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Beckham back on the pitch, in the headlines


David Beckham's return to the Los Angeles Galaxy practice pitch has coincided with word from England that his competitive international career appears to be over.

After England's come-from-behind, 2-1 friendly victory over Hungary on Wednesday, manager Fabio Capello said that he'd love to give Beckham a farewell match at an upcoming friendly but that he would not be calling on him for a future competitive match.

Beckham returned to practice in Los Angeles earlier than expected and is still hopeful of featuring for the first-place Galaxy this season as he finishes recovering from an Achilles injury. His representative, Simon Oliveira, released a statement in response to Capello's comments, saying that Beckham "will always be available for his country."

Meanwhile, West Ham co-chairman David Gold has expressed that his London-based club has extended an open invitation for Beckham to join the Premier League side either on loan or as a club ambassador.

What do you make of Capello's comments? Surprised to see Beckham practicing this soon? Do you think a fit Beckham makes the Galaxy a sure-thing for MLS Cup? Could you see Beckham suiting up for West Ham?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Beckham opened the door to all these disrespectful loan offers with his shenanigans. First it was just a loan in the offseason. Then he was OK with missing part of the season. I’m still glad he came and has done more good than bad for the sport here, but it’s a bit frustrating

  2. None of them took a chance and moved to the US. As much as people hate Beck’s, he has done more for MLS, then any other single player. He convinced a player who has won pretty much every major trophy in football, to come and play here (Henry). He OPEC the door for these players to play along side young American talent and teach the game.

  3. bla bla,

    Did those players get ambassador status that we are not aware of ?

    Why don’t you go on, but please only list the ambassadors who didn’t win WCups ?

  4. Player who have not won a World Cup

    1) Ryan Giggs

    2) Dennis Bergkamp

    3) Rudd Gullit

    4) Marco Van Basten

    5) Javier Zannetti

    don`t make me go on

    when you say He has not brought a WC home..

    you wonder why some people think Americans should not comments on the sport cus their opionions are pointless

  5. If that happens, I think the game will be moved to Roger’s Center (or if TFC is in it) and tickets will start at $50.

    $50×37,000(non-season ticket holder attendees) = $1,850,000 that’s gotta cover the cost of renting the place and give MLSE a nice profit. That’s just with a blanket $50 per ticket, we know the closer tickets will be over $150, so the total would be over $2.5 million easily

  6. This is a really good point that I had never contemplated. More so than the money the DP rule opened up for salaries, the fact that DB accepted, while Madrid was still trying to keep him, was pretty important. He totally legitimized coming to MLS as DP.

  7. Glad he is coming back to MLS. But what is with this ambassador B.S.? He is not a president or religious figure. He deserves a fairwell England match in a friendly but the line should be drawn there. He hasn’t even brought a World Cup home to England.

  8. We heard Capello say this before when he told Beckham he was done playing for Real Madrid, and Mclaren said the same when he was coach for England and what happened…they went running back to him. As long as he has the golden right foot in tact and can make crosses and score on set pieces, he will always be valuable which is why he will be able to play in MLS for a few more years.

  9. Wait why is my post deleted? Was saying Beck’s turned down west ham a few weeks ago, when the rumors started, not relevant? Common Ives, I like the site, but really?

  10. beckham should be treated with more respect. call the guy first, talk in private before letting it out to the media.
    anywho, any chance we’ll get to see beckham sub in on saturdays bull/gals game?

  11. I think Becks still has a lot to offer and now that Capello has mentioned those comments I think it will only cause him to work harder. It would have been great to see Donovan/Beckham combo against Henry/Marquez/Angel combo…who knows maybe in the finals???. Regardless this Saturday Red Bull Arena should be rocking.

  12. You can blame him for stating the obvious on live TV without talking to Beckham prior about never playing for England again. Beckham is a top captain and player, a true legend for England.

    It’s as though Donovan gets told over the TV when our future national team manager decides to retire him, in front of everyone. You don’t tell people they’re retired over the TV. Poor man management again from the Don.

  13. uhhh….. I think everyone could benefit from Beckham on the pitch, regardless of what you think of him. Even if you hate his guts, you want to watch, and he is still a world class soccer mind (if not still a world class player)

  14. Key words here – “Marketing Circus”. Beckham has single handily done more for MLS in 3 years than any other player to grow the league and earn it respect. Without him we’d never see Henry, Marquez, or Freddie. Or any of the other players who’ll come here in due time.

    He may be a media magnet but that’s what this league needed and needs. The longer Beckham stays in the picture the better.

    And LA’s recent results say otherwise about whether they can do with his services.

  15. I mean he is too old – you can’t blame Capello for stating the obvious. All of England was wondering what Beck’s was doing at the WC as an advisor, so don’t believe West Ham fans would be pleased to see him in that role with the club.

    On the other hand, Becks looked like he genuinely wanted to get back on the pitch during the Real Madrid / Galaxy halftime show – so let’s hope he puts his full attention behind doing what he originally set out to do in MLS — build his brand and win some titles…

  16. Who gives a flying funk. This guy need to go away and take his marketing circus with him. The League and the Galaxy are doing just fine without him.

  17. I for one will be happy when Beckham is healthy enough to play again. Assuming he can still play to his standards, he’s still got a lot to offer both on and off the field in MLS.


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