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Webb to referee World Cup final


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English referee Howard Webb has gotten the call to officiate the World Cup final between Spain and the Netherlands on Sunday.

Webb, the recognizable Premier League referee, was also the lead official for the 2010 Champions League final between Inter Milan and Bayern Munich. He did not work any of the quarterfinal or semifinal matches during the World Cup, but one of the three matches he did work was Spain's 1-0 loss to Switzerland. The other matches he worked were Slovakia's 3-2 win over Italy and Brazil's 3-0 win over Chile.

For a tournament that has had its refereeing criticized and scrutinized for many questionable decisions, the World Cup's final match appears to be in good hands, as Webb has one of the stronger reputations among FIFA officials. Assistants Michael Mullarkey and Darren Cann will join Webb at the final.

What do you think about Webb refereeing the final?

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  1. Thank you. Clearly you’re not Canadian (nor am I) but Archundia’s reputation proceeds him. If he’s the best referee from CONCACAF, that speaks volumes about how truly bad the officiating is in our confederation. (Would Peter Pendergrast be assigned WCQ anywhere else in the world?)

  2. I wish I could agree with you, but I think Webb will let the boys play rough, which will favor the Dutch. Being English, he won’t be impressed with Spain’s technical skill and won’t give them the benefit of the doubt when Dutch start lunging.

    Then again, he might just dole out a few cards when Robben starts diving. That would be a refreshing change.


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