the Bundesliga, all things being equal. If he were to be able to step up to a bigger club in one of the top four leagues AND get playing time, it would be worth it. Otherwise he’s better off at ‘Gladbach. For selfish reasons, I’d like for him to be in the Premiership simply b/c we’d get to see him more, but in terms of developing as a player, he may be better off in the Bundesliga.


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