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SBI Live Q&A (World Cup Edition 3)

Good afternoon folks. As we come toward the end of the 2010 World Cup, it's time to talk soccer again in the latest edition of the SBI Live Q&A.

Please submit your soccer-related questions, be they World Cup, MLS or International club soccer related, and I will try to answer as many of them as I can during the next hour.

Let's get started (Q&A is after the jump):


  1. The MLS has been using the Jabulani since the beginning of the season. I didn’t notice any peculiarities from the ball (the play, maybe) during the first half of the campaign. If it’s really that big of an issue at the WC, it definitely hasn’t been at MLS.

  2. Do you see Bradley (or the next coach of the US if it turns out that way) trying Holden in the center of midfield?

  3. So sick of hearing the Jabulani be blamed for everything under the South African sun. A shank, and it’s the ball. A wonderstrike, and it’s the ball. A goalkeeping error having nothing to do with the ball, and it’s the ball. How are so many sticking with this narrative? I’d love someone like Mythbusters to pick this up and analyze ball flights, and even raw data of accuracy — I think people would be shocked at how NORMAL it is.

  4. Zakuani’s movement with the ball in LA’s zone last night ending up in a goal for the Seattle Flounders was pretty… Even if I was sitting caddycorner away from it I still enjoyed it… Of course, being up 2-0 made it easier to swallow… I mean, now LA’s surrendered 5, countem FIVE, goals this season. God, we should fire Rickets, AND ARENA, for allowing five goals through this many games…

    (I like Bob Bradley, sorry about the sarcasm!)

  5. Should more American youth be playing 1v.1 and 2v.2 soccer instead of in organized leagues? Seems like most great talents develop their skills on the streets, just playing small ball, and not worrying about wins a goals. Are we trying to force tactics on kids too early, without letting them develop and individual style, touch, and feel for the game?

  6. Someone mentioned soccer literature on the q/a…

    Here’s two that I’ve enjoyed…

    Graham Poll (English and World Cup Referee)

    Geoff Hurst, The Hand Of God and the Biggest Rows in World Football…

    Written in England’s English which, for me, kind of drones on and on but presents several interesting behind the scenes circumstances to “odd” calls in previous world cups… Some statistics about previous world cups that are a bit obscure. And some good storytelling… I have a Master’s Degree and I read quite well but this one forces me to put it down and return to it later. His style is too wierd for me but the substance is too good to just drop altogher.

    Then there’s Brad Friedel’s “Thinking OUtside The Box”

    Autobiographical in nature about his time in England…

  7. surprised by zakuani’s response…any reasoning behind this? does he want to represent zaire? he’s obviously an extreme longshot to ever represent england….

  8. I don’t know if my comment is getting through, so I’ll post it here.

    Do these guys suit up for USMNT one day

    a. Najar

    b. mwanga

    c. lletget

    d. zakuani

    e. movsisyan

  9. OK, the deal where you type a player’s name in for “Your Name” and pose the question as if you were the player isn’t clever, it’s really tired.


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