Spain 1, Netherlands 0: A Look Back

Spain 1, Netherlands 0: A Look Back

World Cup 2010

Spain 1, Netherlands 0: A Look Back


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It wasn't quite Good triumphing over Evil, but in some ways it felt that way.

Spain joined the list of teams to win the World Cup and proved every bit the deserving champion after winning an ugly, physical and extremely tough match against a strong Netherlands side. As much as the Dutch tried to make it a physical battle and wear down their opponent, Spain just kept on coming and eventually found the goal it deserved.

Yes, referee Howard Webb lost control to some degree, but he didn't determine the winner. Spain's approach and the Netherlands' approach determined the outcome, and if anything, Webb kept it from being a more lop-sided win for Spain after failing to send off Nigel de Jong for his Karate Kick to the chest of Xabi Alonso.

Here is my take on Sunday's World Cup Final for Fox Sports, which praises Spain for being deserved champions. Can anybody really argue against Spain being a fitting champion?

Here are some more thoughts on Sunday's Final:

Cesc Fabregas made a tremendous impact as a substitute and you can't help but wonder how Spain would have looked with a fully healthy Fabregas and Fernando Torres.

Arjen Robben will have nightmares about his World Cup final performance. He had a handful of quality chances but couldn't convert any of them.

After seeing Germany's win against Uruguay, I can't help but think Germany was the second-best team at this World Cup.

Sunday was a forgettable night for the Netherlands, but goalkeeper Maarten Stekelenberg enjoyed another strong showing and removed any doubt about being the Dutch team's goalkeeper of the present and future.

I thought Howard Webb did a decent job, with the red card miss on de Jong's chest stomp the biggest miscue. The second yellow on Johnny Heitinga was deserved, and while you can argue that Carles Puyol could have been sent off for his late challenge on a Robben breakaway, the fact is Robben still had every opportunity to finish the play and didn't.

Anybody else excited for Euro 212? Can't wait to see Germany get even better, and I'm anxious to see if Spain can repeat.

I will offer my final take on the World Cup on SBI on Tuesday before making my return to the United States, so keep an eye out for that.

For now, what did you think of the World Cup Final? Have you had a chance to watch it again? Who impressed you the most? Still sad to see the World Cup end?

Share your thoughts below.

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