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Altidore and Feilhaber address club situations


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A day before the U.S. men's national team friendly against Brazil, Jozy Altidore revealed that although his club future is uncertain, he'd like to stay with Villarreal.

Following Monday's training session at New Meadowlands Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey, Altidore told the gathered media that he hopes his future lies in Spain with the Yellow Submarine.

"Of course," said Altidore when asked if he would like to stay. "It's the club that gave me the opportunity to play in Europe, so if I had it my way I'd love to be there and prove my worth."

The subject of much speculation, Altidore has been linked with multiple clubs throughout Europe, including Ajax and Besiktas, the team he scored a goal on this past weekend in a friendly. 

Even with the long list of suitors, the 20-year-old striker plans on being with Villarreal when it begins competitive play later this month.

"Do I expect to be there? Yeah I expect to be there…when's the first game," joked Altidore. "The Europa League game is the 16th or 19th so I'd like to be there."

While Altidore favors staying with Villarreal, there is no time table for a decision on his future, and he admits could still find himself playing elsewhere this season.

"Things could change overnight," said Altidore. "Nothing is for sure." 

Feilhaber's Future

Speculation about a possible AGF Aarhus departure for Benny Feilhaber was fueled even further this past weekend as the midfielder was left out of the club's season-opening scoreless draw vs. Vejle on Sunday.

Feilhaber has been linked with a move away from the club ever since Aarhus was demoted to Denmark's second division in May, and at the Empire State Building on Monday he hinted at a possible exit.

"The situation is ongoing really, at least until the end of August," said Feilhaber. "We'll see what happens. I'm training with the team and focused to be playing with the team. I think maybe next week I'll be playing with them because I don't know how many more weeks they're going to keep me out of the team to see if something happens."

Feilhaber also confirmed that there is at least one potential suitor in Spain.

"There's a team in Spain I have heard is interested," said Feilhaber. "There hasn't been any official offers from any teams yet, so as of right now it is only an interest. Nothing much to talk about. Once it becomes something more official then I can actually think whether it's worth it, what would be good for me and everything."

Feilhaber did not want to specify which club it was.


What do you think of Altidore wanting to stay at Villarreal? Believe the league would suit him and help him improve? Feel he should move elsewhere? What club do you think is interested in Feilhaber?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. The worst Premier LEAGUE team of all-time? Have you ever heard of Brian Clough? Check out the 1970’s brother, because obviously you’ve never heard of them. Also did you watch the world cup? Benny was one of our best rated players by FOREIGN analysts.

  2. Benny’s got to find a better club. I’m dumbfounded that there aren’t some decent teams interested in him. I’m not even talking a huge league or anything. There’s got to be a midtable Portuguese/Dutch/Turkish team that would want a smart, skilled 25 year old midfielder who showed well in the World Cup.

  3. I love all the talk on here about every USA player and how he’s going to be moving onto a huge European club after the World Cup. You guys live in a bizarre homer fantasy world.

  4. Here’s what I think other fans are saying though: Jozy, at the early age of 20, is giving the best defenses in the world a LOT to think about. He’s going up against great defenders and really making himself difficult to play against. He, on his own, is a player that can get no service for almost the entire match, get one chance and score. We don’t have any other strikers that can give a backline backaches like Jozy can. Jozy has the speed, strength, size, skill, powerful shot and determination to be completely alone and make something happen. Now, him being paired with someone seems like the smarter thing to do, but that’s mainly because he’ll have done something to get free and will have nobody to look to make a pass to. What we’re saying about Jozy is that your expectations and criticisms are over the top. You’re pointing out what’s wrong with him, such as his touch and practice ethic, but without that, look at how much he as gotten done. You seem to belittle what he has done and say it’s not enough, but considering our developmental system and how far behind it is in comparison to other countries, he is a great player for his age. We can’t expect him to have his tools and skills refined at such a young age.

  5. Wayne Rooney is a striker and is expected to score goals. He didn’t, so he was heavily criticized for it.

    Likewise, Jozy Altidore is a striker and is expected to score goals. He also didn’t, so I am criticizing him for it.

    We all hope Jozy can develop into a better striker and can start scoring goals.

    I agree with you on Ajax – I’d love to see him go there as well. Ajax develops fantastic talent.

  6. It’s easy to see Jozy’s potential, but with forwards, it’s about how many goals have they scored vs how many games have they played. Jozy does not have great numbers there, I’m unsure as to why a club like Villereal or anyone in the Premiership now (especially after his end season with Hull), would have any interest in him. Besiktas seems a good option, if that rumor is true.

  7. Andy, when you criticized Altidore for not scoring goals, did you realize Altidore was the leading scorer for the US in the WC Qualification (6 goals)? Yes, he did not score in the WC, but so did Rooney, Torres and Messi. And, with a very arguable exception of Rooney, they played with better quality players on their team. Yes, you can criticize him for failing to score, but you have to review the tape to see why he did not score. If he consistently had phenominal service from his teammates and failed to convert easy sitters than it is one thing. If there are other factors, such as saves by the opponent goalkeepers, fouls by defenders, poor service by teammates, then you should give him a break. And he did hustle in the World Cup – just replay any of the games in the world cup and count the number of fouls he suffered. Yes, you can criticise a striker for not scoring, but it is better to rely on facts rather than emotions.

  8. Despite his lack of scoring at the World Cup, Jozy has scored 9 goals in 29 appearances for the national team. He sored two goals for Hull City (only 1 in the EPL), and he has two goals for Villarreal with very limited playing time. As for him being lazy, I don’t know about all that…I think he has a good work rate.

    People forget that Altidore is only 20 years old. He has accomplished a lot in terms of international play for such a young player. Give him time, stop the hate. He can only get better.

  9. Did Messi even score a goal? How many did Rinaldo score? saying he’s washed up because Jozy didn’t score over 4 games, is stupid.

    I think perhaps he’s matured enough from his experiences in the EPL that Villa might be willing to keep him around.

    I was at the game where he scored 2 goals against the LA Galaxy. He was awesome then.

  10. I think he could get a work permit on “exceptional talent” because it is a big club so that may help. Like Manu U got Chicharito on exceptional talent after like 4 caps against weak teams.

  11. feilhaber will be in Spain or Portugal or Turkey or anywhere but the 2nd division of Denmark. He’s not the best player but he’s quite decent just injuries can get to you.

    Altidore is hyped yes. But Donovan was overhyped once and he failed several times abroad until 2010 he showed the world how he can excel. Now everyone is behind him. Adu was overhyped. Notice the “over”. Altidore has had chances and he will have more. Good luck to him. Hoping this is his season.

  12. How would he get around work permit issues? I heard a move to Celtic fell through last year for that very reason. Could he appeal as an extraordinary young talent or whatever that loophole is?

  13. Bill Hamid, Sean Johnson.

    2 good starting GK’s in MLS. Surely we have the depth we need. We have Howard. Guzan is our no2. Hahnemann is our no3 but a capable no2 if needed at least for a year or 2. Rimando and Perkins are always up for the winter camp and decent against CONCACAF opponents. Robles is a GK in the Bundesliga. There is a Yank in 2 Bundesliga who starts for his club and is pretty decent. Forgot his name but he’s 6’6.

    all I mean to say is we need not worry about Goalkeepers for years to come.

  14. So we’re still waiting for confirmation on the following

    Feilhaber, Altidore, Bedoya, DeMerit, Donovan, Beasley,

    did I leave out anyone?

    Dempsey could always leave but I doubt it. Fight for a starting role as usual if he has to. Bradley is staying with BMG at least another season. Say he plays solid and BMG finish top10 or even gets a EL spot, than i’d say he’s off to a Everton or Tottenham.

  15. He is 20 years old, and who else do we have with some experience. How many 19 year olds start in the Premier League or any top 4-5 leagues as much as he did. (MLS, Championship, and random Small European Leagues are not top 4-5 Leagues) Not that many
    Freddy Adu- cant catch on in the Swiss League
    Brian Mcbride- Retired
    Taylor Twellman- Concussion
    Brian Ching- Older, Injured,
    Buddle- riding the wave of a hot streak on a stacked team
    Gomez- Hot streak as well
    Findley- enough said
    Davies- Scored 1 goal in a reserve game after being ready for a world cup. Still dont understand that outrage from fans. Also riding a year on a hot streak
    Other MLS or under 20 kids have no intl experience, and are also riding hot streaks or dont have US citizenship.

  16. Did Jozy not play the way everyone hoped at the World Cup? Yes. But hey how many goals did Wayne Rooney score, oh thats right none, and he is regareded as one of the best if not the best striker in the world. You have to give Jozy a chance his is only 20 years old. That is why I would love to see him go to Ajax because that is the club that could make him a world class striker. Have him play 2-3 seasons there and I would bet he is back in Spain or in England playing for a top 4 club.

    As far as Feilhaber, I would think he would get picked up by a mid table club in one of the 4 top Euro leagues. If he doesnt make a move to one than I really do think he should come to the MLS, becuase its deffently better then playing in the 2nd division.

  17. Since when did it become widely accepted his practice ethic is poor? I see this repeated but the only thing that comes to mind is when his toe was injured and he wasn’t able to give 100% in practice.

  18. Im with Andy, nrorm and anyone out there saying Jozy lacks a good first touch, a very bad practice ethic, don´t get me wrong, I´m a huge fan of Jozy or any other striker that contributes with “goals” or possession to the USMNT but he is not playing at the standard we want him to play and I dont want to blame it on his age, what about prime examples as Pato and Nilmar, they are young, what about Messi?, all Im saying is that hes got potential but right now, he really dissapoints people that were expecting much more out of him.

  19. Until the end of your diatribe I was wondering if you had ever heard of Freddy Adu. Freddy is THE most over-hyped player in US history (so far). Jozy is far behind him. You do also seem to forget that Jozy put a shot on frame against England that Green was able to deflect off the post and out. He certainly has a lot of room for improvement, but I don’t think you can name too many forwards that deserve to be ahead of him on the US list.

  20. Ahh don’t send our finesse players to Scotland. I’m a huge Celtic fan but look at Beaz there. Always injured. Not saying these two would be, but they’d take a beating every week.

    I don’t see it happening unless it’s for dirt cheap/free. Rangers are in such a financial mess they can’t afford to buy hardly.

  21. You did back up norm’s comments though, which included this gem: “Jozy is the most over-hyped player the US has ever produced.” So I sort of lumped you in with him. Apologies if that was the “or less” portion of his rant that you agreed with.

    I don’t think it’s complacency to say that he had a decent showing for a 20 year-old american playing forward at the world cup. So long as we (and obviously more importantly, he) doesn’t believe that he’s a finished product.

  22. Are you saying that big clubs don’t pick up guys from lower table clubs? I hope you are not saying that because that would be the most ridiculous thing ever written on these boards

  23. I was under the impression Feilhaber’s move hadn’t come through yet because teams know Aarhus has to sell their big wage players and so they’re trying to get them at a bargain.

  24. +1…. that is one of the reasons for Adu’s downfall… He expected to play every game, instead of training and learning how to develop further.

  25. If we want to start talking about defense, this opens up a whole new (much larger) can of worms.

    We have to get younger, faster, and more talented back there in a hurry to be ready for 2014.

    You’re right – they were less than satisfactory in this World Cup.

    And all 4 of them are going to change by the time we reach 2014. Dolo, Gooch, Bocanegra, and Demerit will all be far too old to keep up with whomever we end up playing against then.

  26. I don’t think Besiktas would be a bad fit for Jozy, but with Villareal now playing European Futbol (for the time Being) they may need Jozy to avoid getting stretched on the European AND domestic fronts.

    Feilhaber and/or Bedoya to Rangers sounds interesting as well,

    anyone (SBI?) know if this is credebile; I saw the news link above, but you know paper talk…

  27. Andy I agree with everything you say.

    Jozy is NOT over-rated. But his touch is horrible. His practice ethic is poor, hence he is never game fit.

    He has SO much potential. That is why he is criticized so much, because we can see what a great player he can become.

    He has a lot to learn and will mature a lot in the next 4 years with correct guidance.

    As a fan, it’s important to criticize and with his potential it would be a tragedy if he doesn’t develop completely.

  28. I think Altidore is in a great position. Take a look at Villareal’s striker corp. They’ve got Rossi and Nilmar who are presumably their starters. Besides them, you’re got Jozy, Jefferson Montero, and Marco Ruben. Montero and Ruben have combined 4 games with the senior team. While both of these guys have done very well playing for the B team, Jozy’s experience does seem to trump them. Villareal may see Altidore as a viable third striker option, which would get him an occasional start and a lot of sub time.

    Not a bad situation for any 20 year old striker.

    Of course Villareal could always go and get a more established forward in the transfer market, but cash is tight for most clubs this year.

  29. no way!! i think itsa a golden move, especially for bedoya, feilhaber will def. get sumtin me thinks, but bedoya’s relatively (compared to NATS that went to WC and played) unkown. Cheers

  30. Except the problem with the U.S. wasn’t scoring goals: counting improperly disallowed goals, the U.S. scored 7 goals. If you prefer to not count them, then the U.S. scored 5, at a rate that puts them comfortably in the top ten. The problem was defense, and no one seems to recognize or acknowledge this.

  31. You’re right: I can’t just point to two plays. I pointed those out as memorable examples, but Jozy drew many cards and many fouls during the course of his four games that, while useful, were not particularly memorable. He drew 11 fouls, by far the most on the team, and more than such luminaries as David Villa.


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