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Toronto FC signs Spanish striker Mista



Toronto FC announced the signing of Spanish striker Miguel Angel Ferrer Martinez to a contract that will run through the end of this season. As per league rules, details of the signing were not released.

Martinez (“Mista”) has played for Real Madrid, Valencia and most recently for Deportivo La Coruna, and he will be available for selection following the July 15 summer transfer window.

“He adds experience to our team,” Toronto FC general manager Mo Johnston said. “Mista is a different type of player from what we have and we’re excited to get him in the lineup.”

The 31-year-old has two caps for the Spanish senior national team and played alongside current TFC Designated Player Julian de Guzman at Deportivo La Coruna.

As a member of Valencia from 2001-2006, Mista made 142 appearances and scored 40 goals in all competitions for the Spanish side. He has competed in European cup competitions and won multiple Spanish league titles during his playing career.

As a youth, he competed for Spain at the U18 and U21 levels. 

What do you think of the signing for Toronto? What lineup adjustments do you see occurring as a result?

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  1. Juan Pablo Angel had 14 goals in 89 league games before he came to MLS and has 54 in 86 since – there is precedent for a quality striker on the decline in Europe improving markedly on arriving in MLS.

  2. If this guy works out and scores 5-10 goals TFC will be in MLS cup facing off against LA. A striker(that scores) is the only thing TFC really needed to become an elite MLS team.

  3. It was a joke. 10 years ago you’d never mention them in a breath about MLS. Shoot in 10 years time who knows if Messi is going to get over the pond?

    It was just pointing out all the wankfest posts people have about stars coming and making all the difference. Talent does, not overweight and overpaid players.

  4. Possibly the least relevant reply I’ve ever read. One of his two caps was a friendly, the other was a world cup qualifier–against San Marino. This is not what 99% of fans with half a brain think of when they hear the phrase “former Spanish international.” I’d take dozens of former U.S. internationals over this scrub who has scored 5 league goals since 2006. Wake up dude.

    Or maybe you were looking for a golf blog?

  5. I’m thinking of a Spanish midfielder with 0 caps. He’s 28 years old, and plays for an upper mid-table team in England. But he must not be very good with 0 caps…

    …Mikel Arteta

  6. This guy scored 40 goals in 5 years with Valencia. Even at age 31, I’d bet good money that he will be better than most strikers in the league. Blanco tore the league up at age 35-36. It’s a good thing to add solid European quality to the league.

  7. I think this is a great signing! It’s not a crazy long-term deal, and the more international players you get, the better the league will look to possible recruits. The big name everyone is waiting for besides Henry (hopefully a done deal?) is Ronaldinho. Now that would be huge!

  8. soooo, i guess you know more than the TFC recruiters huh?? just because hes had only 2 caps doesnt means he sucks either…as everyone knows, fabregas cant even get a start(though he may tomorrow) lets give him AT LEAST one game to prove himself

  9. It was looking good until i saw “The 31 year old” and that he’s a Spanish international…with 2 caps. Doesn’t mean they’re good. I hope he does well, but I hope this won’t turn into a retirement signing. I mean, what retiree millionaire would want to be in Canada? Not like you can get your meds up there.

  10. Mista was a pimp when he was with Valencia. Yeah, its been a while since then, but, as a Valencia fan, this is an exciting signing for me. I hope he does well.

  11. wtf? how do you even involve messi in that conversation, i know it was probably a joke, but the others are really likely to happen with MLS and Messi is really random

  12. BS. I would take plenty of former US Internationals over plenty of former Spanish internationals. Just because they played for Spain doesn’t mean they’re better than guys that played for the US.

    God I love Eurosnobs.

  13. Looking at his scoring rate, he’s dropped off since 2006. He should be a good addition, but it seems like he hasn’t been able to stay healthy for the last 4 years. I hope he plays well.

  14. We’re (DC) are waiting on Seedorf, Ronaldinho, Shevchenko, Fat Ronaldo, and Messi.

    In the mean time we’ve picked up a random DP from the Austrian league who doesn’t even look good in YouTube videos…

  15. i assume this is what moving sam cronin got TFC?

    can’t be worse at finding the back of the net than white or barrett!

    de guzman is quite the recruiter.

  16. Trader Mo is at it again. These guys are usually hit or miss. Looking forward to seeing how this one works out.

    What’s going on with D.C. United? Chivas USA? They’re the ones who need to be making some major player acquisitions.

  17. Wiki tells me that his caps were against China and San Marino in 2005.


    Maybe the Nick Garcia references aren’t too far off.


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